North Carolina Will Probably Go Very Late Amid Software Problems

The most crucial state possibly in this entire election may have some results delayed by 90 minutes tonight. Durham County took its electronic voting system off-line after experiencing software problems. From the Charlotte Observer.

Durham County Board of Elections Chair Bill Brian said the county took its electronic voting system off-line after problems popped up at several precincts. Poll workers were unable to look up voter registration information digitally, so they turned to paper records. That requires the use of paper forms, and when some precincts ran out of the forms, voting ground to a halt.

The software problem report was one of several gathered across the state by ProPublica, which is tracking problems in polling places.

Others included several counties with reported voting machine problems, and some voters who had registered to vote or updated their addresses at the state Department of Motor Vehicles saying they had problems voting at some polling sites.

ProPublica said there were optical scanner issues reported in Cleveland, Gates, Cumberland, Wake, Craven and Forsyth counties.

Turnout is reportedly heavy as voters line up to cast their ballots.

North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes are critical for Donald Trump, and part of Hillary Clinton’s “firewall” for victory. The state’s polling shows a razor thin margin for Clinton, but Trump appears to have the advantage in early voting numbers