“Conservative” = Another Dead Label

As I wrote yesterday, words are losing their meaning in our modern culture. This morning I was sent an email for a Republican Congressman running for re-election in Ohio with “Former Cruz Team Member Endorsed” in the tagline.

Great start.

The key part in the email is:

Jim Renacci is not afraid to take on the establishment or the career politicians who continue to pay lip service to conservatism while perpetuating the status quo.

Pretty catchy if you ask me. That sentence has all the key words a grassroots conservative could ask for.

Except for one thing. If you take a quick look at Jim Renacci’s voting record in Congress, he’s done anything but take on the Establishment. Check out his Heritage Action scorecard. Or his Club for Growth score. I’ll even toss in his Madison Project Index score (how he measures up to his district).

For those that didn’t click on the links above, he has a 64 on the HAFA scorecard, a lifetime 62 on the Club for Growth card and gets a -31 on the Madison Project’s Performance Index. He is in an R+6 district. I am sure he is a decent man and well respected. I don’t know that someone with those scores can lay claim to the title “conservative” or anyone else should label him as such unless you’re trying to mislead voters. I would say that someone with those scores is likely more interested in perpetuating the status quo than taking it on.

Which brings me to Cindy Burkett, current state representative here in Texas. Elected by the Tea Party movement, Cindy went to Austin a committed conservative and backed it up her first term with a sterling voting record.

Until she didn’t, scoring a 48% on the Empower Texans’ Fiscal Responsibility Index this past session. Recently, Cindy announced she is running against current State Senator Bob Hall, who scored a 97% on the current Empower Texans’ Fiscal Responsibility Index.

Guess what Cindy’s campaign tagline is? You guessed it. “Cindy Burkett: Conservative for Texas State Senate.” Now, let’s flip this equation for a brief second. Let’s say Cindy Burkett was running on her actual record. What would that tagline look like? “Cindy Burkett: Career Politician for Texas State Senate.” Or, try this one: “Cindy Burkett: The Establishment Candidate for Texas Senate.” It’s ludicrous, right? Of course she cannot run on her voting record.

It’s time for the individual liberty, limited government movement to discard “conservative.” It has long since served its purpose and we need something better to define ourselves with going forward.


The Elite Want to Raise Your Taxes. They’re Muttering “Sister Souljah”.

An elite group of Republicans, and not the most conservative Republicans at that, want to raise your taxes. Yet again, they are relying on the media to equate Republican with conservative, but if you remember your history, James A. Baker, III, and Hank Paulson were the moderates in their respective cabinets. George P. Schultz is arguably the most conservative of the lot, and even he was more middle of the road than much of Reagan’s cabinet. Schultz served in the Nixon Administration before the Reagan Administration. Baker was Reagan’s Secretary of Treasury, Chief of Staff, and George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of State and Chief of Staff. The media, at the time, praised his moderating influences against conservatives in both Administrations. That’s him next to Barack Obama in the picture above.

Now Paulson, who gave us TARP and bank bailouts under George W. Bush, along with Schultz and Baker, want the government to raise taxes on the American people. They claim it’ll just be a carbon tax on energy companies and please pay no attention to the energy companies passing the cost along to you and me.

While a carbon tax is a vastly better scheme than what Barack Obama came up with, it is still a ridiculous measure. Note this from the New York Times:

Whatever the fate of the plan, it is a notable moment because it puts influential members of the Republican establishment on the record as favoring action on climate change — a position that is publicly held by few Republicans at the national level, though many quietly say they would like to throw off the orthodoxy in the party that opposes action.

What’s going on here is the New York Times and other organizations think they can pressure Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump into getting the President to have his “Sister Souljah” moment. That’s where a political leader of a party berates his own side into rejecting their existing orthodoxy as Bill Clinton did when he lectured Democrats about embracing rapper Sister Souljah. Souljah had asked in an interview “if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?”

Clinton, in a speech to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition responded by saying, “If you took the words ‘white’ and ‘black,’ and you reversed them, you might think David Duke was giving that speech.” The media heralded his bravery and began hoping Republicans would have “Sister Souljah Moments” against conservatives on abortion, guns, and now the environment.

As Mike Needham at Heritage Action notes, this is an elitist proposal to raise your taxes.

“Replacing Obama’s destructive regulatory regime with a destructive taxation regime will not make American companies more competitive or bring jobs back to abandoned communities. Beyond the policy implications, the Climate Leadership Council’s carbon tax proposal is just the latest example of policy solutions crafted by and made for cultural elites. There is no room in the Republican Party for a carbon tax. These so-called Party elders might want to meet with former Secretary Clinton to discuss this idea.”

He’s right. The Obama Administration program should be repealed and the GOP should not replace it with a tax increase.

Take Your Activism To The Next Level

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But Heritage Action does more than that. Heritage Action also has a Sentinel program. They train conservative activists around the country to mobilize, get engaged in the political progress, and hold members of Congress accountable. Their Sentinel program is driving conservative change in America.

I’ve been a big believer in Heritage Action since they started and the fact that Republican leaders in Congress routinely complain about Heritage Action holding them accountable is a testament to their success.

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Republicans Make Obama Popular

Here’s your must read of the day.

Republicans have fallen into a pattern during the Obama presidency.

First, they seize opportunities to draw contrast with Democrats, often provoking conflict in Washington. Once the country’s attention has been turned to disagreement about the pressing issues of the day, left-leaning media accuse Republicans of fomenting a crisis. Like clockwork, Republicans panic. They step back from legislative confrontation and aim instead to project “responsible” governance, often by working across the aisle on what they bill as major accomplishments.

But a curious thing happens at the end of this cycle. After all the hand-wringing over dysfunction and the self-congratulation about turning a corner, just as Republicans believe things are going well for them politically, President Obama somehow rebounds in the polls.

We see it today.

It gets better. Mike Needham’s point is spot on. Republicans keep making the President look good because they are scared people won’t like them. So people don’t like them.

Heritage Action is a Better Measure of Conservativism Than the American Conservative Union

The press, by habit, likes to fixate on the American Conservative Union and its scorecard. Its scorecard, which is produced in ways that always seem to help the party leadership, had Eric Cantor with a 95% rating. The press sees that and thinks conservatives must have lost their minds to oust Eric Cantor. They’re eating their own.

The American Conservative Union has long been a mouthpiece of the Republican Establishment and in the past few years has basically been K-Street’s conservatives. Their scorecard reflects the Republican-ness of a member of congress far more than the conservativeness of a member of congress. Just consider that Mitch McConnell was considered more conservative in 2012 than either Jim DeMint or Tom Coburn.

In contrast to the American Conservative Union, Heritage Action for America takes a more comprehensive approach to its scorecard, it does not try to help Republican leadership look good, and is a better barometer of a congressman’s conservativeness. The ACU had Eric Cantor at a 95%. Heritage Action for America has him at 53%.

It is much more accurate. Members of the media, assuming they can be taught new tricks, might want to go there from now on.

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