BREAKING: White House Civil War as Scaramucci Goes to FBI on Priebus

Overnight, Anthony Scaracmucci tweeted his intention to ask the FBI to investigate chief of staff Reince Priebus for leaking documents.

CNN’s Ryan Lizza went on the air at approximately 11:40pm Wednesday night to confirm the “ambiguous tweet,” saying his sources have said Scaramucci believes Preibus leaked his financial disclosure documents. Never mind that these documents eventually become public anyway, by law, meaning it’s not a felony to “leak” them. But he’s mad the Politico got the document early, and he’s ready to do the dirty work it takes to root out the perp.

As this┬ácomes on the heels of Erick Erickson’s scoop on the widespread tension among cabinet secretaries, the sudden resignation of Sean Spicer and other mid-level officials, and the president’s very public shaming of his closest defender, Jeff Sessions,┬áthe White House now appears to be in an all out civil war between ambitious, undisciplined leviathans climbing over one another either for power, or to cover their rear end – a House of canards, you could say, where no one trusts anyone, and every piece of news starts off as rumor just to become tomorrow’s [confirmed] news.

As many astute observers will remember, the two men have no love lost since the transition, as Preibus made sure Scaramucci was not part of the administration. The hiring of Scaramucci last week was seen as a shakeup, but no one expected it to be on this level. So much for draining the swamp. Maybe it was just a change of tides?

If he follows through on his tweeted threat, Scaramucci will likely be aiming for the Chief of Staff job himself, once again leaving the communications department in a lurch for true leadership. And the Mooch would find himself in arguably the most powerful unelected job in the world.

All I can say is, “pray, America.”

Pray for forgiveness first, then for the stability of your country. Because this is unhealthy, whether you like this president or not – we should hate that this immature, banana republic behavior is happening so fast, so often that we’ve lost track of the embarrassments.

JUST IN: Rand Paul Describes Shooting Scene

Rand Paul gives an incredible first hand account of the shooting at the GOP baseball practice early Wednesday morning.

Capitol Police were on site since Rep. Steve Scalise is in the line of succession.

BREAKING: Trump Approves Keystone Pipeline

HUGE: According to Politico this morning, the Trump Administration has officially granted a permit authorizing construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. As you may recall, opposing this pipeline was a major platform of Obama’s while he was President, and it was one of the big issues that Trump campaigned on – especially when talking to blue collar workers.

According to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, President Trump plans on holding a press conference regarding the move later this morning.

This is a MAJOR defeat for environmentalist and liberal groups across the country, and a decisive victory for industry and jobs here in America, and is a big step on the road to us eventually becoming energy independent.

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BREAKING: Vote On “Swampcare” Bill Postponed By Paul Ryan

BREAKING: Due to continued opposition by the conservative House Freedom Caucus, House Speaker Paul Ryan has postponed today’s highly anticipated vote on the bill proposed by the moderate wing of the party that would tweak Obamacare. These conservative legislators insist that the bill does not go far enough, and are upset that the “full repeal” of Obamacare that was promised during the 2016 campaign cycle seems to suddenly be off the table.

The House Freedom Caucus met with President Donald Trump today to discuss the bill and try to arrive at an agreement. However, as things currently stand, no proposal has been presented that comes anywhere near the full repeal that the American People were promised by GOP leadership for the past seven years. The members of the Freedom Caucus remain insistent that a bill that does nothing but tweak the bill in a few minor ways is unacceptable and will not be allowed to go to the Senate for a vote.

House Leadership is currently saying that the vote may happen tomorrow, but that is unlikely given the total lack of any progress so far.

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