BREAKING: NYC Central Park Statue of Christopher Columbus Vandalized #SOMETHINGISCOMING

A famous statue of Christopher Columbus was vandalized on Tuesday morning, the morning of the city primary election, with its hands painted with red paint and the message “HATE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED” and “#SOMETHINGISCOMING” forewarning future incidents.

The message of #somethingiscoming was on the bottom.

A Central Park observatory official speaking on condition of anonymity said this probably happened between 2am and 5am because the spray paint on the hands was still sticky at 7am.

Photo credit: Eric Dixon / The New Americana

H/T: The New Americana

Conning Julius Caesar

Don’t fall for the con.

By now, you’ve all probably heard of the protesters rushing the stage during the Public Theater’s outdoor production of “Julius Caesar,” In New York’s Central Park. The play, itself, has garnered controversy, because the lead character has a certain “Trumpesque” look about him.

The play has previously been put on with an Obama-like lead, and in fact, the play is about the folly of political assassination (not the glorification of it).

Laura Loomer, an alt-right nut, who works for a website called The Rebel rushed the stage last Friday, only to be quickly dragged away, to a chorus of boos.

Fellow alt-right conspiracy theorist and Trump loyalist, Jack Posobiec, was along for the ride, to video the planned mayhem. He conveniently waited for Loomer to be taken away, then timed his own protest, accordingly.

I could make some really pointed remarks about the First Amendment, and how “our side” have always been the champions of free speech, but then, the alt-right aren’t really “our side.”

No, rather than point out the amazing resemblance between what Loomer and Posobiec did, to what leftists are doing all over American college campuses these days, I think I’ll talk about motivations, because motivation matters.

Loomer was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. In pretty much any district in the United States, those are relatively minor offenses – more nuisances, than offenses, really.

Loomer had barely been dragged from the stage before the hashtag campaign, #FreeLaura began making the rounds on social media. Posobiec pushed it out, along with the newly registered website,, to the alt-right masses, and it caught hold.

Then came the plea for help with Loomer’s legal fees. This awesome freedom fighter and warrior against community theater productions she and her cohorts don’t understand needed $25,000 to keep fighting the good fight.

That would be $25,000 for what could, at most, amount to a $1,000 fine.

It doesn’t stop there.

The website, was apparently registered several hours BEFORE Loomer rushed the stage in Central Park.

Talking heads for the right have long decried the “paid protesters” that seemed to permeate the process throughout the recent election season. They are right to do so. There is no doubt that some of those who have shown up at rallies or town hall events, professionally printed signs in hand, were not spontaneous, concerned citizens.

Coming from North Carolina, I know for a fact that liberal groups bussed in protesters from outside the state to make life uncomfortable for our Republican lawmakers.

That being said, we lose the right to be indignant over the actions of the left when there are those who claim to be members of the political right doing the exact same things.

What Loomer and Posobiec have done appears to be even worse.

They’re not just protesting a play, with a plot or theme they don’t grasp. They appear to be actively trying to prey on the fevered mindset of their base, conjuring up visions of leftist propaganda, with ill intent, in order to fleece their followers and enrich themselves.

For reasons such as this, actual conservatives would rather gnaw off a limb than be connected to the alt-right, in any forum.