‘Nobody Can Control Trump’ Is Bullcrap

Everyone I talk to, political types and non-political patriots either begin or end their argument for Donald Trump by saying “Trump can’t be controlled by the establishment.”

Bull crap. Of course Trump can be controlled, as much as a narcissistic sociopath can be controlled.

Every serious background piece ever written about Trump, where the author spent significant time with him, notes that Trump is easily swayed by the “last person he talked to.” In fact, the formula for controlling Trump is very simple.

Flatter him. Tell him how great he is. Then offer to do some great thing using his name where he will make no-risk money. Then be fiercely loyal and defend Trump’s lies and con jobs to others. Then when he trusts you, be the last person he talks to on any given topic.

This is how mental midgets like Corey Lewandowski effectively controlled Trump for almost a year, overruling even Ivanka and Eric, his children. Once you have Trump’s ear, flattery will get you everywhere.

Vladimir Putin has a PhD in international law with a focus on energy policy. Putin can buy and sell Trump with the money in his left front trouser pocket. A KGB agent, Putin can play Trump like a maestro plays a Stradivarius. Trump is so far out of his league against the Russians and Chinese that America cannot possibly win.

Trump has “won” by buying political favors and politicians, by lying to bankers and regulators and by cutting deals with entertainers and media. Of course anyone who buys others is himself for sale.

The orange-tinted sociopath is immune to principled attacks or logical policy arguments. He’s totally open to being bought, but not necessarily with money. It’s actually very easy to buy Trump. Just feed his insatiable ego.

If you think Trump as a reality star and candidate is hungry for being worshipped, if he wins (he likely won’t) he will be more easily controlled than any president in history. But those who control him won’t care about regular Americans.

All the pageantry and worship from those who say Trump is beyond controlling will just feed Trump’s need for more. And when those worshippers are laid off and prices skyrocket, Trump will make a great show of pointing out enemies. But really those enemies will own him, lock, stock and ego.

Such as it is with cult leaders with no principles. They always disappoint and they sell out their followers for a vat of Kool Aid.

5 Reasons #NeverTrump Must Run a Conservative Third-Party Candidate


As conservatives come to the end of sitting shiva over Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party, many in the #NeverTrump movement are wondering: what next? After all, honorary American citizen Winston Churchill had a little something to say about surrender. A third-party conservative candidate can accomplish something positive this election cycle even if winning the White House remains the remotest of wild dreams.

  1. A conservative third party will lay out the principles of the conservative movement of the future – a new Sharon Statement of non-negotiables. 

Not only would a third party give us a candidate to rally around, but it would also give us a platform. With the virtual implosion of the “establishment,” this is the opportunity for conservatives to decide what principles and policies are truly important to the cause, and build a constitutional restorationist party platform. Additionally, like the Against Trump issue of National Review, it would provide a line in the sand for future historians, when liberals begin the inevitable attempt to sling the albatross of Trump’s misdeeds around conservatives’ necks.

  1. It will deny Trump the White House.

The pundits who assured us that Trump could never secure the nomination are the same ones assuring us that he’ll never get to hang his gold-lettered nameplate on the White House gates. Conservatives should prefer divided government to President Trump, for the reasons detailed here. Recent polls have shown toss-ups in key states.

A reasonable goal for a conservative third party would be to aim for 15 to 20 percent of the popular vote and victories in a state or two. Utah, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas – states that have shown real resistance to Trump’s nomination, but have low Democrat registration numbers – could be potential targets for a conservative candidate.

  1. It will give conservatives a reason to turn out and vote down ticket, when many might otherwise stay home and create a disastrous year for state and Congressional races.

Practically speaking, staying home in protest dooms Republicans down ticket – Republicans conservatives will desperately need to oppose either a Trump or Clinton administration. The new Trump voters are unlikely to vote a straight Republican ticket, since many are crossover Democrats themselves. Having an exciting third party candidate to rally around will bring conservatives out to polling stations in November, many of whom may not bother to vote at all when the Presidential choices are so unappealing.

  1. It will get a conservative on stage to communicate the conservative message to the country.

The presidential election every four years provides an opportunity for millions of Americans who do not normally follow politics very closely. If no conservative third-party candidate emerges to communicate that message, the next six months will be a conservative message-free zone. A candidate with high enough name ID to break through the polling barriers to get onto the debate stage would ensure that Americans hear conservative ideas while they’re tuned in to hear them.

  1. It will make it more difficult for Trump to ignore conservatives as a voting bloc.

Quietly staying home will not give Trump much incentive to placate conservative voters, something he’s proven he’s disinclined to do anyway. There are thousands of Republican voters preparing to hold their noses and vote for Trump who will think twice when presented with an even minimally-viable alternative. The threat of losing these voters will restrain Trump’s inevitable liberal pivot for the general election.

This year, Tea Party conservatives have learned the hard lesson that we are not just the minority of the electorate, we’re a minority even within the Republican Party. But a determined minority can do a great deal to sway the path the country; self-described liberals have never broken 25 percent in polls, yet they’ve undeniably deeply influenced the history and culture of the United States. An organized conservative third party bid has real, tangible benefits, and declares us as what we ought to strive to be – a vocal, organized remnant standing athwart history, yelling ‘Stop!’”

This Is Brilliant: Donald Trump’s Art Of Seduction

This one piece summarizes and synthesizes everything I’ve ever written about Donald Trump. It’s a seriously brilliant piece of work.

“If you have ever been truly seduced, you know. You’ll excuse anything your seducer says, the very things you would have always found repellent,” Charlotte said. Experts who study sociopaths and cult leaders also know this.

“When we’re seduced,” Robert Greene tells us, “We grow emotional, lose the ability to think straight, act in foolish ways that we would never do otherwise.” We are more “pliable and easily misled.”

For all practical purposes, a seduced person is a crazy person.

If you’ve never been in the thrall of a seducer or a narcissist, maybe you still can’t relate. Well, travel back a little farther, to high school, or even grade school.

Remember that popular kid? The seductively popular, charismatic one, the one who might have, say, casually mocked a disabled classmate?

Remember when you laughed?

If you’re outside the Cult of Trump, you must read this. If you’re inside, it’s probably too late for you.