Dems Embrace Conspiracy GA-6 Was Rigged by Russians, Ignoring DNC Actual Rigging

Democrats poured something like $50 million dollars last spring into Georgia’s 6th CD special election to replace–ahem–Tom Price. The young guy who nobody now remembers, Jon Ossoff, lost to veteran Karen Handel, who was quickly sworn in.

Back then, there were conspiracy speculations by various unreliable and nefarious left-wing publications, notably the Washington Post, that the only reason Handel won was because the Russians hacked the election (and the November 2016 election too).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when it was revealed that a compromised server containing Georgia election records was wiped by IT staff. This prompted Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens to quit his defense of Secretary of State Brian Kemp (who is running for governor)’s office in a lawsuit involving the server.

The lawsuit by accountability group Coalition for Good Governance and the Constitution Party of Georgia alleges that the state’s electronic voting machines are hopelessly vulnerable to hacking. As part of that suit, a server run Kennesaw State University’s Center for Election Systems was cited as having “a gaping security hole” that wasn’t fixed for six months after it was reported.

Now that server is, umm, blank, like Hillary Clinton’s. Except the FBI seems to have an “image” of the server. And Kemp claims that KSU’s IT staff doesn’t work for him, and were following their own procedures dealing with vulnerabilities. I guess nobody told them the server was needed for a lawsuit.


Rep. Hank Johnson has told local Atlanta TV station 11Alive that Ossoff’s loss must have been Russian hackers throwing the race to Republicans.

“A difference of about 3200 votes,” recalled US Rep. Hank Johnson. The Democrat had employed Ossoff as a congressional aide. Ossoff stayed consistently ahead in most polls leading up to the runoff – then lost on election night.

“I think it’s quite possible that Jon Ossoff won that election and the election was stolen from him. That’s my suspicion,” Johnson said Monday.

Russians messed with fake news and both presidential campaigns, Ossoff lost in a district that has a massive GOP tilt and an election data server was wiped: Ipso facto, the election was rigged. And Pizzagate is real. And they’re turning the frogs gay.

But in fact, for real rigging they need look no further than the DNC, which rigged Hillary Clinton’s nomination tighter than a racing yacht in a regatta.

Jon Ossoff lost because he wasn’t a good enough candidate to beat Handel. He couldn’t overcome “dude, you don’t live in the district.” Handel has lived there 25 years, won an election as Georgia Secretary of State (ironically, the position held by Kemp), lost a race for governor, and a race for U.S. Senator. Ossoff’s greatly padded resume only beat George Papadopoulos’s by a hair (Ossoff was an actual Congressional intern versus a model UN participant).

Hillary Clinton bought and paid for the DNC, and by extension she bought and paid for the nomination. She and the DNC bought and paid for the Trump “dossier.” There’s more evidence to speculate that Hillary bought and paid for Loretta Lynch to rig her non-indictment than there is that GA-6 was thrown by the Russians.

Hell, there’s more evidence that Maggie Hassan stole the NH Senate seat from Kelly Ayotte than there is of Russians handing Handel the Georgia race.

But truthers are gonna truth, and Democrats are going to scream “Russia.” That is, until they are in the White House to do their own Kremlin deals.

Hollywood Declares Itself No Longer Racist

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that, after eight years of the Obama presidency, our society would be so post-racial that we wouldn’t have to concern ourselves with such weighty matters as how many Academy Award nominees were of color. But when we make that assumption, we forget that some of the greatest systemic racism stemmed from Hollywood itself.

Remember the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite? No, it had nothing to do with the statuette, but it had everything to do with the fact that, two years in a row, every one of the acting nominees was white.

This racism was such a problem that Representatives Hank Johnson (D-GA – thank God his district ends across the road from me) and John Conyers (D-MI) actually wrote a letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences calling for more diversity.

Though the talents of African Americans have been recognized throughout the Academy’s history, overall progress in the entertainment industry — like many other industries — has been uneven and mirrors our society’s struggle for diversity,” the congressmen’s letter continued. “We therefore believe a continuing failure to recognize such an important segment of the population by the industry in general and the academy in particular may have a negative effect on competition and diversity in this critical market place.

And President Obama weighed in:

And I think the Oscar debate is really just an expression of this broader issue. Are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot?

We should all be grateful for such heroic politicians who are willing to tackle the most important issues of our time.

But guess what? Hollywood listened – or at least the Academy did. AMPAS president Cheryl Boone Isaacs enacted a membership drive that raised minority representation in the organization by a whopping 3%.  The result? Seven of the 20 acting nominees are people of color, including three nominees in the Best Supporting Actress category.

As a result, Hollywood is no longer racist in its own eyes. The new hashtag could be #OscarsNotSoWhiteAnymore.

Now that we’ve solved that pressing issue, can we take care of some of the less important stuff, like the economy and terrorism now?


Two Prominent Democrats Contract Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Yesterday was a bad day for Democrat oratory. Perhaps driven to mushmouthedness by the recent 24-hour talkathon in advance of yesterday’s confirmation vote on Betsy DeVos, two prominent Democratic congresswomen put their feet in their respective mouths on different subjects.

First, Nancy Pelosi apparently flashed back almost two decades to the year 2001. Rep. Pelosi (D-Cal.), speaking in a press conference covered by Fox News, said, “While it’s only been a couple of weeks since the inauguration, we’ve seen nothing that I can work with President Bush on.”

While Ms. Pelosi may be confused about who the president is, she isn’t confused about her opposition to all things Republican. While some Democrats have hinted that they might be open to deals with Mr. Trump on infrastructure spending programs, for Ms. Pelosi, apparently the fact that President Trump has an (R) after his name is sufficient to merit total opposition, just as it was for President Bush.

In yesterday’s second example of a Democratic gaffe, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Cal.) erroneously accused Vladimir Putin of making moves in Korea. “The fact that he [Trump] is wrapping his arms around Putin, while Putin is continuing to advance into [pause] Korea,” Waters said on CSPAN, “I think that he is leading himself into that kind of position where folks will begin to ask: ‘What are we going to do?’ and the answer is going to be, eventually, we’ve got to do something about him.”

Waters may have been thinking about Crimea or Ukraine, which are half a world away from Korea, but phonetically similar. Putin’s Russia has annexed Crimea and is sponsoring an insurgency in Ukraine. Of course, given Mr. Putin’s penchant for expansionism and the fact that North Korea considers Russia one of its best friends, maybe Waters knows something we don’t.

Pelosi and Waters continue in the grand tradition of congressional Democratic oratory that includes Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) who once expressed concern in a committee hearing that the large number of military personnel on Guam might cause the island to “tip over and capsize.” Johnson’s statement stands as the most amusing clips of a congressional hearing that I have ever seen.

Even with their misstatements, in deep blue California Pelosi and Waters probably don’t have to fear that their seats might be in jeopardy. Rep. Johnson made his statement, undoubtedly one of the dumbest things ever said in Congress, in 2010. He is still serving his district today.

Rep. Hank Johnson Is As Bigoted As He Is Stupid

What do you get when you put a bird brain into a rat? A stupid, revolting animal that resembles a bat–but I really mean Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia’s 4th congressional district. You may remember him from 2011 when he expressed worry that the island of Guam might capsize.

Here, in case you forgot:

To top off such an asinine statement, 5 years later, Johnson, who is a member of the Armed Services Committee, displayed his anti-Semitism, comparing Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Donald Trump. He did this without irony, apparently unaware that many of Trump’s supporters hate Jews as much as he.

His audience, at an event sponsored by the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, agreed with him, which makes them equally idiotic.

From Fox News:

“There has been a steady [stream], almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming,” Johnson [said].

To add insult to injury, Johnson’s statement borders on incoherence. Israel’s settlements are well within established Jewish territories, which have been unoccupied and frequently settled by Palestinian squatters. As new apartments and homes are built by Jews, these squatters must be removed, as they have been since 1967.

Here are the facts:

Even under the Clinton Oslo accords, most of these East Jerusalem neighborhoods remain under Israeli sovereignty, but Palestinians continue to live in them. Any Palestinian living in these lands seeks to make the world believe they aren’t living in Israeli territory. Try building a shed on your neighbor’s land and moving in to it, then when they evict you have a protest that they’re “occupying” your shed, then you’ll get the idea.

From the 1980’s until the mid-2000’s, there was no need for Israel to build on that land, and Palestinians continued to expand “their” territory by taking unoccupied Israeli land. Israel did nothing. With the influx of Russian Jews, however (which Israel by its Basic Law–its constitution–must accept), land ran out quickly in Jerusalem. Hence all the intifada and violence, because the Palestinians believe they should own anywhere they build a shack.

Just today, the PA has called on the UN Security Council to condemn Israel (what’s new?) because Israel approved 770 new homes in the Gilo neighborhood, which is “over the green line.” In case you think we’re talking about enormous tracts of land, the land in Gilo is less than 2.5 miles from Israel’s Knesset (Parliament). It’s three football fields from the “green line” on land where nobody officially lives.

If Israel actually had a peace partner with whom to agree (when Arafat was alive he could have gotten this whole neighborhood but instead sent waves of suicide bombers into Israel), this would not even be an issue. But Johnson and his ilk want Israel to not be the Jewish state, or preferably to many of them, to simply not be at all. Where would the Jews go?

Just ask a few Trump supporters (because Lieberman is just like Trump):

The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a rabid anti-Israel group founded in 2001, that advocates BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel. Mind you, Israel is the only place in the world that accepts Jews from any country, anytime, who face persecution. The group is well known by the Anti-Defamation League, and is pockmarked by terror sympathizers.

These are the people with whom Johnson identifies.

Georgia’s 4th CD encompasses slices of DeKalb, Gwinnett, Newton and Rockdale counties near Atlanta. It’s one of those districts resulting from the federal government’s oversight of southern voting by race. In other words, it’s engineered to be majority African-American and overwhelmingly Democrat.

If I thought a Republican had a snowball’s chance of ever winning the 4th CD, I’d move to Conyers or Stone Mountain to run. The 4th CD ends right where the Jewish neighborhoods in North Druid Hills begins, and carves out places like Tucker, where Republicans reside.

Unfortunately, the entire Democratic Party is “ate up” (as we say in Georgia) with Israel bashers and Jew haters, including a whole brigade of self-hating Jews like Max Blumenthal. The whole City of Brotherly Love is bathed in Democratic hatred of Israel this week, where people just as offensive and stupid as Rep. Johnson will air their grievances.

They should all focus on keeping Guam from capsizing.