Heard It From a Friend Who Heard It From a Friend Who…

I knew this story was a dumpster fire as soon as it hit Twitter. Of course, the liberal (especially New York) press was all over it. Supposedly, Sean Hannity pulled out a scary gun and aimed it at Juan Williams on the Fox News set after a particularly energetic on-air discussion.

It’s total bullcrap.

The New York Daily News reported it as fact, citing “Sources” who told CNN.

Sources told the network that the incident occurred after a segment where he and Williams were arguing.

I won’t even link to the original CNN story, which had nothing to do with guns. It was a 17-paragraph screed on the word “jackass” published to smear Sean Hannity, with three paragraphs focusing on the “gun” incident. Who did CNN cite? Their words: “according to three sources with knowledge of the incident.”

That means heresay. They weren’t direct witnesses. They weren’t there. They heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another you been messin’ around (with guns).

Juan Williams, a gentleman, handled this perfectly.


That should be the end of it. Williams was there.

Responsible gun owners show their pistols to each other every day, everywhere. I had a doctor show me his .30 semiautomatic carry gun in his office. He did what Hannity did: unloaded it, cleared it, and handed it to me to admire. I have had police officers who pulled me over for a minor traffic infraction end up discussing Glock 23s with me.

For liberal media who live in their bubble: this is common in America. And no, we don’t point our guns at each other.

But you know, I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another that liberals loved it when Snoop Dog pointed a gun at a clown Trump.

Note To White House Press: You’re Not In Charge

Erick calls the Washington establishment press the “circle of jerks.” They’ve been told they’re in charge so long that they believe it. They’ve been kowtowed to, built up, stroked and boosted so much by so many that they really think they are a ruling class.

To wit: CNN wailed in lamentation on the dearth of on-camera press briefings, after briefly acknowledging “But it’s up to [Press Secretary Sean] Spicer, not the press corps.”

“We have noticed the lack of on-camera briefings,” Sabrina Siddiqui of The Guardian newspaper told CNN. “It is not normal to have this many ‘off-camera gaggles.'”

“We definitely have noticed,” said George Condon, National Journal’s White House correspondent, who doubles as a historian. “I can’t say that I am very surprised, though. They have been predicting something like this all through the transition.”

“Sean Spicer clearly was under orders to ‘shake up’ the briefing,” he added. “Fortunately, the more radical changes — like tossing the press out of the White House and eliminating the daily briefing — didn’t happen.”

It’s not “normal.” It’s not “established practice,” said some cardboard cut-out labeled “random expert who agrees with us” who CNN dug out of some producer’s speed dial or an archived story from 2008.

CNN’s whole argument carries the academic and intellectual weight of an offended professor stumped by a student’s question.

Televised briefings are valuable to TV networks for obvious journalistic reasons. Having on-camera answers is increasingly important for digital and social newsrooms too.

Oh. The answer is obvious. It’s “journalistic” reasons. Because it’s not journalism to simply quote Spicer on the record with words like newspapers do. No, no. It’s ratings. Televised briefings bring ratings, especially from the Trump White House.

This is the strategy I believed Trump would use if he really wanted to hurt the press. Maybe the press war isn’t as fake as I believed. Taking TV appearances off the daily menu will hurt CNN in a real way. There’s only so much hay they can make with recycled talking heads, panels and breathless reports of what Trump tweeted today.

Denying the TV networks fresh meat is actual war on them, and they don’t like it one bit. They thought they were in charge, but they’re not.

All the President’s Boot Lickers Still Pretend Obama is a Christian

They routinely lament on twitter that there surely must be more important things than conservatives focused on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the Libyan disaster, the Syrian disaster, the growth of ISIS, the resurgence of Al Quaeda, etc., etc., etc. They lament that we are a frivolous society easily distracted from important things. They give awards to deep thinkers who write 20,000 word pieces on subjects no one cares about outside of the Circle of Jerks who make up the political press.

Then Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and failed Presidential candidate who will never serve in public office again, suggests President Obama does not love America (he doesn’t, by the way). The very same Circle of Jerks who lament a lack of seriousness in American discourse, immediately swing into action to protect their precious.

These are Barack Obama’s boot lickers.

From the New York Times to the Washington Post to the Atlantic to the Politico to National Journal to the various news networks to NPR, these people want to have President Obama’s baby, protect his policy, and advance his cause.

They could be focusing on all the important stories they lament are being ignored, but instead they have to ask Republicans whether they believe in evolution and whether they believe President Obama is a Christian. He’s not, by the way.

This is not just why Americans increasingly hate the media, it is also why Republican Presidential candidates should kick them, rhetorically, in the nuts at every opportunity. When some Presidential boot licker asks a Presidential candidate if he believes Barack Obama is a Christian, he should ask the boot licker why it is relevant to anything. After all, the constitution says there can be no religious test for office.

The most amazing thing about the bootlickers is that they think this stuff matters. They are mostly atheist and in some part agnostic, but are highly offended that anyone would point out Barack Obama is not a Christian, or at least has no evidence of being one. They misquote Matthew 7 claiming statements of fact are judging then slide into bed next to their significant other who, increasingly, is a member of the Obama Administration.

They really think the 2016 campaign will be waged on evolution and whether President Obama, who will not even be on the ballot, is a Christian. These are people who got into journalism to defend the precious and that is what they will do.

But there are two important conclusions that must be drawn.

First, the outrage from people who are, at bet, nominal Christians over other people pointing out Barack Obama is not one shows just how important it is for even the faithless to pretend to be faithful in a society they tell us is increasingly secular.

Second, the outrage flows in large part as a recognition that though liberal secularists have been fairly successful at posing as all sorts of things in modern American life, they continue to fail at posing as actual Christians and must, as a result, scream loudly at those who point it out hoping to shut them up.

As the President’s Boot Lickers continue to focus on the obscure, ridiculous, and essentially impose a religion test on Republican candidates for office, conservatives need a guerilla movement like that of Jason Mattera.

  • We should be asking Democrats if they believe taxpayers should pay for the sex change treatments of Bradley Manning.
  • We should be asking Democrats if they believe God created the Heavens and Earth.
  • We should be asking Democrats if they believe Muhammad is a legitimate prophet and, if yes, why aren’t they following him.
  • We should be asking Democrats if they believe gender is something you are born with or something you choose.
  • We should be asking Democrats if we need to raise taxes to pay for global warming cures.
  • We should be asking Democrats if they believe Jesus is a real person and, if yes, why aren’t they following him.

We’ve got lots of questions to ask Democrats and should start shoving cameras in their faces while President Obama’s bootlickers are distracted by his boots.

Media Gets Serious Case of Butt Hurt Over Rudy Giuliani Speaking Truth

The media butt hurt over Rudy Giuliani reached epic proportions last night. On twitter, it became a “hair on fire” moment as the circle of jerks went blind with rage. The amount of invective hurled at Giuliani for daring to attack their precious could have filled the Grand Canyon. All Rudy Giuliani did was speak the truth. Barack Obama does not love America. Hell, one does not seek to “fundamentally transform” someone one loves. The fact is, Barack Obama’s overarching policy goals make no sense unless you accept that his policies are maliciously designed to take American down a peg or two.

It is all part of the plan, in fact. Barack Obama believes this nation is too proud and needs to be humbled. In his own words, Obama has rejected the idea that the United States is somehow set apart. He says every nation thinks that. But Barack Obama believes that for the world to be safer, the United States must be less safe. For the world to be more stable, the United States must be less safe.

Barack Obama, an ivory tower academic raised by a left-leaning mother and mentored by a communist, has surrounded himself with left-wing political figures whose values are anathema to middle class America. He raised money with the help of a terrorist. He spoke out in favor of infanticide. And even now he cannot bring himself to confront the true extent of the evil that is ISIS.

Barack Obama considers himself above it all, including this country. His policies are intentionally malicious to the strength and security of this nation. Rudy Giuliani is absolutely right. And it speaks volumes about the collective butt hurt of the press that they are outraged by the statements.

Considering how many of their spouses work for Obama and how many of them have floated in and out of the Obama Administration, we should not be surprised at all by their outrage. Their outrage, however, does not make Rudy Giuliani wrong.

The Great Nick Searcy gets the last word.

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