Dems Embrace Conspiracy GA-6 Was Rigged by Russians, Ignoring DNC Actual Rigging

Democrats poured something like $50 million dollars last spring into Georgia’s 6th CD special election to replace–ahem–Tom Price. The young guy who nobody now remembers, Jon Ossoff, lost to veteran Karen Handel, who was quickly sworn in.

Back then, there were conspiracy speculations by various unreliable and nefarious left-wing publications, notably the Washington Post, that the only reason Handel won was because the Russians hacked the election (and the November 2016 election too).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when it was revealed that a compromised server containing Georgia election records was wiped by IT staff. This prompted Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens to quit his defense of Secretary of State Brian Kemp (who is running for governor)’s office in a lawsuit involving the server.

The lawsuit by accountability group Coalition for Good Governance and the Constitution Party of Georgia alleges that the state’s electronic voting machines are hopelessly vulnerable to hacking. As part of that suit, a server run Kennesaw State University’s Center for Election Systems was cited as having “a gaping security hole” that wasn’t fixed for six months after it was reported.

Now that server is, umm, blank, like Hillary Clinton’s. Except the FBI seems to have an “image” of the server. And Kemp claims that KSU’s IT staff doesn’t work for him, and were following their own procedures dealing with vulnerabilities. I guess nobody told them the server was needed for a lawsuit.


Rep. Hank Johnson has told local Atlanta TV station 11Alive that Ossoff’s loss must have been Russian hackers throwing the race to Republicans.

“A difference of about 3200 votes,” recalled US Rep. Hank Johnson. The Democrat had employed Ossoff as a congressional aide. Ossoff stayed consistently ahead in most polls leading up to the runoff – then lost on election night.

“I think it’s quite possible that Jon Ossoff won that election and the election was stolen from him. That’s my suspicion,” Johnson said Monday.

Russians messed with fake news and both presidential campaigns, Ossoff lost in a district that has a massive GOP tilt and an election data server was wiped: Ipso facto, the election was rigged. And Pizzagate is real. And they’re turning the frogs gay.

But in fact, for real rigging they need look no further than the DNC, which rigged Hillary Clinton’s nomination tighter than a racing yacht in a regatta.

Jon Ossoff lost because he wasn’t a good enough candidate to beat Handel. He couldn’t overcome “dude, you don’t live in the district.” Handel has lived there 25 years, won an election as Georgia Secretary of State (ironically, the position held by Kemp), lost a race for governor, and a race for U.S. Senator. Ossoff’s greatly padded resume only beat George Papadopoulos’s by a hair (Ossoff was an actual Congressional intern versus a model UN participant).

Hillary Clinton bought and paid for the DNC, and by extension she bought and paid for the nomination. She and the DNC bought and paid for the Trump “dossier.” There’s more evidence to speculate that Hillary bought and paid for Loretta Lynch to rig her non-indictment than there is that GA-6 was thrown by the Russians.

Hell, there’s more evidence that Maggie Hassan stole the NH Senate seat from Kelly Ayotte than there is of Russians handing Handel the Georgia race.

But truthers are gonna truth, and Democrats are going to scream “Russia.” That is, until they are in the White House to do their own Kremlin deals.

Chris Matthews Doesn’t Get Jon Ossoff

There’s been a lot of Democrat and media handwringing in the aftermath of Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, but one pundit is looking at defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff through a unique lens.

Chris Matthews admitted on his MSNBC show Wednesday that he simply doesn’t get Jon Ossoff. For Matthews, Ossoff’s muddled message was a sticking point.

“It seems to me that there was a lot of progressive hype about a guy who wasn’t running as a progressive, which is another interesting twist to this,” Matthews said. “He was running on basically, let’s get together and be normal or something.”

“I don’t know what the hell he was selling. He wasn’t selling much,” he said.

I can’t help but wonder if other Democrats thought the same thing. When we have leftists calling for Democrats to run further left in a district like GA-6, it’s painfully obvious that Ossoff’s message either didn’t make sense or just didn’t get out there for the public to hear.

It’s clear that Jon Ossoff has the potential to be a player on the political stage for a long time to come, for better or worse. His “I’ll be whatever you want me to be,” blank-canvas campaign may have won him some votes this time, but he’s going to have to make his message crystal clear to have staying power.

Later on in the segment, Matthews turns his confusion and mockery on his guests, calling them out for playing the game that both parties play: a win is a major triumph, while a defeat is abject disaster.

“If it went for Ossoff, you would be jumping up and down, saying how great a victory it was, right? Come on, you’re smiling. I know you’re smiling. I know how people play politics. If you lose, ‘oh, no, big thing.’ If you win, ‘yay!’ I mean, which is it?” Matthews asked.

Kudos to Chris Matthews for calling it like he sees it. We give him a hard time – and rightly so – for sticking blindly close to the talking points, but when he diverts from them, he can be a terrific pundit.

Check out the full video here:

The Ossoff Walk of Shame: Reporter Walks From Ossoff’s House To GA-6 And Takes Two Hours!

Yesterday, I shared with you how even reliably Democrat-friendly MSNBC is giving Jon Ossoff a hard time for not living in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, where he’s in a tight runoff election today against Karen Handel.

Ossoff assures voters that everything is just fine because he lives “down the street” from the edge of the district. (Later, campaign spokespeople clarified that his home is “three blocks away” from GA-6.)

It turns out that “down the street” and “three blocks away” are a bit of a stretch, as Brent Scher of the Washington Free Beacon discovered the hard way. Scher decided to walk from Ossoff’s home to the edge of the 6th district, and it was an epic journey.

He writes:

I set out to walk from Ossoff’s current residence in the northwest corner of Emory University to a section of the sixth district that juts down into the fifth district on Buford Highway. It would have been a shorter trip, by the way, to Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, but that’s not where Ossoff is running.

I drew myself my own little map, knowing that my phone would be taxed by my attempt to put the entire quest on Facebook Live, and set out at 10:32 a.m. for the International Cafe, which I determined to be the closest landmark inside the sixth district.

Scher attempted to record his journey for posterity, but the long distance and the oppressive Georgia heat wreaked havoc on his phone.

After crossing the highway, I was able to capture video of the final stretch of my journey, though my phone again failed before the glorious International Cafe came into sight.

Scher arrived at the International Cafe just in time for lunch. His journey took him two hours. TWO HOURS! The entire trip was 3.2 miles.

Scher hailed an Uber for the ride back, and the return trip was over 18 minutes. Some three block trip just down the street, huh?

Check out Scher’s video account:

Jon Ossoff Faces Criticism For Not Living In GA-6, And Who Called Him Out May Surprise You

In the heated, expensive, and thoroughly annoying race for Georgia’s 6th district seat in Congress, one of the biggest sticking points is the fact that Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff lives outside of the district, preferring to shack up with his fiancee in the reliably liberal 5th district rather than in the more conservative 6th.

Ossoff has taken plenty of heat from the right for his choice to live outside the district where he’s running, but on Friday, he faced some criticism from a surprising source: MSNBC.

Appearing on the Velshi & Ruhle program (no, I’ve never heard of it either), Ossoff took a question that suggested that his residency may have a negative effect on the campaign.

“You are not able to vote because you don’t live in the district,” Ruhle said to Ossoff, noting that the candidate cannot vote for himself because of his residency. “I understand that you don’t live in the district. You live where your fiancee, your girlfriend, is because you’re supporting her; she is in medical school. Why don’t you move at this point?”

“You want to get this job. To me it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal,” Ruhle added.

“As you know, Stephanie, I grew up in the district, and Alisha [Kramer] walks to work at the hospital every morning at 4:00 a.m. for her medical shifts, her shifts at the hospital,” Ossoff responded.

“I’m proud to be supporting her career even if I take a little political heat for it,” he said.

Ossoff went on to explain that, once his fiancee finished medical school, they will move into the 6th district, where he repeatedly told the hosts he “grew up.”

Check out the entire exchange here:

Will his residency outside the 6th district really make a difference in the outcome? Will it give Handel’s supporters reason to turn out? Does it matter to Democrats at all? I guess we’ll find out as Tuesday’s results come in. Stay tuned.

GOP Can’t Get It Together In Georgia, It’s a Mess

Georgia’s CD-6 special election is a mess for the GOP. I live in a different district, but spent the last few days up near Atlanta and saw some of the political ads running on television. From what I saw, Jon Ossoff looks like a cost-cutting Republican on TV. His ads never mention that he’s a Democrat.

The Congressional Leadership Fund’s attack ads against him are so extreme and shrill (rioters, really?) as to do more damage to Republicans than Ossoff. Then there’s the division within the GOP. Karen Handel is currently the leader, with maxed out name recognition, but she appears to be coasting on that–not a good idea.

Her competition is not coasting. “Outsider” businessman Dan Moody won Sen. David Perdue’s endorsement this week, and has hyped it in ads.

Perdue, who won his U.S. Senate seat in 2014 running as an outsider, stares directly into the camera to say he was elected to “fix a broken system with a new president who isn’t afraid to shake things up.”

“We finally have a real chance. Trust me, we don’t need another career politician up here,” said Perdue. “Dan Moody cares more about getting results than getting credit. That’s so uncommon and exactly what we need. Dan’s one of us.”

It’s telling that Perdue, who defeated Handel in the senate primary in 2014, doesn’t see her as “one of us.” Republicans Bob Gray and state Sen. Judson Hill continue to promote themselves in their bids. This creates somewhat of a schism in the race, making it more dangerous for the GOP in a runoff.

Cook Political Report has actually downgraded the GA-6 special election from “Likely-R” to “Lean-R.” The infighting among GOP candidates may depress turnout for the all-important runoff, while Democrats continue to pour outside money into Ossoff’s coffers.

The House GOP leadership’s Congressional Leadership Fund has upped its ad buy to keep Ossoff’s numbers down while Republicans fight amongst themselves. The CLF is desperately trying to motivate traditional Republicans by calling him a liberal resume inflator who will “rubber stamp Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.” But there’s little question at this point that Ossoff will secure the top runoff spot, and the GOP field is badly fractured and plagued by infighting.

There are probably only three Republicans who have a legitimate shot at joining Ossoff in the runoff: former Secretary of State Karen Handel, tech investor Bob Gray and state Sen. Judson Hill. Handel began with the lead, but the Club for Growth recently endorsed Gray and is up on air attacking Handel as a “career politician.” The Club’s involvement irks GOP strategists at a time the party badly needs to keep its attacks pointed at Ossoff.

The runoff will be held June 20 (in all likelihood unless something explosive occurs to put one candidate over 50 percent). Summer runoffs are typically low-energy, low-turnout affairs. Just a few more voters per precinct can make all the difference. If Democrats are motivated and Republicans are apathetic, Tom Price’s seat could go blue.

That would be a tragedy, and a poor way for Republicans to start the election cycle in President Trump’s term. A warning for the GOP here: This is not time to go on vacation. Get it together, or Ossoff is going to win.

BREAKING: Democrat Candidate Jon Ossoff LIED About Security Clearance

Pants on Fire

Lying about your past is a quick way to get in trouble, especially as a Congressional candidate. It’s even worse when you make your story as flimsy as GA-6 Democratic Candidate Jon Ossoff did!

Currently running in a special election to replace HHS Sec. Tom Price, Ossoff has based his campaign largely on the strength of his national security credentials.

Since Ossoff announced his campaign to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price earlier this year, he has leaned on his supposed five years as a “national security aide with top-secret clearance.” The claim has been made in campaign ads, during campaign events, and even in his campaign announcement.

The Washington Free Beaconreported last week that Ossoff’s claim was dubious. Ossoff was a 19-year-old student at Georgetown University when he began working as a part-time staffer for Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.), but security clearances are generally granted only to permanent staffers. He was not made a full-time staffer for another two years.

Ossoff’s campaign did not respond to Washington Free Beacon requests for more information about his time working in Johnson’s office, but provided local reporters with a timeline that shows Ossoff worked for just over two years as a full-time aide—and worked only five months with top-secret clearance.

Ossoff’s campaign has worked to spread these lies by misleading other news outlets as well.

With early voting underway, it’s hard to tell how these new revelations will impact the election but voters deserve to know the character of the men and women they’re electing!