Republican Leaders in Georgia Put the Gay Agenda Ahead of Children

Republican leaders in the state of Georgia have decided to put the gay agenda ahead of children. They are desperately afraid of upsetting Hollywood liberals who are sending more and more business into Georgia. Several Hollywood studios now have facilities in Georgia and the famous Pinewood Studio has a facility in Georgia.

The big issue now is adoption. In Georgia, Republicans in the legislature began advancing a plan that would improve adoption services and adoption rates in the state, but one of the chief supporters of the legislation wanted a provision making it clear that Christian adoption agencies in the state, including Catholic Charities, would not have to surrender the tenets of their faith in order to help children find loving homes.

Naturally, the gay rights lobby swung into action and swiftly got Governor Nathan Deal and the legislative leaders from Speaker David Ralston to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert to rush out and condemn the effort to protect Christian adoption agencies.

Christian adoption agencies will not adopt children into single parent homes and because they believe marriage is between a man and woman, they will not allow adoption into same-sex households.

There is no dispute that Christian adoption agencies in the state have a solid track record, are more efficient with their money, and do an outstanding job. But the state of Georgia now insists they abandon their moral values and tenets of their faith to take advantage of greater state funding to help children.

In leftwing states, Catholic Charities and other Christian institutions have had to cede the field and abandon adoption work because of the gay rights agenda. Republicans said it would never happen in Georgia. They refused to pass a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Georgia because they said this stuff would never happen. Now they are telling Christian groups they have to surrender their values to help get children adopted.

With Republicans like these…

In Georgia, The Republican Speaker’s Staff Attacks Christians

David Ralston, Georgia’s embattled Speaker of the House, is in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce and gay rights activists. He is adamantly opposed to passing any religious liberty protections in the state. Neither a state level RFRA nor a state level First Amendment Defense Act will pass because the Speaker, on behalf of his allies in the gay community and Chamber of Commerce, are opposed. Now he has gone a step further. He is unleashing his general counsel, Terry Chastain, to verbally assault Christians inside the state capitol building in Atlanta.

Multiple Christians, including State Senator Josh McKoon, report that Terry Chastain, formerly a lobbyist for the Chamber of Commerce, have yelled, berated, threatened, and cussed them out for wanting religious liberty protection.

McKoon reports that Chastain, in the halls of the state capitol, called McKoon several expletives and attacked McKoon for speaking out against legislation Speaker Ralston drummed up to give state house members cover for opposing religious liberty protections.

Other Christians report similar treatment by Chastain.

Speaker Ralston has neither made Chastain apologize publicly nor terminated his employment.

What Happens When You Side With Your Opponents

The Georgia Republicans collaborated with the Georgia Democrats to fill the religious liberty legislation in the state in exchange for a billion dollar tax increase. The Republicans needed the Democrats to make it happen. Out went RFRA, in came taxes.

Today, Better Georgia, a left-wing group that seeks to help Democrats take over the state, sent out this email:

In just 45 days we’ll all begin paying higher taxes on gas and hotels — thanks to Gov. Deal’s largest tax hike in Georgia history.

Gov. Deal will be known as the Republican who finally admitted defeat on fiscally conservative policies.
With his actions, he proved that conservative rhetoric simply doesn’t work.

The bad part is that tax-and-spend Deal just charged us $1 billion a year for more asphalt — stretching to fund just the bare minimum of what the state needs to keep up with growth.

Even worse, Gov. Deal’s tax hike hits working Georgians hardest. Gov. Deal’s tax plan is designed to tax those who make the least the most.

The tax is paid for in two ways. The gas tax was converted to a fixed excise tax at a higher rate and a $5.00 fee was also added per day to hotel rooms.

So, in exchange for Democrat votes to raise taxes, the Republicans can now thank the Democrats for attacking them. This is what happens when you make deals with people who won’t pee on you if you’re on fire. The GOP raised taxes and now the Democrats are going to attack them for it.

Yes, you can say, “Well the Democrats would have done it too.” You would be right. But they weren’t the ones who did it. The small government, low tax Republicans did it.

The Georgia Legislative Cataclysm

Today is the day Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Wendell Willard have set aside to kill the Religious Liberty Restoration Act (“RFRA”) in Georgia.

It comes one day after the State of Indiana passed RFRA. Georgia’s House Leadership, which is largely bought and paid for by outside interests opposed to RFRA, is headed toward a legislative cataclysm in doing this and does not even realize it.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Willard has set up a special sub-committee to kill RFRA, pending as S.B. 129. It will be composed of two Democrats and two Republicans. At best, RFRA will be gutted with an “anti-discrimination” provision inserted. This provision, rejected by most states that have considered it, will incentivize left-wing activists to go to local governments and alter the definition of discrimination. That is how, in places like Texas, boys are suddenly “identifying” as girls to go use the girls’ bathroom.

Adding the discrimination provision guts RFRA, but then allows Wendell Willard et al to vote for it claiming they support religious liberty.

However with Willard stacking the deck against RFRA, it is just as likely that RFRA dies in committee today with the State House leadership claiming the legislation is deeply flawed. It is, if you did not know, the same language signed into law by President Bill Clinton with bipartisan support.

If S.B. 129 does not get a vote, without amendment, on the House floor, war is going to break out in the General Assembly.

Governor Deal’s education plan is going to die. Conservatives have committed to holding it hostage. Conservatives are going to lead a full scale rebellion on the budget, which guts teacher health insurance plans, and on the transportation legislation, which is a massive tax increase.

The war is going to be across chambers with conservatives blocking legislation in the State Senate and and siding with Democrats to kill legislation in the State House.

Essentially, Speaker David Ralston has asked his colleagues to vote for a massive tax increase, gutting teacher health insurance, and reject effective religious liberty legislation. That’s too much for conservatives. They’ve been punished for following rules while those close to the Speaker have not. They’ve been smacked around the Governor who will not help them with RFRA.

With S.B. 129 either dying or getting gutted, the end of this General Assembly could see a cataclysm rarely seen in an often choreographed session of the General Assembly.

In Georgia, Boys Might Soon Be Able to Use the Girls’ Bathroom

Boys are going to be able to use the girls’ bathroom in Georgia.

Churches in Georgia will be denied building permits unless they build unisex bathrooms for the transgendered.

I’m not exaggerating.  The Texas legislature has had to swing into action to roll all that back in Texas.  In Texas!!

How did it happen in Texas?  Well, Texas has a religious freedom law that has an “anti-discrimination” provision.  Once it passed, leftwing advocates went to San Antonio, Plano, Houston, and other places and had the definition of discrimination changed.

Former Rep. Ed Lindsey, Speaker David Ralston, and House Judiciary Chair Wendall Willard support Texas’s version of RFRA.  You will see church pastors subpoenaed, church buildings harassed, and Christians persecuted.  It’s all part of the leftwing plan.

But I know how to fight it.

Governor Deal supports the law, but has sat on the sidelines.  He  needs to demand Speaker Ralston put S.B. 129 to a vote without amendment.

Here is how you can help.  Below are the forty most conservative members of the state house according to their current rankings in my score card.

Call them and tell them to refuse to vote for Governor Deal’s Opportunity School District legislation until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment.

The Governor’s plan is a great one.  But it needs to be postponed until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment and, if S.B. 129 is amended or killed, we must be willing to kill the school reform plan.

Governor Deal has the clout and floor leaders to get S.B. 129 passed without amendment.  It’s time for him to get involved.  He’s a good man.  He has pledged to sign S.B. 129.  The time to fight is now.

Call Governor Deal at 404-656-1776.

Tell the Governor it is time to get involved to support S.B. 129 without amendment.

Then call these Representatives.  Tell them to refuse to vote on the school plan until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment.

























































































































Speaker Ralston’s Butt Hurt

You are having such an impact in the fight for religious liberty!

How do I know? Speaker Ralston lost his business at the Atlanta Press Club. He attacked me as being for hire! And let’s be clear. That’s really an attack on you because I don’t have donors, just listeners.

Speaker Ralston however does have donors. I’ll tell you who they are on the radio.

Keep the pressure on. It’s clear David Ralston is not taking it well. Christians are still being hung on by his office. You be the next one hung up on. Call him at (404) 656-5020.

If you get through, tell his staff to put S.B. 129 on the floor without amendment.

Georgia’s David Ralston Forgets Hobby Lobby

Down in Georgia, its Republican Speaker of the House, David Ralston, pushed through a transportation tax increase. But he is signaling he has no intention of protecting religious liberty in the state.

Bowing to the Chamber of Commerce and gay rights activists, David Ralston says religious liberty does not need to be protected because we have the first amendment. In fact, Ralston says the only way he would consider bringing up S.B. 129, the state’s religious liberty law that has already passed the state senate, is if Republicans in the State House of Representatives demand it.

Today, gay rights activists are going to storm the State Capitol in Georgia and claim RFRA is only a front for discrimination. They will say that RFRA is only being pushed so Christians do not have to provide goods and services to gay weddings.

David Ralston and the gay rights groups have clearly forgotten about Hobby Lobby. If you are in Georgia, you must call your state representative and demand a vote on S.B. 129 without amendment. Whether you are in Georgia or not, you need to remember Hobby Lobby and understand why Georgia needs to pass S.B. 129.

When the Obama Administration passed Obamacare, the government demanded businesses pay for abortion causing drugs. Hobby Lobby, which covers the birth control costs of its employees, refused to cover five to seven drugs that induce abortions. The Obama Administration demanded Hobby Lobby comply. It refused and sued along with several other small businesses whose families are guided by their faith in operating their businesses.

Hobby Lobby won its case in the United States Supreme Court. It did so not because of the First Amendment, but because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Supreme Court case was very clear. The First Amendment would not have been enough to help the businesses affected. They had to rely on RFRA.

That’s why Georgia needs to pass S.B. 129. It’s not about what happens today or tomorrow. It’s about what happens a year from now. It’s not about what happens at the state level. It’s about what happens at the municipal and county level.

Speaker of the House David Ralston does not believe Christians need their faith protected. He is willing to see Christians surrender their ability to live their faith outside of 11am to noon on Sunday.

It is critically important that if you live in Georgia that you call your State Representative. If you go here, you can put in your address to find the phone number of your State Representative. You need to call him and tell him to demand the Speaker put S.B. 129 up for a vote without amendment.

You need to call today.

Tolerance For Me. Not For Thee.

Last week, singer Elton John took to the pages of the Atlanta Journal Constitution to encourage the Georgia House of Representatives to oppose S.B. 129, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA.

Elton John claims that Georgia would be “turning its back on tolerance” if it chose to protect the consciences of people of faith.

Simply put, this bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It promises religious freedom, but let’s be clear: No one’s religious freedom is at risk! Both the Georgia Constitution and U.S. Constitution very explicitly protect this right.

What SB 129 will really do is institutionalize the hate some people hold in their hearts against other people. It will turn back the clock on the progress we have made — not only in the fight against HIV, but also in the struggle for a more equal and just society.

The first of those paragraphs is flat out wrong. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood were not saved from the Obamacare abortion mandate by the U.S. Constitution’s first amendment. They were only saved by the federal RFRA law, which Georgia does not have.

The second paragraph is pretty damn hypocritical given this news. The fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana have come out against gay marriage and “rent-a-wombs.” Who is leading the charge to boycott them?

The singer Elton John joined leading gay rights groups in calling for a boycott of fashion house Dolce & Gabbana on Sunday, as comments by one of the celebrated Italian design duo about fertility treatment were labelled “archaic” and “deeply insulting”.

Got that? Elton John who is demanding tolerance in Georgia is demanding a boycott of views he opposes.

He wants tolerance for his views, but not for faithful adherents of religion. His editorial in the AJC is flat out hypocrisy and his actions prove people of religious conviction need protection for a state that might easily turn against them.