Speaker Ryan Doesn’t Get Dabbing

During freshman Kansas Congressman Roger Marshall’s swearing-in ceremony, Marshall’s son, holding the Bible, began to dab. Bewildered, Speaker Paul Ryan looked at the boy like he was sick or something.

“Do you want to put your hand down?” Ryan queried. “Are you going to sneeze?” Or maybe the young man was doing a Cylon salute (if you’re under 40, you may not get that one).

If you’re over 30, or not a fan of the Carolina Panthers, you may not be in the know either. Dabbing is acting like you’re going to sneeze, or you’re fighting a seizure, or both. It’s one of those unaccountable kid things that grown-ups who have forgotten their childhood can’t comprehend.

However, to help Speaker Ryan to better understand the strange addiction to dabbing in public at inappropriate times, I offer this video.


The kid is grounded.