You Can Apparently Get Jailed in Georgia for Possessing Cotton Candy

A Georgia woman is suing several entities after she was jailed for three months for being in possession of cotton candy.

Dasha Fincher, a Georgia woman who spent three months in jail for possessing cotton candy, has filed a federal suit against Monroe County board of commissioners, two sheriff’s deputies, and Sirchie Acquisition Company, the parent company of a drug test administered during her traffic stop around December 31, 2016.

Her suit argues that the sheriff’s deputies should have been aware that the curbside drug tests they administer could contain false-positives.

Ms. Fincher was pulled over for a traffic infraction on New Year’s Eve 2016 for having a dark window tint. (The windows were later revealed to be perfectly legal.) The two deputies claimed the driver and her passenger were in possession of expired licenses.

While examining her vehicle, the deputies saw a large plastic bag filled with blue cotton candy, which they mistook for drugs. Fincher submitted to a roadside drug test, which falsely determined her a bag of cotton candy to be meth.

She spent the period of January 2017 to April 2017 in jail, but was shortly cleared of charges after the drug test proved to be false.

Monroe Incident

Here’s a recap of the incident:

Fincher said when Monroe deputies Cody Maples and Allen Henderson saw a large open plastic bag inside the car, she told them it contained blue cotton candy but they didn’t believe her.

The deputies used a roadside field test that said there was meth in the bag.

Fincher was arrested and charged with meth trafficking and possession of meth with intent to distribute.

A judge set her bond at $1 million, her lawsuit said, but Fincher remained in jail because she couldn’t pay the cash bond.

But in March 2017, GBI lab tests came back to say that the substance in the bag was not an illegal drug.

This is a serious error on the part of the cops.

How could this have occurred? Was there adequate training to determine cotton candy from meth? It appears that’s not the case. I hope Ms. Fincher is successful in her suit and is compensated for damages incurred by this experience.

New Ruling Puts End To Georgia Election Wrangling In Sight

A federal judge issued a ruling in Democrat Stacey Abrams lawsuit over the Georgia gubernatorial election. Last night, U.S. District Judge Steve Jones ruled that the secretary of state has confirmed that absentee ballots with missing or incorrect birthdates are counted.

Per a report by WSB Radio, Judge Jones, an Obama appointee, agreed to Abrams’ request to count absentee ballots with missing or incorrect birthdates but rejected several other requests by the Democratic candidate.  Ballots cast by voters in the wrong county or with incorrect residence addresses will not be counted.

Under Georgia law, if a voter goes to the wrong precinct to vote, they are allowed to cast a provisional ballot. The provisional ballot is counted if the voter is determined to be a resident of the county and has not voted elsewhere. Several counties in Metro Atlanta reported that they rejected hundreds of ballots because people voted in a county where they were not a resident. In Fulton County, 972 ballots cast by out-of-county voters were rejected.

Abrams is about 19,000 votes short of being able to force a runoff. Austin Chambers, an advisor to Republican candidate Brian Kemp said on Twitter that the ruling would affect about 800 votes, “nowhere near enough to change the race. This is over.”

Even if the ruling does not change the outcome of the gubernatorial race, it may affect a still-undecided congressional race. Atlanta’s 11 Alive reported that the election for the seventh congressional district was still undecided. Republican incumbent Bob Woodall leads Democrat challenger Carolyn Bourdeaux by only 533 votes or 0.2 percent of the total. Georgia law allows candidates to ask for a recount if the margin in the election is less than one percent.

A similar ruling in a separate lawsuit filed by Bourdeaux required Gwinnett County to count absentee ballots with incorrect or missing birthdates as well. The Gwinnett County ruling was issued by Judge Leigh Martin May, also an Obama appointee, prior to yesterday’s ruling by Judge Jones. Per 11 Alive, the ruling affected at least 265 ballots with the birth year omitted and at least 58 ballots where the birth year was listed as 2018.

How long the recount of absentee ballots will take is uncertain at this point. The state deadline for certifying election was results was missed Tuesday due to the lawsuits. Under the new ruling, all of Georgia’s 159 counties will have to recount the absentee ballots and recertify their results.

Erick Erickson wrote on Resurgent, “There will be no recount and there will be no runoff. There are simply not enough votes. The only thing Democrats have left is to help [Democrat Secretary of State candidate] John Barrow get elected in the runoff.”

“On the upside, this is all almost over,” Erickson added.


Rubio Calls Out Democrat Vote Tactics in Florida

Another election year brings another vote count controversy in Florida. Democrats are trying to wring every vote they can from every corner and eke out a win by changing the rules in the middle of the game (sound familiar, Georgia?).

GOP Senator Marco Rubio is calling out these tactics with an apt metaphor from the world of sports.

Rubio has a point. These legal challenges happening in Florida – and other states – are like referees enacting rule changes in the middle of a football game to give an advantage to one team over the other.

He goes on:

Ever since the 2000 presidential election, the Democrats have made their primary strategy out of something like, “if we don’t win, we’ll pitch a fit and try to change the rules to benefit us.” We saw it with Al Gore and then with Al Franken. Now we’re seeing it with Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia.

These tactics are underhanded (even though they’re happening out in the open) and are intended to result in a win for the Democrats. We wouldn’t tolerate mid-game rule changes in the NFL or the SEC, so why should we allow them to happen in the fights that really matter?

The Democrats are dragging out the certification of a legal election in order to scramble to find more votes. We’ve let them get away with these shenanigans for nearly two decades now. It’s time that it stops. The GOP and others who truly believe in justice and fairness need to stand up and demand that the lawyering comes to an end and that the Democrats accept the results of the elections.

Candidate Makes Dead Voters Into A Campaign Ad

Buzz Brockway, a state representative who is running to be the next Georgia Secretary of State, came out with an amusing campaign ad regarding voter fraud.

While working away at his desk, Brockway is seen denying a zombie’s application to vote.  Interestingly, the zombie appears to be a supporter of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

As hilarious as the campaign ad is, it focuses on a systemic election issue.

Dead voters did not sway the presidential election last year, but enough instances of voter participation by people who passed away long ago are enough to warrant attention to voter fraud. We hear of examples every two years.

An investigation by a local Colorado news outlet found extensive numbers of residents in the state — people who died not just months ago, but years ago — voting in subsequent elections following their passing. One local Colorado woman, Sara Sosa of Colorado Springs who died in 2009, had cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 — eliminating any possibility that her case was a simple clerical error, but a case of malicious voter fraud. That single investigation uncovered 78 dead people still eligible to vote in the state.

The numbers are much higher in other parts of the country.

Reporters in southern California discovered 265 eligible dead voters in the area, the vast majority of them located in Los Angeles County alone. 212 deceased voters in the county were listed as eligible to vote and had the potential to participate in the 2016 election. Despite being dead as can be, records indicated many of these people voted not just once beyond the grave, but year after year.

These numbers around the country can add up, especially when we look at the increasingly narrow margins of victories in swing states.

An analysis by Judicial Watch and National Review reveal 462 counties in the United States where the registration rate surpassed 100 percent — something that should obviously be impossible. There were 3,551,760 more individuals registered to vote than voting-age U.S. citizens who reside in the flagged counties.

Georgia, typically considered a noncompetitive state, saw itself thrust into the national spotlight during Democrat Jon Ossoff’s failed (but competitive) bid to replace longtime Republican congressman Tom Price. That special election to represent Georgia’s 6th Congressional District included Fulton County. The report revealed that this voter-rich county in the state at an 108-percent registration rate — a number that should raise alarms for anyone who cares about the democratic process.

Unfortunately, as the 2018 elections heat up and voters once again begin to pay attention to political campaigns and their messages, not much attention will be given to candidates for secretary of state. As Americans who care immeasurably about our free and fair elections, however, we should give extra focus to secretaries of state — the office holders most responsible for keeping order in the voting process.

Kudos to Brockway for running on such a theme.

High School Team Runs onto Field Carrying American Flags

Fannin County sits on the northern border of Georgia. It’s an area that has grown in recent years, cultivating a boom in tourism and folks who relocate to the mountains. There are plenty of beautiful sights up there and lots of places to get lost and enjoy the natural beauty of God’s creation.

It’s also an area of tight community. My dad grew up there, and I still have family in that area. Many of the people there, especially those who have been there a long time, love God, family, and their country, as evidenced by the show of patriotism and unity put on by the Fannin County High School football team this past weekend.

Before their game against Greater Atlanta Christian School on Friday night, the team ran out onto the field carrying American flags.

Superintendent Michael Gwatney said the “patriotic display” was organized by the team, coaches and parents.

“It was an awesome and unifying moment for the audiences on both sides of our stadium and reminded us that no matter what team we support, we are all Americans,” he said.

The players carried the flags as a show of support for veterans as well as those currently serving in the armed forces, including one recent graduate who played football there and is now serving in the military.

Fannin County may have lost the game, but they won the hearts of everyone in attendance Friday night.

BREAKING: Irma Continues Westward Shift, Putting More of the South in Its Path

As the massive, deadly Hurricane Irma bears down on the Caribbean, the storm is taking a turn toward the Southeastern United States. Its path has shifted westward, putting more of Florida and the South in its path.

Last night, Storm Surge Warnings for the Keys and South Florida released:

In Florida, Governor Rick Scott urged citizens throughout the state to head for safer ground as Irma is appearing to take a straight path up the peninsula of the state.

“If you live in any evacuation zones and you’re still at home, leave!” Scott warned Floridians at a news conference Thursday. “Do not try to ride out this storm … we can’t save you once the storm hits.”

Evacuees have headed north from Florida into Georgia, where traffic is heavy and stores as far north as metro Atlanta are running out of bottled water and other staples. Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia has issued a mandatory evacuation order for anyone east of Interstate 95 and declared a state of emergency for 30 counties in the southeastern part of the state. These evacuations will add to the traffic burden in middle Georgia and metro Atlanta, both of which are also along Irma’s projected trajectory.

Forecasters say that Irma shows signs of little weakening as it turns toward Florida. Pray for everyone in Irma’s path, and if you live in the Southeast – especially along the coast – pay attention to weather reports all weekend long.

Mike Pence Is Getting A New Chief Of Staff

Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday he will be getting a new chief of staff for his office. The current leader, Josh Pitcock, will be departing in the coming weeks. Despite the early staff change, officials say the move was planned before the administration took place and that Pitcock’s position was always intended to be temporary.

The incoming chief of staff will be Nick Ayers, a longtime political operative and close ally to Pence. The vice president is intending the staff change to begin a focus on bigger-picture issues and to help with staff management.

The pick appears to be a rock solid choice.

Although being only 34-years-old, Ayers boasts a resume many in their 60’s only dream of. He has been working with the vice president for three years and was his chief political strategist when the former Indiana governor was tapped to be Trump’s running mate. Ayers is currently serving as a key leader in America First Policies – a political non-profit supporting the policy agenda of President Trump. Before entering Pence’s inner circle, Ayers served as the executive director of the Republican Governors Association for four years. His political roots in Georgia, Ayers got his start working on both of Sonny Perdue’s gubernatorial campaigns (Perdue was the first GOP governor of Georgia since Reconstruction). His work on various campaigns throughout the country are too numerous to list.

Aside from his accomplishments, Ayers was closely considered to be picked as the next Republican National Committee chairman, and before Thursday’s announcement, was pushed by Trump allies to run for Georgia governor in 2018.

To say the least, this man is a strong choice to lead Mike Pence’s staff and is someone to keep an eye on in the coming years. With so many accomplishments at his age – the sky is the limit for Nick Ayers.

Also something to note: Ayers’ promotion is the latest in a string of Georgia talent grabs by the Trump White House. Former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue was tapped to be agriculture secretary; former Rep. Tom Price now serves as secretary of Health and Human Services; former House speaker Newt Gingrich is a close confidant to the president and Ayers has been a longtime political operative in Georgia. The Peach State is enjoying its greatest influence in Washington since the Carter presidency.



Ossoff Spends Six Times More Than Opponent, Complains About ‘Money In Politics’

Jon Ossoff wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

Concluding the most expensive House race in history, Republican Karen Handel emerged victorious and became Georgia’s first woman elected to Congress. She defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election to replace former Rep. Tom Price after he vacated the seat to become secretary of Health and Human Services.

Before the polls had closed, the ambitious 30-year-old made some ironic statements to NPR.

“The role of money in politics is a major problem and particularly the role of unchecked anonymous money,” Ossoff stated. “There have been super PACs in Washington who have been putting up tens of millions of dollars of attack ads in air for months now.”

Ossoff continued on in the interview and expressed the need for campaign finance reform.

These statements are quite perplexing (and reek of hypocrisy) when you consider the money raised and spent by his team. Liberals across the country (mostly from California and New York) poured money into Ossoff’s campaign under the impression he’d actually win. The former Hill staffer raised more than $24 million – compared to just $4.5 million raised by Handel’s team.

That’s almost six times more than Handel.

Near the end stretch of the campaign, Ossoff netted nearly nine times as many donors from California than from his home state. Between March 29 and May 31, his campaign reported $456,296.03 from California – only $228,474.44 from Georgia.

Who benefited more from “money in politics?”

Those on the left have countered that Handel benefited more from outside spending. This is true – $18.2 million in outside spending went towards helping Handel. Democrat’s were assisted with $8 million from outside groups. However, when you consider all money combined (official campaign fundraising and outside spending), Ossoff still clearly came out ahead with millions more.

All in all, Ossoff’s team spent $25 million in Georgia’s 6th District and still finished worse than Hillary Clinton’s performance there in 2016.