Boehner Has Time to Salvage a Ridiculous Farce Descended to Stupidity

House Republican leaders had a closed door meeting with their conference late yesterday where they blasted Senator Ted Cruz for obstructing their plans to hand more than $600 million of your tax dollars to the man they’re also suing for not doing his job, Barack Obama. As an aside, Senator Jeff Sessions deserves a great deal of praise, along with Senator Cruz, for his actions related to fixing this mess.

What House Republican leaders refused to do is stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (‘DACA’) executive action that President Obama took in 2012. In fact, they wanted to first fund the man they’re suing, then give House conservatives a vote Harry Reid could quickly dispatch.

But then that was the face all along. No matter what House Republicans did, Harry Reid was going to toss it. So instead of doing the right and publicly popular thing by shutting down DACA, the House GOP was going to give Barack Obama a pile of cash with no obligation or steps to secure the border. Then they’d watch Harry Reid stop that action too.

How stupid can these people be? If the President’s polling is at 65% unfavorable on the border situation and the Democrats have no intention of doing anything about, it should be an easy vote for the House GOP to show they’re the ones who took the steps to stop the mass migration across the border.

Instead, on Eric Cantor’s last day as leader, the whole of the leadership bollixed it up and embarrassed themselves. Harry Reid then concluded the business of the Senate.

The House has stayed and has one more opportunity to get this right. Conservatives concerned about the spending were willing to set those concerns aside if the House leaders would shut down DACA. Today, the House can get it right, shut down DACA, show they are serious, and let the public turn toward the Senate where the “closed” sign is lit up.

But let’s not forget the punchline to this. House Republican Leaders want to give more than $600 million to the same man they just voted for sue for the way he’s doing and not doing his job.

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Principle Over Profits

Yesterday at the New York Meeting, a gathering of conservatives in New York, Haley Barbour said the GOP’s goal should not be purity. He also praised Eric Cantor.

There is a great disconnect in the political press and among politicians like Haley Barbour over the endgame of conservatives in America. It is not actually about purity for the sake of purity. It never has been. What it has been about is getting people into office who mean what they say and say what they mean. It has, in other words, been about putting men and women in office who put principle about profit.

And frankly, for all the attacks on Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and outside groups — what it really amounts to is guys like Haley Barbour and others have chosen profit over principle and they do not get those of us who want principles first.

Conservatives understand we will not win every race and we understand we cannot win in every district. But we also understand that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul and Jim Bridenstine and Raul Labrador and Marlin Stutzman and all the others are putting their principles ahead of lobbyist dollars.

Haley Barbour, like so many before and after him, is a lobbyist. Principle hurts his bottom line. He has to find some way to sell his ideas so those he advocates for can get their agenda through Congress. That leaves guys like Cruz spending most of their time saying “No.” In the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” world of Washington, principle manifests itself most often by the word “no”.

Certainly conservatives want conservatives in Congress. We want, where we can get them, better conservatives. But what we want most, and the reason we are fighting so hard in primaries, is because we keep seeing so called conservatives go to Washington then settle for a price at the expense of their principles.

And the price that turns the profit is always making Washington work for some large donor or client writing checks somewhere, which in turn means Washington is never leaving us the hell alone. That, again, is why it is so crucial we get people like Chris McDaniel to Washington. It is also why so many in Mississippi and Washington are opposed to McDaniel. He, like Cruz and Lee, will go for principle over profit. He won’t be bought.

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What All the Partisanship Narratives Forget

Ron Fournier at National Journal, among others, has been wringing his hands over the latest Pew research on partisanship. The research shows a growing gap between left and right.

Naturally, a lot of scholars and members of the media are blaming conservatives because the scholars and members of the media are more ideologically aligned with the left. Some admit it. Most think that where they’ve planted their flag is called Moderateville and these conservatives are icky, fringe disrupters intent on anarchy and theocracy.

In reading a lot of commentary on the Pew study and pieces like Ron Fournier’s latest, I find a common missing element.

For the hell given toward partisans of both sides, some fair and some not, there is an organized effort on the Republican side, by its activists, to beat its entrenched incumbents. The media typically reports this in terms of ideological purity. Allegedly, conservatives just want someone more pure and less likely to reach across the aisle.

That’s actually flawed thinking, but is indicative of the thinking that comes frequently from inside the Washington bubble where access to power and the need to kiss ass perverts one’s view of what’s happening in fly over country. As a bit of a tangent, look at the shift in conservative media coverage toward Kevin McCarthy.

Once the House GOP rallied, a good many members of the Republican political press in DC, instead of covering the angst and machinations, went straight down on their knees in front of Kevin McCarthy and started writing oppo dumps on any potential challengers, etc. Their tweets changed from chronicling the chaos to championing their new source.

The press in Washington contributes to the problem and also exacerbates the problem in terms of what is covered, how things are covered, and what is not covered. Many members of the press, regardless of politics, pride themselves for their trips outside the bubble. But their outside the bubble coverage reads more like a Dian Fossey study of gorillas in the mist than coverage of actual people the press really relate to.

Away from the tangent and back to the point, what the circle of jerks in Washington sees as a conservative quest for purity, many of those in flyover country see as fighting against out of touch, entrenched elements in their party who’ve grown far too cozy with lobbyists and Wall Street. The conservative fight in Mississippi, Virginia, Texas, and elsewhere is mocked and ridiculed by a left-leaning and establishment oriented press when, in reality, it is overwhelmingly a response to a Washington that has grown out of touch. Yes, the grassroots want more conservative members of Congress, but they want them because they believe the people there are in the pockets of special interests and the politicians have abandoned their core beliefs for cash and connections.

Had Howard Dean and Ned Lamont been successful candidates, the left-leaning elements of the press would probably not be so prone to ridicule these current grassroots efforts. But because conservatives have been far more successful at defeating entrenched interests, the media instead casts it as a quest for purity instead of a demand from the people that Washington must work for them, not billionaire donors, K Street, and Wall Street.

That inability to give a fair hearing to the grassroots on the right only compounds the problem. It is also the nature of the beast and hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is Citizens United giving the grassroots the ability to beat the monied interests for the first time. And even that, inside the bubble, is misreported as allowing billionaires never before granted access into politics. In reality, the billionaires have always had the access. After Citizens United the grassroots do now too. And the circle keeps circling while the jerks keep … um …

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Thank You House Republicans

I have been doing more than I’ve done in the past for candidates for office. Usually I write about them here at RedState, give them money, and encourage you guys to help. Rarely do I get out on the campaign trail myself. I don’t have the time.

But I’ve been making the time because it is just that important.

In the past few days, and particularly over the weekend, I made a concerted effort to get to some rallies for folks who made it into runoffs. On Saturday, I spoke at a fundraiser for Jody Hice, running to replace Paul Broun in Congress.

I have gotten so much mileage out of the House Republican Conference dismissing the voters of Virginia as an anomaly in the Eric Cantor race. Their rapid consolidation behind Kevin McCarthy has been a gold mine for conservatives in runoffs. Conservatives activists who typically give $25.00 are suddenly emboldened to give $250.00. They are mad as hell.

But their anger is not just at the House Republican leadership. They’re pretty mad at the spinelessness of House conservatives too. The House conservatives have refused to step up and make a play for leadership, choosing instead to just obstruct. Their supporters are mad at them too.

The House GOP going so quickly for Kevin McCarthy and stacking the deck for him is one of the most useful things they could have done for conservative insurgents who make it to runoffs. So thanks House GOP!

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Why Eric Cantor Lost

cantor obama

The death of the tea party has been greatly exaggerated. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary tonight to David Brat, a man who was significantly outspent. Cantor spent $5 million to Brat’s $122,000.00.

The media will play up Cantor’s loss by claiming it was about immigration. They will be wrong, but it will be useful for the rest of us. Immigration reform is now DOA in the House of Representatives thanks to David Brat.

But Cantor really did not lose because of immigration alone. Immigration was the surface reason that galvanized the opposition to Cantor, but the opposition could not have been galvanized with this issue had Cantor been a better congressman these past few years.

He and his staff have repeatedly antagonized conservatives. One conservative recently told me that Cantor’s staff were the “biggest bunch of a**holes on the Hill.” An establishment consultant who backed Cantor actually agreed with this assessment. That attitude moved with Cantor staffers to K Street, the NRSC, and elsewhere generating ill will toward them and Cantor. Many of them were perceived to still be assisting Cantor in other capacities. After Cantor’s loss tonight, I got a high volume of emails from excited conservatives, but also more than a handful of emails from those with establishment Republican leanings all expressing variations on “good riddance.”

Cantor’s constituent services moved more toward focusing on running the Republican House majority than his congressional district. K Street, the den of Washington lobbyists, became his chief constituency. In Virginia a couple of months ago, several residents of Cantor’s district groused that they were going to support Brat because they did not think Cantor was doing his job as a Virginia congressman. Others no longer trusted him.

Cantor and his staff both lost the trust of conservatives and constituents. They broke promises, made bad deals, and left many feeling very, very betrayed. Much of it was because of Cantor’s hubris and the arrogance of his top staffers. He could not be touched and he could not be defeated. He knew it and they knew it. He kept his attention off his district, constituents, and conservatives while he and his staff plotted to get the Speaker’s chair.

Cantor lost his race because he was running for Speaker of the House of Representatives while his constituents wanted a congressman. The tea party and conservatives capitalized on that with built up distrust over Cantor’s other promises and made a convincing case Cantor could not be trusted on immigration either. By trying to be both a Virginia congressman and a worthy successor to the Speaker in K-Street’s eyes, Cantor made it easy for conservatives to mount an under the radar case against him.

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After Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy Are Not Options

With the primaries going as they are coupled with existing pledges from Republicans in the House of Representatives, it is becoming more and more certain that John Boehner will not remain as Speaker of the House after this year.

A number of candidates ahead in primaries, including John Ratcliffe in Texas and others, have pledged to oppose Boehner as Speaker come 2015. Likewise, by my count, there are enough existing members of the House to block him. The fall back for many is Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader.

The candidates and incumbents who will not support Boehner should not support Cantor either. In fact, it is worth noting that Cantor has been one of the House leadership members intending to fly to Amelia Island this weekend. The purpose of the trip is to meet with the liberal Mainstreet Partnership. That organization is using union and George Soros related dollars to beat conservatives with liberal Republicans.

Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and a number of other Republicans are flying down to meet with these Soros tools as they plot to defeat conservatives.

Neither Cantor nor McCarthy should be any more acceptable as Speaker than John Boehner. Conservatives would be wise to start working behind the scenes to get firm commitments against these two, just as they have for Boehner. We can start 2015 with fresh faces in leadership.

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Next Weekend, House Republicans Collaborate With Left-Wing Interests Against Conservatives

Next weekend, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and twenty-five other members of Congress are flying to Amelia Island to collaborate with a group dedicated to defeating conservatives in Congress.

The Republican Main Street Partnership’s offshoot “Main Street Advocacy” is hosting the event at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island. Steve LaTourette, a liberal Republican former Congressman from Ohio, is the face in front of the group. LaTourette is good friends with John Boehner. Behind the scenes, LaTourette’s group is funded by the vast left-wing conspiracy. According to an email inviting people to the event, “People that are attending have donated $5,000 to the PAC.”

As I reported at the first of the year, LaTourette’s group has received money from left leaning unions, George Soros back organizations, and a major Democrat contributor.

The Mainstreet Partnership has multiple offshoots all housed on the 6th floor of a 7th Street office in Washington, D.C. Together, the groups — including Main Street Advocacy — want to, in the words of their backers, “bolster our incumbents who are under attack from the far right, and ensure that we hold on to seats represented by pragmatic Republicans that we would otherwise loose if there was an ultra-conservative in the general runoff.”

Their disclosures expose the lie. The group claims to be conservative and to support Republicans, but it is funded by the left. LaTourette himself has a long history of attacking conservatives and trying to defeat conservatives.

Next weekend, he is luring the top there Republicans in the House of Representatives and twenty-five others to the Ritz in Amelia Island to shake hands and collaborate with the very donors intent on defeating not just conservatives, but Republicans.

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Mitch McConnell Declares Surrender on Obamacare

Joining Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell is declaring surrender on Obamacare. He will no longer fight it. You’d never know that if you paid attention to his preferred words about Obamacare at CPAC. McConnell told the crowd that “Obamacare should be repealed root and branch.” He also told the crowd that those who think he’s given up the fight | Read More »