Ted Cruz: Not All Heroes Wear Capes. But None Wear RompHims.

Just yesterday, the Internet briefly united behind a fantastic new meme.  The Washington Free Beacon shared the picture of a straight-laced & suited Tom Cotton, a coffee-holding & peace-sign-giving Chuck Schumer, and a gym-clothes-clad Ben Sasse hanging out on the Hill along with the caption “Caption Contest”, and the responses were truly a glorious sight to behold, uniting the Twitterverse in some much-needed glee near the end of one of the most tumultuous political weeks in recent memory.







All truly hilarious responses.

But then came Ted Cruz, with the best response yet:

Slow. Clap.


For those somehow unaware (oh how I envy you), the RompHim is the KickStarter creation of ACED Design and is likely the most atrocious – but most easily mockable – fashion invention ever. That’s just a scientific fact. Worse than the fedora-worn-with-a-t-shirt look. Worse, even, than the man bun. And when a hero needed to arise to oppose the RompHim, Ted Cruz proudly answered that call.

Senator Cruz’s response set the Internet ablaze with laughter, but not everyone was happy. GQ – which apparently has decided to moonlight as the Fun Police when it isn’t hosting the truly absurd video rantings of the fired-from-ESPN-and-fired-from-MSNBC Keith Olbermann – was none too amused by Cruz’s tweet, putting out an angry article entitled “Ted Cruz Somehow Already Ruined RompHims” (as if that were somehow a bad thing). The article said, in part: “Few people look at Ted Cruz and think, Boy, now that’s a guy with a sense of humor. He has the comedic timing of a bag of rocks and yet, somehow manages to have the confidence of the actual Rock.” Wow. Someone’s mad – almost as mad as DeadSpin (I believe now legally renamed TedSpin) was when Ted Cruz mercilessly dunked on them earlier this year.

As Texas Monthly would put it in their Quote of the Day section today:

“Cruz was weighing in on a caption contest for a photo of Senators Ben Basse and Chuck Schumer, implying the New York Senator just bought a few RompHims, a fashion item geared toward men that blew up on the internet earlier this week for some odd reason. Shortly after Cruz’s tweet, the men’s style gatekeepers over at GQ promptly asserted that Cruz had just “ruined rompers for men.” The RompHim is dead, and Ted Cruz killed it. RIP, RompHim.

Ted Cruz: Slayer of Big Government, Crusader for Liberty, Killer of the RompHim. Let’s be very clear here – if Ted Cruz did just kill off RompHims, then he did the nation and indeed the entire world a great service. “Vote Ted Cruz: He Somehow Already Ruined RompHims” might just be the greatest campaign slogan of all time. Here’s hoping he has the same level of success in getting rid of Obamacare. So thank you, Senator. Not all heroes wear capes – but no heroes wear RompHims.

Chuck Schumer: Democrats Could Block the New FBI Director

Chuck Schumer, who doesn’t know how to anything but pose for cameras, suggested this weekend that Democrats will block Donald Trump’s pick to head the FBI until the Department of Justice agrees to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Schumer spoke with Jake Trapper on meet the press, where Trapper asked about a potential plan to force the DOJ to appoint a special prosecutor by blocking the new FBI Director.

“As you know, the Justice Department would have to appoint a special prosecutor. Senator Mark Warner, he’s the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, he wants the Democratic Party to refuse to vote on the nomination of a new FBI director until [a special prosecutor] is appointed. Do you support that move?”

Schumer, not wanting to waste an opportunity to get some free press, suggested Democrats may continue to play obstructionist in the Senate.

“I think there are a lot of Democrats who feel that way. We’d have to discuss it as a caucus, but I would support that move.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Schumer took an equally crazy stand on Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Schumer wagered that public outcry would prevent Republicans from nuking the filibuster, and he lost. The gamble here is an equally long shot.

The American people are getting tired of this obstructionist nonsense. There’s a reason Jon Ossoff, the democratic candidate in Georgia’s 6th District, is running to the middle and agreeing to work across the aisle. Luckily, establishment Democrats are doing Ossoff no favors. For whatever reason, Democrats in Washington remain completely detached from reality. They honestly believe blocking Trump at every turn is a recipe for success.

At this point, we don’t know who, if anyone, will be appointed. What if Donald Trump follows Mike Lee’s lead and nominates Merrick Garland? It would be absolutely glorious to watch Schumer squirm as he decides whether to block Garland or give Trump his nominee. A reasonable statesman would at least wait on a nominee before threatening to block the President 7 months removed from an election, but then again, nobody has ever accused Schumer of being a reasonable statesman.

Even with the current turmoil in the Trump administration, the Democratic Party can’t seem to get their act together. High profile Democrats like Schumer and Warren are absolutely determined to cause gridlock with pointless political theater. It was abysmal failure and incompetence by the Clinton campaign that put Trump in the White House, and Schumer’s crazy political theater may just keep Republicans in control of Congress. It’s almost like Democrats want to lose.

Poor Chuck Schumer. No One Is Buying His Talking Point & USA Today Comes Out for Gorsuch.

A growing number of Senate Democrats are beginning to more openly state they will not filibuster Neil Gorsuch and some are even going so far as to say they will vote for him. They are joined today by the editorial board of USA Today which declares Gorsuch qualified for the Supreme Court and worthy of support.

This is leaving Chuck Schumer in a real mess. Schumer, who this weekend defended getting rid of the filibuster for lower court nominees, maintains that there is a 60 vote requiremet for Gorsuch. There is no such rule. It is a fictitious talking point being bought by unhinged liberals willing to buy any anti-Gorsuch fake news.

Even the Washington Post has had to call B.S. on Schumer’s claim that Gorsuch must get sixty votes to pass the Senate. This is, however, the best Schumer can do. Having surrendered the moral high ground by scuttling the filibuster, he is now left planting stories in friendly outlets that if the GOP gets rid of the filibuster they will be creating some new precedent.

No one believes it except the most partisan of Democrats and even some of them are wavering.

In the real world, Republicans are preparing to destroy the filibuster on Supreme Court nominations anyway. They do not care that more Democrats are coming on board because there is a growing awareness there may really be a second vacancy this summer. The GOP is not going to give Democrats the opportunity to claim Gorsuch is reasonable and worthy of more than 60 votes so they can then claim the next nominee, no matter how well qualified, is unreasonable in order to prevent an ideological shift to the right on the Court.

The filibuster is going away. Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid are to blame for it. And all Schumer has now is a talking point no one believes about sixty vote thresholds. Democrats are abandoning him. The media is abandoning him. And Schumer knows this is going to enrage the Democrats’ base, causing primaries of red state Democrats, which means the odds of him becoming Majority Leader after 2018 become even longer.

Tantrum-Throwing Schumer Demands That The House Kick Nunes Off His Committee

In his latest childish fit, Senator Chuck Schumer took to the floor of the Senate on Monday to demand that House Speaker Paul Ryan replace Rep. Devin Nunes as head of the House Intelligence Committee after Nunes presented information to President Donald Trump suggesting that then-candidate Trump had been subject to secret wiretapping.

“Unfortunately, the House Intelligence Committee has come under a cloud of suspicion and partisanship,” Schumer said, making his case against Nunes. “A few months ago, Chairman Nunes spoke to reporters at the request of the White House to tamp down stories on the links between the Trump campaign and Russia, which is exactly what his committee is now investigating. This past week, Chairman Nunes broke with committee process and tradition to brief the president on information he learned but hadn’t yet shared with the committee. Now we learn this morning that Chairman Nunes was at the White House the day before that event — doing what? We don’t know.

“You cannot have the person in charge of an impartial investigation be partial to one side,” Schumer declared. “It’s an inherent contradiction. And it undermines decades of bipartisan cooperation on the Intelligence Committee, which handles such sensitive information paramount to national security.”

Nunes became a lightning rod for controversy when he went directly to the president with the information he had, while he has yet to present that information to the committee. Democrats, like Schumer of course, argue that Nunes’ actions constitute a breach of protocol, while Republicans brush the claims off as irrelevant to the investigation.

What will Speaker Ryan and/or President Trump do in response to Schumer’s demands, and more importantly, will they make Schumer cry – again?

Neil Gorsuch Should Be Filibustered

Given his testimony over the course of this week, I am increasingly convinced that Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court should be filibustered and Americans should encourage Democrats to do that. Chuck Schumer should carry out his threat.

During this past week we have learned that Neil Gorsuch is entirely qualified for the Supreme Court. We have learned he is personable, likable, and highly qualified. We have also learned he is smarter than most of the Senators who interviewed him.

Consequently he should be filibustered. Filibustering Neil Gorsuch will show just how unreasonable Democrats are and provide Republicans an opportunity to once and for all scrap the filibuster of all nominees. Democrats selectively scrapped the filibuster when they were in charge. Now they are daring Republicans to finish it off.

Neither side wants an end to the legislative filibuster and I would hate to see that go too. But to leave the remaining filibuster relating to nominations is to set a rule that Democrats can change rules at will and Republicans cannot.

Neil Gorsuch is eminently qualified and no one has laid a glove on him. He should be filibustered so the world can see just how obvious it is the Democrats are playing politics. Then the GOP should end the filibuster.

The Supreme Court will see another vacancy before this year is out. If the GOP ends the filibuster now, they will not have to go through this song and dance again. Likewise, filibustering Gorsuch will demonstrate that the Democrats refuse to treat even the most qualified and competent judges with any respect.

They should filibuster Neil Gorsuch so we can kill off that delaying mechanism once and for all.

Chuck Schumer Confirms the Gorsuch Hearings Are For Show

Chuck Schumer says he will oppose and filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court, which just confirms the theatrics and hearings are for show. The hearings are not even over and Schumer has made up his mind. It is obvious most of the other Democrats have as well.

Just consider the press coverage of this hearing.

From Wolf Blitzer: “I think he did a great job this morning. I think the Democrats have done a pretty poor job, but I think the reason they have done a poor job is there’s not a lot to beat this man up on.”

From John King: “The democrats have not even bruised, blemished anything to this judge so far.”

From MSNBC’s Ari Melber: “I didn’t see a single glove laid on him. He performed himself admirably.”

From CNN’s Gloria Borger: “Judge Gorsuch is completely qualified and everybody knows it. He is totally and completely qualified and he’s exactly the kind of a nominee you would expect from a Republican, period. This is what elections are about.”

From Jeffrey Toobin: “He knows so much more about everything he’s being asked than the senators. And a couple of times it really came back to bite them.”

This is the American press corps saying this. Even Democrats like John Yarmuth of Kentucky are saying Gorsuch has not done or said anything disqualifying.

Democrats just don’t like him because he is a conservative. Chuck Schumer’s claims about Gorsuch are disingenious and show why the GOP needs to scuttle the judicial filibuster now. The standard Schumer is setting is not one of qualifications, but one of issues advocacy. He does not think Gorsuch will side with him on issues and Schumer does not want an independent judiciary. He wants a Democrat controlled judiciary.

Audaciously, Schumer voted to end the filibuster for lower court nominees and now says the GOP should keep the Supreme Court filibuster and just get a more liberal nominee. Schumer does not get to change the rules and then say others cannot change the rules. Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid established the precedent. If Republicans do not now end the Supreme Court filibuster they are establishing a precedent that Democrats can change the rules when they like, but Republicans cannot.

Schumer saying the Democrats will filibuster a man everyone agrees is qualified is grounds enough to end the Supreme Court filibuster.

Elections matter. The GOP won. And I need not remind anyone that two weeks before the election, convinced the Democrats were keeping the White House and taking the Senate, Chuck Schumer was in favor of getting rid of the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees.

Shumer Attacks Judge Gorsuch for Favoring Rich

On Monday, Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing will start in front of the Senate Judiciary committee. His opponents have found “little to latch on to” according to Politico.  However that has not stopped Shumer and his allies from accusing Gorsuch of being a corporate stooge.

This accusation stems from a New York Times article with the headline “Neil Gorsuch Has Web of Ties to Secretive Colorado Billionaire.”  The billionaire’s name is Philip Anschutz and he is well known in the state of Colorado contrary to what the New York Times reports. In fact, one of the largest medical facilities bears his name! I don’t see how his past relationship with the billionaire disqualifies Gorsuch given that other Coloradans like Senator Bennett also has a relationship with Anschutes.

Playing off of the article, Shumer and allies are attacking Gorsuch saying he favors the rich over the American worker. Shumer cites different cases to prove this. One such case was in Michigan where Gorsuch ruled against a truck driver, in Shumer’s words, because “he left his vehicle when freezing.”

The case is more complicated than Gorsuch finding an opportunity to favor the rich. TransAm Trucking fired their truck driver because of his insubordination. The driver was told to stay put because help was on its way after his truck broke. Instead, the driver unhooked the trailer and drove to a gas station.  Gorsuch reasoned that the truck driver was told to stay where he was, so as to not leave the trailer, but disobeyed anyway.

Gorsuch, in his dissent, wrote that it’s not up to judges to ask whether or not TransAm made a prudent decision. The job of the judge is to “apply the law Congress did pass, not to imagine and enforce one it might have but didn’t.” And this is what bothers Shumer and his allies. The fact that Judge Gorsuch upheld the rule of law over an American worker. The Left believes that the law should be subordinate to the goal of social justice.

Democrats Are Letting Down Their Base on Gorsuch

It looks like the Democrats are going to let Gorsuch sail on through.

Democrats can’t seem to land a punch on Neil Gorsuch — and it’s not even clear they want to.

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has breezed through more than 70 meetings with senators. Opponents who’ve scoured his record have found little to latch onto. And some Democrats are privately beginning to believe that Gorsuch — barring a blunder at his Senate confirmation hearings next week — will clinch the 60 votes he needs to be approved without a filibuster.

The problem for the Democrats in the Senate is the filibuster. They know the GOP is looking for an excuse to scrap it. They also know Gorsuch will not shift the ideological balance of the Court. If they filibuster him, the GOP will scuttle the filibuster. But if they appear reasonable now and save the filibuster, they gamble the GOP will have a tougher time scrapping the filibuster on the next nomination.

I don’t actually think it matters. I think the GOP wants to scrap the filibuster for Court nominees as the ultimate payback for the Democrats doing it on other nominations. But you and I both know the media will treat Democrat concerns about the next nominee more substantively if they do not blow up the filibuster now, but appear reasonable.

The next nominee will then be framed as “more radical than Gorsuch.”

The upside for the GOP on this is that it will further inflame tensions among Democrats and could risk setting off a series of bruising primary fights for Democrats in 2018, including in states that Trump won. That then would hurt the Democrats’ chances of taking back the Senate.