About That Sheriff David Clarke DHS Appointment…

So is he or isn’t he?

Ed Willing brought you the news earlier of Milwaukee Sheriff and Trump surrogate, David Clarke, and his claim to have accepted a position with the Department of Homeland Security.

As a deputy secretary of Homeland Security, Clarke will be responsible for fielding complaints about the department and relaying them to the appropriate people at the top.

Clarke announced his new position while speaking with a local radio host, Vicki McKenna.

Said Clarke:

“I’m looking forward to joining that team,” Clarke told listeners on 1130 WISN.

Joining “the team” will certainly spare Clarke the trouble of fighting to keep his seat as sheriff of Milwaukee in November 2018.

Citizens of Clarke’s home county are said to be considerably less enthused over Clarke’s performance of his duties than the Trump administration has been with his surrogacy through the 2016 election season and beyond.

There’s just one problem: DHS can’t or won’t confirm anything Clarke is now saying.

“The position mentioned is a secretarial appointment. Such senior positions are announced by the Department when made official by the Secretary. No such announcement with regard to the Office of Public Engagement has been made,” DHS said in a statement.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the position. It just means he’s jumped the gun in making an announcement.

If he does have it, he’s stepped outside of the normal chain of events adhered to for such appointments.

If he doesn’t, he looks nuts.

Unfounded and nutty is well within Clarke’s shtick, however.

A Twitter user pointed out the assortment of medals and pins worn on Clarke’s dress uniform, as seen when he spoke at the Republican National Committee convention in July 2016. Because of the foul language, I’ve chosen not to include the tweet storm, in its entirety. It suffices to say, someone was quite annoyed with Clarke’s illusion.

The basic gist, however, is that Clarke attempts to pull a fast one on those who don’t know any better, by loading his uniform down with impressive looking, but otherwise meaningless “flair.”

If Clarke really has been offered a position with the Department of Homeland Security, you can bet it’s as a reward for loyalty to the regime and has nothing to do with his qualifications for the job.
Then again, that seems to be the new norm for political appointments, these days.

Guess Who Tried to Hack Indiana’s Vote? Hint: It Wasn’t the Russians

With all the loose talk of hacking the 2016 election making the rounds in the media (not to mention the more feverish swamps of the American left), there was bound to be some evidence that turned up about it–especially since that whole KOMPROMAT thing on Donald Trump didn’t pan out.  Well, lo and behold, the media hacks might finally have some real hacking to investigate!  The bad news is that it doesn’t look like the Russians were coming, but instead it was. . .the Department of Homeland Security?

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials tried to hack Indiana’s state electoral system with at least 14,800 “scans” or hits between Nov. 1, 2016, to Dec. 16, 2016, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.


The attacks are the second confirmed IT scanning assault by DHS officials against states that resisted then-President Barack Obama’s attempt to increase federal involvement in state and local election systems by designating them as “critical infrastructure” for national security.

Yes, you read that right.  After Indiana told DHS secretary Jeh Johnson to take a hike, it seems his agency took it upon itself to hack the bejeebers out of the state’s election system.  But like an bumbling Blofeld leading a low-rent version of SPECTRE, they just couldn’t quite get the job done:

[Indiana Secretary of State Connie] Lawson said despite the scale of the scans, the DHS efforts to attack its election system was unsuccessful. “Our voter registration system was not penetrated.”

When they make this one into a movie, I’m hoping they get Jim Varney to play Johnson.

Whether the hack was an attempt to embarass Mike Pence, who was Indiana’s governor at the time, or whether it was a scare tactic to get Lawson to go along with DHS’s power grab, is anybody’s guess.  But what stands out even more than the brutishness of the attack is the utter incompetence of its execution.  Not only did DHS fail to break in, they left all kinds of evidence that led straight back to them.  Haven’t these guys ever heard of a VPN?

On the bright side, if you’re worried about an all-powerful deep state that controls everything, everywhere, you can relax.  These dudes aren’t exactly James Bond caliber.  On the other hand, maybe if they hired some Russians…

Trump’s DHS Halts Refugee Interviews

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has decided to suspend foreign trips by its personnel to interview refugee applicants since President Trump is expected to soon issue an executive order relating to the refugee admittance process.

As previously reported, Trump is indeed preparing an order which will address entry into the United States by refugees.  He is likely to suspend refugee admissions for 120 days to provide time for the Secretary of State to review and presumably update the procedures governing refugee admittance into this country.  After that review is complete, then refugee admissions will continue, and the DHS can proceed with its interviews of applicants.

Thus, within the context of Trump’s expected order, it seems prudent for the DHS to halt trips overseas to interview refugees until the new procedures are in place.  It makes no sense to interview applicants under the current procedures when those procedures will soon change and the applicants would then likely need to be re-vetted under them.

Many will continue to characterize Trump’s decision as some sort of hard-hearted attempt by him to “ban Muslims.”  This is unfortunate, since Trump has softened his campaign rhetoric and appears to be seeking to create an orderly process by which refugees can be welcomed into the U.S. while also keeping American citizens secure.  As President, he must balance many competing interests and appears to be making a sincere effort at doing so.

Eunuch Mitch McConnell Squeals Like a Pig

I told you guys the Senate GOP would screw us over on DHS funding, but even I had no idea Mitch McConnell would capitulate so easily. I assumed he’d do a major song and dance first, but instead he just went all Ned Beatty in Deliverance the moment Barack Obama looked at him funny. Good grief. Even CNN’s website declared that the Democrats were the ones blocking Department of Homeland Security Funding.

McConnell behaved as if he needs testosterone injections. His minion in the press want everyone to know the steel in his spine, but it is more silly putty. His friends say other people call McConnell “Darth Vader.” Honestly, I’ve gotten on Lexis-Nexis. The only people ever saying McConnell is Darth Vader are McConnell’s friends. It’s only fitting though because Darth Vader, in control of everything, lost the Death Star twice to a rag tag group of Democrats . . . errrr . . . rebels.

And now Harry Reid has made McConnell his gimp, only letting him out of the cage when Reid points at other Republicans and calls them “Butch.” It is all pathetic. It is also all predictable. McConnell never had any intention of fighting on this. Notice he announced his cave on the day the President vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline legislation hoping everyone would be distracted by that shiny object.

No, we are not distracted. About the only thing lamer than McConnell’s antics is John Cornyn claiming the GOP can cave because one district court judge in Texas has issued an injunction against the President’s amnesty. They must think we are stupid. The last time the GOP had the courts fight their battle for them, Obamacare was found constitutional. The time before that, in a case named after Mitch McConnell, the Court upheld the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act.

Please call your member of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and tell him/her to please not act like a Senatorial eunuch and, instead, fight.

And in conclusion, given McConnell’s behavior, I find it deeply ironic the postal code for his state is KY.