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DR Radio: The White House Circus

Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio! In this edition of DR Radio, the team looks at the ObamaCare repeal debacle, musical chairs in the White House, and the temptation to compromise our faith for a seat at the table or power. Also, Jay also takes the reins in the latest installment of DR Recommends.

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DR Radio: VidAngels & Christmas Demons

  • Is filtering a right?
  • Are Christians entitled to filtering movies and TV shows?
  • Why is there so much persecution of Christians in the world?
  • What is Advent all about?

We look at these questions and more in this episode of DR Radio! You can listen to the audio, subscribe to the podcast, or read the full show notes over on our website.

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DR Radio: Dead Dictators and Living Babies

  • Why is Fidel Castro so popular?
  • Should Trump’s Carrier deal scare free market capitalists?
  • Is the CDC’s new report about low abortion rates a good thing?

    In this week’s show we cover these questions and more. We also play a round of Nerd v. Nerd and a special Christmas movie game. For full show notes and how to subscribe, visit our website.


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DR Radio: Transgenders, Political Hooliganism & Stranger Things

This week’s show includes discussion on the challenging topic of transgenderism, whether or not the Presidential debate had any meaningful impact on the presidential race, and for Expand Your Horizons, we’ll be talking about Stranger Things and the dawn of a new film format! As usual, we have two games of wit and whimsy, specifically Nerd v. Nerd and #JesusJuke.

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DR Radio: Religion is Good for Society… We Think.

In this edition of Dead Reckoning Radio, we look at a new report from the Civil Rights Commission that thinks Christians fighting for religious liberty are bigots and then we look at a study that shows how religion has been good for the U.S. economy. Hadley also schools us on the options out there for maternity leave in the new Expand Your Horizons segment.

As usual, you can read the full show notes and listen to the audio over on our site —> http://deadreckoning.tv/dr-radio-religion-is-good-for-society-we-think/

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DR Radio: Trumpville, Turkey Coup, and European Terror

Welcome to the Trump Parade! Or…erm, the RNC!

  • With Cheeto Jesus now the nominee, what will the election hold?
  • Is Mike Pence as VP a game-changer?
  • Does Ted Cruz tiene grandes cajones?
  • Is Melania’s kerfuffle worth talking about?

Also in this episode:

  • What’s going on in Turkey? Are they the next Iran?
  • What does Islamic terrorism in Europe mean for the rest of us?

As usual, we’ll be breaking up deeper discussions for games of wit and whimsy which will be Fill in the Blank: Garry Marshall edition and So You Think You Know the Princess Bride?.

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Dead Reckoning Radio: “No Crime” Clinton, Police Shootings, and Pastoral Censorship

  • What is going on with Hillary “extremely careless” Clinton?
  • What’s up with the shootings of black men by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota?
  • Something coming from Iowa has us worried about censorship of pastors.

    Listen in!

In this episode, Hadley, Brian, and Jay discuss the FBI’s decision to not charge Hillary Clinton, the recent shootings of black me by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, the regulations on speech and bathrooms in Iowa, and more. For the full show notes check out our website.

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Dead Reckoning Radio: Orlando, Orlando, and Trump

This edition of DR Radio is no exception to cultural hotspots. Because we love you, we’ll be talking about fun things, like gays, death, murder, and politics.  We’re kicking off our discussion today with not one, but two segments on Orlando and closing out the end of the show with Donald Trump’s campaign efforts to mimic a North Korean missile.

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