A Lot of You Would be Angry Were It the Opposite

Apple has broken off a relationship with a lobbyist in Alabama because the lobbyist opposes gay marriage. The lobbyist, former state representative Jay Love, had been lobbying Alabama on behalf of Apple. But no more.

Full disclosure: I own a lot of Apple stock and do my best to deprive non-Apple technology into my home.

Apple has every right to do business with whom it chooses and to refrain from doing business with whom it chooses. Apple employs evangelical Christians opposed to gay marriage, but need to retain a lobbyist to advocate for its policies before a legislature when the lobbyist does not line up with policies Apple supports.

But the thing is that if it were the opposite and a company tossed someone because of their support of gay rights, the very same people praising Apple would demand lawsuits and boycotts.

In the United States of America, if a gay person wants to deny goods and services to a heterosexual’s wedding, the left and law allow it. But if a Christian wants to do the opposite, increasingly the law prohibits it. The deck gets stack in favor of those bigoted against sincere religious conviction. And unfortunately, the deck gets stacked with the help of a lot of people who should be in fear and trembling over Matthew 7:23, but claim to be of the faith.

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This Idea Beats Forced Service to Homosexual Marriage

RedState reader Clifweston wins the internet today with this most excellent idea.

How about a different tactic that doesn’t risk the business owner’s estate? Why not advertise that the proceeds of all same sex marriage sales go to organizations that offend gays and radical feminists, organizations that advocate for and support traditional values, etc.? Thus, Stalinists will themselves funding their opponents and the novelty of their tactics would diminish so that they leave the rest of us alone. In this way those opposed to same sex weddings can go on the offense, advertise openly for same sex wedding customers while revealing where the money goes and not running afoul of fascist office holders in league with the gay activists.

If you live in a state that forces you to provide goods or services to homosexual weddings, let it be know you will donate the proceeds to conversion therapy organizations, the Family Research Council, the Ethics in Religious Liberty Commission, the Alliance Defending Freedom, or some other Christian organization that opposes the homosexual agenda.

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Imposing Values on Individuals

In Oregon, Aaron and Melissa Klein and their five children are losing their home due to bankruptcy. Their business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, is going under.

Black, white, Asian, male, female, gay, and straight couples have all bought cakes from Mr. and Mrs. Klein over the years. This past year, the Kleins were asked to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. They declined because they are Christians. Despite having gays and lesbians support the bakery, Oregon has ordered the Kleins to pay the lesbian couple $150,000.00 for discriminating against them. The Kleins do not have the money and are filing bankruptcy.

In a unanimous vote of the District of Columbia Council in December, businesses in Washington, D.C., including private, religious schools, must no longer make distinctions based on sexual orientation. Catholic Schools, which allow gay men and women to teach, but not marry, are beginning conversations about what to do, including closing schools. Other religious groups are doing the same.

In Colorado, Robert N. Spencer of Masterpiece Cakeshop has served gay and straight customers equally for years. But when a gay couple insisted Spencer bake them a wedding cake, Spencer offered an already made wedding cake that the couple could further customize. Based on his religious convictions, he did not believe he could provide his God given talents for a specifically made cake for a gay wedding. A Colorado court has now ordered Spencer to do it or close his business.

In Richland, Washington, Baronelle Stutzman has owned Arlene’s Flowers for several decades. She has a large gay customer base. But when Mrs. Stutzman declined to provide flowers for a gay wedding of long time customers, she was sued and the state sided with the gay couple, putting her business in jeopardy.

In New Mexico, a state that has a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), but whose legislature has ruled discrimination based on sexual orientation verboten even against RFRA, Elaine Huguenin got dragged to court by a gay couple for declining to do photography of a gay wedding. She lost her case too. In New York, the state ordered a couple to pay damages and to cease holding weddings on their farm. The couple opened up their farm for weddings and for parties of people regardless of the hosting couple’s sexual orientation. But they did not want to allow a gay wedding on their property.

In the last few months, opponents to statewide RFRA efforts have hit on a new talking point to denounce RFRA. The law would allow child abuse. In fact, they have documented several cases in Georgia, a state without RFRA, where people have claimed a religious exception regarding the treatment of their children.

But, and this is the key, not once have these opponents of RFRA shown successfully arguing for a religious exception to commit child abuse. The cases do not exist. Even in states with RFRA not a single person has been able to get away with child abuse based on a religious conviction. Here, however, I have documented real people who have been fined or driven to bankruptcy because their religious convictions conflict with gay marriage. And there are plenty more.

Gay rights advocates say a plurality of Americans support gay marriage so it should be so. An absolute majority of American support religious exceptions relating to providing goods and services to gay marriage. But gay rights advocates oppose that. The Supreme Court will undoubtedly impose gay marriage on the nation by June. State legislatures need to pass RFRA now to protect people of faith.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gives an Unbelievable Answer on Whether He’d Enforce Dred Scott

I don’t know that I have ever seen this level of unforced error from anyone on television ever. In an interview with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over a federal district court’s order on gay marriage, CNN’s Chris Cuomo first asserted that a majority of people support gay marriage, as opposed to a plurality. I’m pretty sure he was just talking about Alabama, which makes it even worse.

Further, Chris Cuomo did not understand the nuances of the case. The probate courts in Alabama issue marriage license. The federal district court enjoined the Alabama Attorney General, who plays no role in issuing marriage licenses. And Chief Justice Moore, for all his faults, was right to point out that the federal court’s order did not apply to probate judges. Chris Cuomo did not understand, or did not want to understand that.

But the most damning part of the interview came with Chief Justice Moore asked Chris Cuomo if Cuomo would have adhered to Dred Scott, which treated black people as inferior to white people, or Plessy v. Ferguson, which established separate but equal as the law of the land.

Cuomo tried to get out of answering the question, but Chief Justice Moore demanded Cuomo answer it. It is safe to say, Cuomo would have enforced both Dred Scott and Plessy based on his answer, which was “You follow the law of the land. You follow the law of the land. That’s what our nation is based on.”

See for yourself and note that earlier in the interview Cuomo said our rights come from people, refuting the Declaration of Independence.

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First They Shut You Up, Then You Will Be Made to Care

I have to quibble, slightly, with the Washington Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch. In a piece last week Sonny wrote that he did not think I was quite right with my phrase “you will be made to care.” Instead, he thought it should be “you will be made to shut up.”

I would suggest that he stops too soon. Yes, along the way to making people care, many of us must be shut up first.

In fact, we see that is the initial play with the left. A young man last week pointed out that transgenderism is largely a mental health issue and started receiving threats on twitter and general harassment. The Fire Chief in Atlanta referred to homosexuality as a sin and lost his job. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty quoted scripture and the left tried to drive him from the airwaves. The Benham Brothers are evangelical Christians and had their TV deal cancelled for offending the gay mafia.

Christians will be made to shut up. Those who question political correctness will be made to shut up. Now there is a new troubling story out. A tenured professor at Marquette University lost his tenure and was fired for a blog post in which he took issue with a graduate student who told a class only bigots and homophobes could question gay marriage. The one student who did question it was failed. Again, a tenured professor lost his job for raising questions about the appropriateness of a graduate student’s class instruction on gay marriage.

Yes, they’ll try to shut us up. But that is only the halfway point.

As I have written before, particularly on the issue of gay marriage, gay rights activists want the entire veneer of normal. They want the whole package. That involves the Christian florist being forced to provide flowers for a gay wedding. That involves driving from the airwaves anyone who calls homosexuality a sin. That will, eventually, involve forcing pastors to marry gay couples. After all, normally weddings happen in a church. For those of you who say this will never happen, we’re already about to move on to polyamory, which was also, like gay marriage, never going to happen. Just wait.

I’ve had more than one employee of major Fortune 500 companies tell me they are “strongly encouraged” to participate in gay pride events. I have had corporate employees tell me they have had to fill out surveys, with their name on them so that there is no anonymity, that ask frank questions about their views of gay rights.

Eventually, you will be made to care. Once the gay mafia has established that everyone agrees with them because all other voices have been made silent, those of you still thinking you do not have to pick a side or can compromise and nuance your position will have to take a side. You will be made to care about gay marriage one way or the other and if you care the wrong way, good luck finding or keeping a job.

I encounter, on a near weekly basis, more and more Christians who say gay rights is increasingly becoming a modern mark of the beast — either celebrate gay rights or be forced to the sidelines of society. I don’t hold to that theological view, but I completely understand where they are coming from. And it is only going to get worse, requiring a braver, more vocal church.

Sonny Buch is right that you will be made to shut up. But then you will be made to care. And that is precisely why people of faith cannot shut up.

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The Moral Minority

Turns out that 49% of people believe sometimes water boarding is justified. Further, 57% think it may lead to useful information. That is a CBS News poll.

According to Pew, 51% think the CIA methods against enemy combatants were justified, 56% think we gained useful information from doing so, and 42% oppose the Senate releasing its report while 43% support it.

In fact, as Pew noted, “the public expresses the most doubt not about the CIA methods and program itself, but about the Senate committee’s decision to release its report”.

What we have here is akin to the left/media furor over gay marriage, gun control, and its mythic creation of college rape culture. Convinced that gay marriage is a natural right, gun owners are monsters, and rape culture is pervasive, the left/media has set out to build a narrative on both complete with a quasi-religious canon and levitical judgment against those who refuse to believe.

Now with “torture,” they are at it again. They’ve defined torture as “all forms of interrogation we disagree with” while ignoring a key substantive point — no reporter would sign up for torture and yet many signed up to be water boarded and lived to tell the tale without PTSD.

They are invested not in facts, but in a cause. Facts are ancillary to their cause. It would factual to report that those involved in the CIA’s projects were not interviewed. It would be factual to report that the very same Democrats who are now blasting the CIA were, at the time, briefed by the CIA. But those facts undermine religious dogma and narrative.

The left/media finds itself a minority and, like so many opinion minorities in this age, have decided if they just shout and scream enough they will transform themselves into a majority.

The morally preening left/media would rather be outraged than be right. And if you are not as outraged as they are, you are not pure enough.

The left/media moral minority has all the hallmarks of a deranged cult. It’s only a matter of time before many of them lie down and die waiting for a comet to deliver them from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz94%Senate Republican AverageSee Full Scorecard94% and conservatives.

In the meantime, when not distracted by the moral outrage of the day, they’ll salaciously report on leaks from Sony Pictures by terrorist hackers. The sick irony is that in claiming moral equivalence between the United States and jihadists, the media is collaborating with North Korean hackers. The terrorists have won. But not because we waterboarded them. It’s because the left/media has dutifully taken up their causes for them.

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Your Must Read of the Day

David Gushee is a professor at my alma mater, Mercer University. The entire time I attended Mercer, the school affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention. A few years after graduation, the school finally unshackled itself from the troglodyte orthodox Christianity peddled by the Southern Baptists. Those orthodox believers in scripture, while putting the fun in fundamentalism, had the audacity to think words mean things and the words of the Bible have particularly valuable meaning in their context. Mercer couldn’t have that.

During my time at Mercer, the Christianity Department was constantly struggling to change its name to the “religion” department and its professors invested heavily in the idea that Christian students should see the light that the Bible cannot possibly be inerrant.

Last year, one of the professors at Mercer’s “Theology” School, did a YouTube video where, surrounded by students, he read Luke’s Gospel account of the birth of Jesus as if he were reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” After every verse or so, he would stop and assert the account was a lie and could not possibly be true.

Now comes David Gushee, another Mercer professor, who is “changing” his view on gay marriage. Matt Franck brings us today’s must read on this matter.

In his own eyes he is a brave heir to Bonhoeffer’s legacy, prepared to lose friendships among the hopelessly retrogade, the bitter clingers to the teachings of Jesus and his apostles as the church has always understood them. The dark fate that awaits the courageous David Gushee consists of major newspaper features, interviews with celebrity journalists, acclaim from his academic peers, and book-signing parties in our best progressive bookstores across the country. My, what a martyrdom.

Here’s the thing everyone seems to be missing. David Gushee is the Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and Executive Director of the Center for Faith and Public Life at Mercer University. This is very important to understand. David Gushee would not have that position if he held orthodox Christian beliefs. He can call himself an evangelical or whatever he wants. But my alma mater and those within it who appoint people to “distinguished” positions would never appoint someone to such a position if that person actually believed the Bible were the inerrant word of God Almighty.

David Gushee may have evolved or changed his position, but I know just from where he works and his position therein, that if he actually changed, he is just bringing the rest of his mind in the direction of the world. Rarely have I encountered a theologian at my alma mater pointed in the direction of Jesus.

Dissent on a One Way Street

Six years ago, Brendan Eich contributed $1000.00 to the Proposition 8 campaign in California that sought to preserve marriage between one man and one woman. Eich recently became chief executive officer of the Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla, part of the Mozilla Foundation, oversees pieces of the Mozilla web browser Firefox — an open source rival to Internet Explorer, Safari, and others.

Half the board resigned when Mozilla named Eich the CEO. The online dating service OKCupid called for a boycott of Mozilla. Contributing to an unpopular cause six years ago — during a time the left claimed “dissent is patriotic” — is enough to blacklist Eich. The objections to his hire are not based on his competence, experience, or resume, but on $1000.00.

Nate Silver, formerly of the New York Times and his own political prognostication website fivethirtyeight.com, allowed Colorado professor Roger Pielke to pen a thoughtful piece on the impact of climate change. Pielke agrees with the community of global warming believers that man is causing the world to heat up. But Pielke argued, with data, that the increase in weather related damage is not necessarily because of global warming. Additionally, he advocates adapting to global warming instead of wasting resources trying to end it.

The left quickly denounced Pielke and Silver. Silver’s competitors roundly attacked his entire enterprise for daring to give a heretic a voice. Silver, naturally, distanced himself from Pielke, writing, “Roger’s article … contained an implicit policy recommendation in its closing paragraph. Whether or not the recommendation was justified by Roger’s thesis and evidence, we generally prefer to avoid these kind of recommendations, and instead allow readers to draw any policy conclusions for themselves.”

Former Washington Post liberal blogger Ezra Klein has a new liberal blog site called Vox that purports to “explain” the news. The explanations have a helpful liberal spin that General Electric is helpfully underwriting with advertising dollars. But Klein hired Brandon Ambrosino for his venture. Ambrosino is a liberal gay male who has enraged they gay community by writing, among other things, that the gay left “routinely scour the private lives and social media accounts of our political opponents in the hopes of demonizing them as archaic, unthinking, and bigoted”

For these and other sins, Ambrosino has made himself an enemy to the very group of which he is a part. Ezra Klein has been forced into repentance claiming he will ensure Ambrosino’s work is properly edited.

Last week in Texas, Republican gubernatorial nominee and current Attorney General Greg Abbott released a comprehensive education plan for Texas. It is thorough, well documented, and heavy on citations. But one of those citations comes from well respected scholar Charles Murray. Murray’s work on IQ has, for years, been badly mischaracterized by the left. Liberal journalists in Texas, joining the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis, are now willingly painting Greg Abbott as a racist for relying on Murray’s work. In doing so, they are again misrepresenting Murray’s work, largely because it ran afoul of acceptable standards of political correctness.

The anti-Christian left has often brought up Galileo Galilei in its attacks on both Christianity and skeptics of science. Galileo believed the earth orbited around the sun, or “heliocentrism”. The prevailing view of the age, held by the Catholic Church, was that every object in the sky orbited the earth. The Roman Inquisition in 1616 declared heliocentrism “formally heretical.” Luckily for Galileo, Pope Urban VIII was not a member of the increasingly intolerant left. The Pope encouraged Galileo to write a book giving arguments both for and against heliocentrism.

The left in the United States increasingly refuses even to consider other arguments. Children must be taught only the left’s arguments. Scholars and pundits must only share the left’s views. Any other views must be marginalized, silenced, or punished. Those who hold unpopular views must be shunned, fired, or re-educated.

Evil in the world has always behaved thusly — it preaches tolerance until it is dominant. Then it seeks to silence good. The left should be wary that its behavior in civil society increasingly mirrors this historic pattern.

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