Nancy Pelosi Says Deal Linking Wall And DACA Will Be DOA

Once-and-future Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has fired a shot across the bow of the Trump Administration on immigration. The California Democrat, popularly known as “San Fran Nan,” is preemptively signaling that Democrats won’t sign onto a deal that ties President Trump’s wall funding to a permanent fix for the DACA program.

In comments to reporters on Thursday as the House and Senate approved an extension of spending that will fund the government until Dec. 21, Pelosi rejected the idea of a compromise that would link the president’s wall project to making Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program permanent.

“They’re two different subjects,” Pelosi told the Associated Press.

It is extremely doubtful that House Democrats could be persuaded to fund the wall as part of a standalone bill. Pelosi added that many Democrats consider the wall to be “immoral, ineffective and expensive.” Even if Mexico paid for the wall as Donald Trump promised in the election, she said, “It’s immoral still.” So far, Mexico has shown no sign of being willing to fund the wall either.

Earlier this year, Democrats refused to budge on similar proposals to legalize DACA participants. A Trump Administration proposal from January would have represented a major victory for Democrats in exchange for a $25 billion commitment to the wall. That deal was scuttled by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats. Afterward, President Trump said that there would be “NO MORE DACA DEAL.”

In reality, neither side wants a comprehensive immigration deal. Republicans have long opposed comprehensive immigration reform, preferring instead to insist that border security must come first. For more than a decade, any Republican who has supported a comprehensive fix for the immigration system has been accused of supporting “amnesty” and “open borders” and is reviled by the Republican base. A significant number of Republicans opposed President Trump’s DACA deal because they thought it would benefit Democrats.

For their part, Democrats seem to prefer that the issue be kept open to provide them with a wedge that makes Republicans appear bigoted and xenophobic. As the two parties battle over the Hispanic demographic, Democrats cannot afford to let a Republican president claim credit for fixing the popular DACA program. Likewise, giving President Trump a victory on the wall, his signature issue, would boost Trump’s reelection chances and energize his base. Democrats cannot allow that.

Ironically both parties risk alienating voters with their hardline positions on immigration. Exit polls from 2018 showed that minorities are fleeing the Republican Party, but the downside may be even greater for Democrats. There were pro-DACA protests against the Democratic Party in March after the implosion of the DACA deal. If pro-immigration voters decide that Democrats are stringing them along, they may give Republicans a try.

The reality is that neither side has the numbers to enact its own unilateral immigration bill. That will be especially true when Democrats take control of the House next year, but even over the past two years, minority Democrats in the Senate were able to kill Republican bills with the filibuster.

Until the two sides decide to work together (or until one side controls both houses of Congress and the presidency and eliminates the filibuster), there will be no fix for our broken immigration system. Until that day, the border will stay open and illegal immigrants will remain in legal limbo.

NEW: Trump Proposal May Kill DACA Bill

Back in September, President Trump and congressional Democrats announced that they were close to a deal that would allow “Dreamers,” illegal aliens who were brought to the US as children, to stay in the country. Now a new framework issued by the White House may kill the budding agreement before it is finalized and sent to Congress.

The Trump Administration delivered a list of “principles” to congressional leaders Sunday night that included funding for Trump’s border wall, an item that Democrats say was specifically excluded from the deal in their earlier negotiations.

In a joint statement quoted by Reuters, Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.). said, “The administration can’t be serious about compromise or helping the Dreamers if they begin with a list that is anathema to the Dreamers, to the immigrant community and to the vast majority of Americans.” They continued, “The list includes the wall, which was explicitly ruled out of the negotiations. If the president was serious about protecting the Dreamers, his staff has not made a good faith effort to do so.”

In September, President Trump gave Congress six months to find a legislative solution to continue President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. A short time later, President Trump and Democrats  announced that they were close to a deal on extending the program.

In addition to funding for the wall, the list also includes verification of immigration status for workers, revising the criminal code to increase penalties for immigration violations, increasing the ability of the government to deport illegal aliens, streamlining the legal process for deportations and limiting protections for asylum-seekers and unaccompanied minors.

A White House official denied that the list violates the terms of the agreement with Schumer and Pelosi. “There was a deal to work on a deal as fast as possible, that’s what the deal was,” the senior administration official told CNN.

The official also said that the Administration still opposes a pathway to citizenship. “As we look to legalize the status of DACA recipients, we are not interested in granting citizenship,” he said.

It is not clear how firm the White House is in demanding the items on its wish list. Many of the items on the list would almost certainly scuttle any agreement between congressional Republicans and Democrats.

“It reads like a laundry list for comprehensive immigration reform, and if Congress has proven an extraordinary ability to do anything, it’s to fail at comprehensive immigration reform,” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.).

In September, a Morning Consult poll found that 58 percent of registered voters believe that Dreamers should be allowed to stay and be given the opportunity to become citizens. A further 18 percent said that they should be allowed to stay, but not be allowed to become citizens while 15 percent favor deportation.

For Dreamers – DACA is a Pipe Dream

Much has been written about President Trump revoking the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Order put into action by the Obama administration.

An equal amount, or more, has been written about the meeting in the Oval Office with Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. After conflicting reports of what was agreed upon during the conversation, and after a few days have past, it appears the President agreed to only continue conversations.

A careful study of the stakeholders involved seems to show any sort of DACA-Dreamers success to be remote at best. There appear to be simply too many obstacles for compromise to take place.

Left alone, President Trump, and both the Democrat and Republican leadership could probably come to a deal. While there are differences those are manageable.

Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Schumer would like to see immediate amnesty for the Dreamers, but would settle for a path to citizenship. They are content to leave out the vast majority of illegal aliens in this DACA bill. They are happy to throw money at “border security” as long as specific funding for the border wall isn’t included.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Paul Ryan would ideally like an overall more comprehensive immigration bill, but will settle for Dreamers. They can’t agree to immediate amnesty, but are more than willing to work on language about a path to permanent status if not citizenship. Given the fact they don’t want to fund the border wall either, they are more than happy to fund increased undefined “border security” and call that a victory.

The President first and foremost wants this off his desk, with something that can be considered a win. He’s seems fairly flexible, but is quite cognizant that his base will be watching this very closely. If Sen. McConnell and Rep. Ryan give him cover on a bill, and if that bill doesn’t have immediate amnesty, he’ll undoubtably sign it. He has already indicated border wall funding doesn’t have to be in the bill.

But…there are three other stakeholders in this quagmire, and it is those three who will ultimately doom passage.

Progressive socialist Democrats do not want Democratic Party leadership negotiating with the President at all. From their perspective, “no” isn’t good enough, “hell no” might not be either. (Townhall)

Despite reports indicating President Trump’s positions on amnesty and DACA are shifting to the left, many in the progressive movement recoil that any discussions are occurring at all. Campaign Director Justin Krebs at the far-left group maintains that “nothing Trump has done should change the fact that he’s pursuing a toxic agenda” and that “Democratic leaders should not forget that.” Murshed Zaheed, of CREDO  Action, went further claiming that the California and New York representatives were often “out of touch with the zeitgeist of the progressive movement.” Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia cautioned Democrats dealing with Trump. “Let’s not fool ourselves, he is this person we know, and I just think there must be both political and moral limitations with how far we’re willing to cooperate with that.”

But, that’s not their only reason, and it is this reason around which their 2018 campaign theme revolves. (Townhall)

Progressives are furious at  Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. In the far left’s minds, the two are “normalizing” President Trump as they continue to negotiate immigration with the Republican president.

Think about that for a moment, having learned nothing from Hillary Clinton, the entire Democratic campaign theme is “We’re not him!!”. Which is why they can’t abide leadership allowing the Oval Office to claim victory for any deal, no matter how weak the claim.

The California liberal combined with the various hispanic organizations and hispanic Democrats are adamant that they will not sit still for any half-measures. They don’t want a stand-alone DACA bill at all. Rather, they are insistent having a place at the table, with their demands being given priority.  (Politico)

Democratic leaders are facing fresh trouble with their left flank after cutting their latest deal with President Donald Trump to protect Dreamers. Hispanic lawmakers were blindsided by the Wednesday night announcement from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) that they’d support legislation to help the nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants in exchange for an unspecified boost in border security. And immigration activists were frustrated to see Democrats claim victory only days after calling for a stand-alone vote on a path to citizenship for Dreamers. The concerns are particularly acute in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, where some members worry Democratic leaders — despite getting Trump to drop demands for a border wall in the talks — have already given away too much in the nascent negotiations and say their members are being shut out of key talks.

What do they want? First of all a clean bill without border security (Politico)

“This is bulls**t,” said Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas). “If what we’re going to do is address DACA, we ought to do that on its own and we ought to address border security on its own.” Some members want to draw up a list of 10 or so border security provisions the caucus won’t accept as part of any bipartisan deal.

For these open border devotees, only a guaranteed path to citizenship will suffice. (Politico)

Immigration groups want to see more than just a fix for the nearly 700,000 individuals affected by DACA; they want a path to citizenship for more than 1 million that would be provided under the DREAM Act.

Some of these activist are so energized, they disrupted an event last night where Rep. Nancy Pelosi was speaking (Wash Post)

Protesters angrily confronted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Monday — and she tried in vain to quiet them — about her emerging agreement with President Trump to provide legal protections to young undocumented immigrants. The protesters demanded “a clean bill” — meaning that the Dream Act would get an up-or-down vote on its own without any language regarding border security attached. They “demanded” that Pelosi show a commitment to protecting “all 11 million” undocumented immigrants believed to be in the country. “We are not a bargaining chip!” the protesters chanted, according to local reporters. “All of us or none of us,”

These enraged protestors have evidently turned on Democratic leadership, and consider them to be part of the problem (Wash Post)

“We demand accountability. Democrats are not the resistance of Trump. We are!” they shouted.

Then there are the conservative border security hawks who consider President Trump’s campaign promise to build a border wall and to stridently enforce illegal immigration to be sacrosanct. (Townhall)

For President Trump’s part, his own base is just as angry. Many are claiming the president is betraying his promises. Many Trump voters are worried that border wall, the cornerstone of his campaign, will not happen. “The base will leave him. They can’t support him anymore,” said Rep. Steven King if a wall is not completed.

In particular Rep. Steve King and Ann Coulter was loudly vocal about their displeasure with President Trump negotiating with the Democrats. (Townhall)

“The base will leave him. They can’t support him anymore. I am talking about my constituents in Iowa that will say you need to be behind trump. I am. I support his entire agenda. I support the agenda Trump had when he went into office and I support almost every piece of the agenda, except the amnesty piece being dangled, and that’s so destructive to a first world country,” Rep. Steve King, an early supporter of Trump on the campaign trail, said during an interview with CNN Thursday morning. “If you do not have the rule of law or respect for that law, the people writing the immigration laws are the people breaking them. We had a protest here, DREAMers coming up demanding we give them amnesty. What right do law breakers have to make demands from the citizens of the United States of America. If anything, they should be pleading for it and not demanding.” “This was a straight up promise throughout his campaign,” King continued. “It looks to me like he’s preparing to keep Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise rather than his own.”

Ann Coulter was even more harsh with her condemnation, tweeting: (Townhall)

“At this point who DOESN”T want Trump impeached?”, and “If we’re not getting a wall, I’d prefer President Pence.”

These border security hawks will be very upset if a DACA deal includes any path to citizenship. They consider that de facto amnesty. They also do not want legislation without funding for a border wall. These conservatives have been burned far too often by “future funding” promises by the Democrats, and are going to insist on border funding first. Also, any discussion about “chain migration” is not on the table. Lastly, they will not ever allow those to morph into a general amnesty bill. That would be a craven Rubio-esque betrayal in their mind.

So, there you have it. The problem for those who would be willing to compromise in order to make a deal happen is they do not have the numbers to get the deal done. Conservatives in the House would revolt if Paul Ryan brought up a general amnesty deal, or agreed to DACA legislation without border security and wall funding.

Likewise on the left, there are far too many liberals who don’t want to see any deal with the White House, who along with the open borders advocates make up a sizable voting bloc opposing Schumer and Pelosi.

It’s hard to see how DACA moves forward, whether its this year, or first quarter 2018. There are too many players with disparate views, and while there might be other obstacles, these alone appear to make Dreamer legislation a pipe dream.


Nancy Pelosi’s Nightmare With Dreamers

The signs have all been there. The problems created by the Democrats propensity for behaving like bad a parent who whispers “You know you’re really my favorite” in the ear of each one of their children are coming home to roost. For years, the Progressive Left has been carving the population into subsets based on specific identity characteristics and trying to serve the very specific needs of these groups no matter how small they are or how outlandish their demands.

Their most recent problems started during the 2016 primary at Netroots Nation when Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders were shouted down by Black Lives Matter during stump speeches. The latest victim of this problematic parenting style? House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and it is delicious in it’s irony.

During a press conference that was supposed to demonstrate the Minority Leader’s unwavering commitment to participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in her home district in San Francisco, about 40 protesters marched into the room and began chanting demands. Among them is advocating for DACA participants (I refuse to use the phrase Dreamers as it is just another term used to evoke sympathy by the Progressive Left in order to make you care) is not enough.

According to these activists and their chant, Pelosi must be an advocate for the “11 Million” who are in this country illegally. Further, they accuse Democrats of creating a “deportation machine” that removed 3 million illegal immigrants from the United States under Barack Obama. With this disruption The Minority Leader’s PR moment was ruined and to many on the Far Left her actions were exposed as falling far short of what is required on behalf of the illegal immigrant community.

You can watch the entire debacle here if chaos is your thing, but below is a giggle worthy slice as Pelosi and her staff try to regain control of the event. Hearing her scolding defense as she is shouted down is just fabulous.

Following the abrupt end to the event, Nancy Pelosi’s bewilderment is palpable. She calls the protesters attacks on Democrats “ridiculous” and attempts to defend her personal record from their attacks. Somehow I do not think her comments will do much to appease her critics on this issue. Nor as the leader of the party, will her comments about having policies full of illegals and her desire to fix their problems play well with the working and middle class voters the Democrats walked away from between 2008 and 2016.

I can only hope more events like this take place and the demands from the Progressive Left become more outrageous. Democratic Leaders like Nancy Pelosi and others fail to understand they can no longer control the narrative as they prefer. Having gone so far down the path of catering to ever smaller identity subsets, it may be too late for a course correction. A quick bit of math tells me the the House Minority Leader just suffered a public relations nightmare attempting to be an advocate for approximately 0.0025% of the people residing in the United States.

To those watching in the Center, who may look at the of DACA participants and feel sympathy for their plight, what was also made clear is the children are revolting. No solution goes far enough. Addressing the plight of those in DACA is just the tip of the iceberg. Now there are cries for 11 million new citizens. Next it will be entry for their extended family. As the Democrats look to please all of the people all of the time it is imperative our message revolve around why these are really awful ideas for a huge swath of Americans already afraid of losing good paying jobs to technology and continuing to deal with lagging wage increases.

Should people feel sympathy for those in DACA? Absolutely. Should we feel responsible for their plight or compelled to offer solutions that harm people who are citizens or entered country legally? Absolutely not as that falls squarely on their parents. And no solution to this problem should include provisions that encourage more parents to toss their kids over the border by whatever means possible with the hope of eventual amnesty. It’s time for Democrats to pick their favorite child and one has to question the calculus they will use to make that determination.


Rep Steve King is Mad at President Trump

“Trump intends on keeping Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises, rather than his own.”

– Steve King

As rumors swirled around D.C. last night about President Trump ‘s dinner with Reps. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democrat leaders, he was apparently working out terms on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). This sent resident nationalists into a frenzy, even trending #AmnestyDon on Twitter for several hours. It unveiled real doubt for the first time in the President’s integrity among the Trumpkin faithful.


Rep. King went on a rant, including an inaccurate statement claiming fmr. President Reagan’s amnesty failed (it passed the same year with bipartisan support), and that DACA was amnesty. But nonetheless, it was entertaining.

And this…

That last Tweet has since been deleted. Pesky screenshots. /sarc

Whiplash firebrand Ann Coulter got in on the collective depression, as well:

She had no thumb-hangover, though, and kept the tweet in all its inglorious bastardry.

As he cleaned up his Twitter account, Rep. King went on air with cable interviews, expounding his 140 character screeds, telling CNN’s Alyson Camerota, “Something has to get reversed here with this president’s policy or this will just blow up his base.” He continued, “This was a straight up promise all the way through his campaign. What it means is the base will leave him. They won’t be able to defend him anymore.”

Something normal people stopped doing long ago. It doesn’t mean Rep. King can leave his sandbox though. Just that a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

From the Clowncar to the Profane: Ryan’s Challenger Goes Gutter

Most people challenge incumbents because of a disagreement in policy, or they doubt their integrity. But, one opponent is showing their campaign may not be all that serious, and could be more about getting attention than changing things. This year, it appears to be recent Wisconsin activist, Paul Nehlen. RightWisconsin, a popular regional journalistic site said it best: “It’s tempting to think of Paul Nehlen as a bad joke.”

Nehlen, a businessman and a-bunch-of-other-things-no-one-can-establish is running against sitting Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who is also serving as Speaker of the House. Nehlen ran an unsuccessful primary campaign against Ryan two years ago, losing by nearly 70% in a multi-million dollar challenge that briefly claimed the support of then-candidate Donald Trump. His campaign was backed by “scam PAC” aficionado Dan Backer. Before then, no one in the 1st district had ever heard of this Nehlen guy, or vouch for who he was.

After his big loss, he submitted his name for Speaker of the House (being a congressman is not a constitutional requirement).

For the record, he didn’t get any votes.

In the days following the election, he got himself entangled in a two-month police investigation by tweeting his marked ballot voting for himself (such ballot selfies are illegal in Wisconsin to avoid vote-selling), and eliminated the evidence before cooperating with local police.

While he’s claimed to be more conservative than Speaker Ryan, Nehlen has staked out a decidedly populist stance on most issues, and makes his support of President Trump a centerpiece of his effort. But, he may be showing more than just support for his favorite personality, and trying to sound like him as well.

No stranger to the profane, President Trump became known to his base as a man who “tells it like it is,” which usually included misogynistic insults, swearing, f-bombs, multiple threats, conspiratorial slander, childish rants against the media – pretty much any critic. Nehlen thinks it worked well for him, or perhaps in spite of him. So, Nehlen has decided to add this feature to his own campaign. He’s just a real hoot.

This week, he referred to the 800,000 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) applicants as “mo-fos,” and fashioned his insult into a patriotic sing-song.

“Mo-fo” is shorthand for mother****er, for those who stick to PG movies.

This was not a retweet, a midnight “like” due to a staffer… they were his words.

His Twitter feed usually centers around the single issue of immigration (he’s a nationalist), endorsements for conspiracy theories like Pizzagate (no, really), and links to fake news websites and conservative tabloids even Breitbart won’t entertain. But, Twitter is not his only domain, as he has shown a propensity for immature spittle on Facebook as well, referring to the Speaker consistently as “Pablo Ryan,” and calling other political leaders degrading names.

As RightWisconsin observed, Nehlen may think his antics are funny, but there’s nothing humorous in using obscenities in public, and making racist appeals for votes.

I agree. I look forward to voting for my congressman, again, and sending this clown back to wherever he came from before 2015.

If someone wishes to primary incumbents, that’s their right and privilege in this great country. But, making a mockery of the system is a shameful act of self-aggrandizement none of us should entertain.


This column is the expressed opinion of the contributor, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of the editor or The Resurgent.


Trump Sees DACA Deal As Win-Win

Chaos broke out last night after a dinner between President Trump and Democrat congressional leaders Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.). In the wake of Trump’s deal with Democrats on the debt ceiling, there were late-breaking reports that the three had reached an agreement to extend President Obama’s DACA program.

Fast forward a few hours to this morning and President Trump is denying almost everything. In a tweet, the president said, “No deal was made last night on DACA. Massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. Would be subject to vote.”

The president continued, “The WALL, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built.”

Then, in a third tweet, President Trump changes tacks. “Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military?” he asks. “Really!” He continued in that vein in a fourth tweet, “They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own – brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security.”

Taken together, the tweets indicate that President Trump may not have a final agreement on an extension of DACA, but he wants one. Even though Trump ran his campaign as a hardliner on immigration, he gave several indications that he was not firmly committed to the issue.

In August 2016, three months before the election, there were reports that Trump was flip-flopping on immigration. He denied the charge, telling Fox News at the time, “We want to come up with a fair but firm process. Fair but firm.”

In December 2016, the president-elect directly addressed the “Dreamers” in his “Person of the Year” interview with Time magazine. “We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud,” he said. “They got brought here at a very young age, they’ve worked here, they’ve gone to school here. Some were good students. Some have wonderful jobs. And they’re in never-never land because they don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The signs were there all along that President Trump would cut a deal. And there are benefits for the president if he does. Its unpopularity among Republicans notwithstanding, most Americans like DACA and don’t want to deport the Dreamers. For many people, how President Obama created the DACA program, usurping congressional legislative authority, is more of a problem that the program itself. And let’s be honest, many people don’t even care if Obama exceeded his executive authority to create the program. Recent polling shows that most Americans approve of DACA by double-digit margins. Even a third to a half of Republicans support continuing the program.

Not just any illegal immigrant is eligible for DACA. Candidates must have come to the country illegally or overstayed a visa when they were younger than 16 and have continuously resided in the United States since 2007. The must be in school, have a GED or high school diploma or have been honorably discharged from the US military. A felony or more than three misdemeanors is not allowed. Participants also had to pay $980 in initial fees and $465 for renewals, all for a program that did not give official legal status. Whatever DACA was, it was not amnesty. The prospect of prosecution and deportation was still there.

Most voters also approve of President Trump’s first deal with the Democrats. Rasmussen found that two-thirds of voters think it’s good for the country if Trump and the Democrats work together.

President Trump likely sees a DACA deal as a win-win. He can become more popular by reaching across the aisle to enact a policy that he likes anyway. From a pragmatic perspective, the Republicans have been unable to get anything done, so a pivot to the left makes sense.

Could Republicans block collaboration between Trump and the Democrats? Assuming the Democrats all vote together, in the Senate, a deal would need 13 Republican votes for cloture and three votes for passage. In the House, 23 Republican votes would be needed for a simple majority. Between Republican moderates who support DACA and Trump supporters who will follow the president’s lead, a Trump-Democrat deal would be hard to stop.

The problem with a nonideological president is that his principles and platform are not firmly grounded. If he wants to accomplish things – anything – and be popular, he won’t necessarily continue to dance with the voters who brought him to the Washington.

And what of the Trump base that voted for the Wall and deportation?

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump famously said of his base during the campaign.

His pivot on DACA may be about to put that theory to the test.

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BREAKING: No Wall! Schumer and Pelosi Announce an Immigration Deal

You read it right. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have announced a deal to protect young illegal immigrants from deportation, but that deal does not include a wall. The measure does include funding for border security that is already in place, according to the Associated Press.

The deal announced by Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi following a White House dinner would enshrine protections for the nearly 800,000 immigrants brought illegally to this country as kids who had benefited from former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. The program provided temporary work permits and protection from deportation.

Schumer and Pelosi released a statement in which they told the press, “We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides.”

The White House did not immediately comment on the deal, but the administration did release a statement which referred to a “constructive working dinner” with the Democratic leaders “to discuss policy and legislative priorities.”

You’ll recall that just last week, Trump worked out a deal with Pelosi and Schumer to raise the debt ceiling. That move drew the ire of conservatives, many of whom wondered if it signaled a new direction for the Trump presidency. No doubt this second deal with Democrats will anger the president’s base, particularly the “build the wall” crowd that was so attracted to him in the first place.

Earlier in the day, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders maintained that Trump was “committed to the wall,” but this move will leave more than a few wondering if the administration is punting on the wall or if the president is turning his back on a key tenet of the 2016 campaign.

Will we find out that Trump’s delay is not Trump’s denial, or will the wall that the president so vehemently called for become another unfulfilled promise? Either way, this news isn’t encouraging for those who hoped for more robust border security from this administration.

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