New Documentary on Brexit Vote Should Be Watched By Every American

All eyes are on Great Britain as the island nation votes on Thursday whether to leave or stay in the European Union.

The vote has garnered immense global attention. From flotilla wars on the Thames River to celebrity endorsements, those involved in the “Leave” and “Stay” campaigns have certainly drawn the rest of the world in.

For us American conservatives, it’s intriguing to see Britain┬ádesire autonomy once again in spite of the European Union–the Brussels-based statist governing entity that dictates continent-wide policy for 28 different countries.

Not sure how you feel about Brexit? Nate Madden of Conservative Review has an excellent write-up explaining the nuances of the Brexit vote. Our EIC Erick Erickson also wrote a nice ditty about the upcoming vote, which can be read here.

A new documentary “Brexit: The Movie” was released last month to explain the importance and significance of the Brexit vote being brought before voters on June 23rd. It makes a compelling case for the “Leave” campaign. The full-length documentary has been released on YouTube and is free to watch.

Below is the link: