Here is Everything Wrong With Society in One Sentence

I have a book coming out on October 3rd. If you want to pre-order it, text the word WAKE to 444999. I only say that because in my book, which is a cookbook and letters to my children about how to live life, I admonish them that not everything is political and not everything should be viewed as political. In particular, the kitchen table should be the one place in America where people of diverse opinions and backgrounds can gather to find common ground over a warm meal. I really do believe that.

In fact, I have long wanted to do a TV show about raising kids in the 21st century who have values the world shows increasing hostility towards and making a central component of that using meal time to both bond with families, with friends, and with neighbors who may not always agree. Model life for your children around the dinner table. Teach them the art of conversation with people to find common ground. Find people and draw from them there stories. There is no boring person if you know how to have a conversation.

Nowadays everything is too political, which is also why I started a podcast called “Not Everything Is Political.” It should not be. Food should not be political. But over at, a food site run by a bunch of liberals, I found a review for Gabrielle Langholtz’s new cookbook called “America.” Anyone familiar with Phaidon knows they publish massive volumes cataloging the various food selections of countries. I have the ones for Mexico, Italy, and Scandinavia. The United States is the next topic and in the Eater review by Sonia Chopra we find this:

Seriously? Why the hell should a cookbook reflect a political climate or attempt to address it. If you don’t think the recipe collection is diverse enough, go do your own damn cookbook. Of course further down the page there’s a favorable review of a “Resistance” themed cookbook.

Good grief. Turning recipes and food into political statements or blasting a cookbook for not getting political really is the encapsulation of everything wrong with society right now. Some things are not meant to be political.