Trump, Pecker And Lewandowski’s Women-Haters Club

The main impact of the National Enquirer’s story accusing Ted Cruz of multiplied martial infidelities likely hasn’t yet been felt.

Like a magma dome building under a volcano, it’s rising up from the depths of scorned and abused women around the country. Some of them have already voted for Trump or supported him and are repenting. Many others are finding themselves repulsed by the obvious misogyny displayed by everyone close to Trump.

Think about this: The National Enquirer claimed that Cruz had affairs with five women. They published only slightly blurred photos of the women, which anyone on the Internet could identify from existing online pictures. Even muck-rakers like “Crooks & Liars” website had no problem figuring it out.

And that was the whole point. Nobody with a brain actually believes that everything the Enquirer published about Cruz is true. It was a blunderbuss attack: Throw everything in the barrel and pull the trigger and maybe something will hit. But the attack is much more personal, damaging and on-target against the women, who are falsely identified as adulterers and called “whores.”

So Katrina Pierson, Trump’s own spokeswoman, is accused of literally sleeping with the enemy. It can’t be funny or a political ploy to her. It’s abuse.

And Amanda Carpenter had to appear with Jake Tapper on CNN and defend (yes, defend) herself against this sick allegation. From Allahpundit:

This is a mother of two young kids being called a whore on Twitter morning, noon, and night because she was named in a tabloid story as a politician’s mistress with no proof whatsoever. If the same charge were thrown at Melania or Ivanka Trump with the same amount of evidence, Trump fans would be ready for war with the accuser. Carpenter can’t disprove the claim because no one can disprove an allegation of adultery; no one can substantiate one’s whereabouts at all times. All she can do is subject herself to this and put her side of the story out there, even though the other “side” consists of … nothing. You know what Carpenter’s really guilty of? She’s guilty of partiality to Cruz the politician, which has made her a frequent Trump critic on TV and in print. That’s what she’s paying for here, not any “affair.” The rumor is a pretext to punish her for her real sin, which is being anti-Trump. Watch Tapper, his frustration palpable, in the second clip below press Trump advisor Sarah Huckabee on whether she’s ashamed that a member of Trump’s campaign is pushing this Alinskyite attack on Carpenter. Answer: Nope, not really. It’s “the process” that’s shameful.

This is not so much an attack on Ted Cruz, who can walk through the scum and scrape it from his boots. It’s an attack on five women who have been mercilessly smeared for no reason other than Trump and his women-haters club’s amusement and obsessive need to control the news cycle. Each of the women fingered by Trump and his chums are victims, pure and simple. Heidi Cruz, and Ted’s daughters are also victims.

Honestly, Marco Rubio should lose a little sleep over this too, since his supporters kicked these rumors around before Trump exploited them for his own jollies.

Once again, the press is steppin’ and fetchin’ like their heads was on fire and their asses was catchin’ with Trump playing Charlie Daniels. Honestly, they’re being used and acting dumber than a box of rocks. At least Tapper, to his credit, displayed some self-awareness about it.

There’s going to be an accounting for this abomination. Should it occur before June, Trump will not win the GOP nomination. If he does pull off the hijacking of the GOP, it will certainly hit before November, leading to possibly the worst landslide loss since Alfred Landon lost to FDR in 1936.

After 2016, Trump may find himself one of the most reviled and shunned public figures along with Bill Cosby. Cosby at least bought his victims dinner.