Trump Doesn’t Have To Be ‘Unhappy’ His Appointees Are Not Investigating Clintons

President Trump on Thursday criticized the Justice Department for failing to investigate Hillary Clinton. Trump said that he was “very unhappy”  and “frustrated” with a situation that he called beyond his control.

Speaking on Larry O’Connor’s radio show, the president said, “The saddest thing is that because I’m the President of the United States I’m not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department, I’m not supposed to be involved with the FBI, I’m not supposed to be doing the kinds of things I would love to be doing and I’m very frustrated by it. I look at what’s happening with the Justice Department, why aren’t they going after Hillary Clinton with her emails and with the dossier and the kind of money…?”

“It’s very discouraging to me,” the president continued. “I’ll be honest, I’m very unhappy with it that the Justice Department isn’t going—now maybe they are but you know as president, you’re not supposed to be involved in that process but hopefully they are doing something and maybe at some point we can all have it out.”

President Trump seems confused here. The Justice Department is under his authority. Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, is his appointee and works for him. If President Trump really believes that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, he could easily order an investigation to determine whether that is true.

What the president cannot do is interfere with an ongoing investigation. This is why President Trump got into trouble for firing FBI Director James Comey. Comey alleged that Trump pressured him to stopping the investigation of Mike Flynn, which skates perilously close to obstruction of justice.

But stopping an investigation into Flynn is the opposite of starting an investigation into the Clintons. As a candidate, Trump seemed to understand that the president had the power to order an investigation when he promised on the campaign trail to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary. Chants of “lock her up” were encouraged by Trump at his rallies.

In fact, it was President-elect Trump, not the Department of Justice, who decided against an investigation of the Clintons. Two weeks after the election, Trump said, “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t. She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, and I am not looking to hurt them at all. The campaign was vicious.”

At a post-election rally in December 2016, Trump stopped the crowd from chanting “lock her up.”

“That plays great before the election,” Trump said. “Now we don’t care, right?”

Now that Trump’s approval rating is in the cellar and the Russia investigation is heating up, Trump’s interest in Hillary is renewed. This may be due to the recent revelations about Democrat involvement in the Trump dossier, but it is more likely the president is using Hillary as a distraction and a way of shoring up support for his base. If the president really wanted an investigation of Hillary, there would be one.

While criminalizing political differences is a dangerous road to travel, in the case of the Clintons there seem to be ample grounds for an investigation. Did the Clinton Foundation break the law by selling influence and access to the Secretary of State? Did the Democrats illegally collude with the Russians on the Trump dossier? Did the Obama Administration use the dossier supplied by the Clintons to improperly spy on Americans? Did the Clintons violate laws when they exerted their influence on the Democratic National Committee during the primaries?

Trump’s calls to “lock her up” complicate any investigation of Hillary. As with his tweets calling for the death penalty in the recent New York terror attack, Trump’s words can be considered prejudicial to the  outcome of an investigation or trial. If the president thinks Hillary broke the law, he should have Jeff Sessions appoint an independent counsel and then stop tweeting and talking about it.

The case against the Clintons is much stronger now than it was a year ago when Trump was threatening to “lock her up.” As the allegations mount against the Clintons, the need for an independent investigation grows. President Trump has the authority to make an investigation happen. And should.



Session’s DOJ is Confusing

Last week the Department of Justice announced they would not seek charges against Lois Lerner. This ignited the internet, and for good reason.

Ms. Lerner’s actions were beyond the pale. She used the might and power of the Internal Revenue Service to harass, intimidate and obstruct both conservative non-profit groups and religious organizations. Her actions were sickening, and frightening to anyone American who loves the Constitution, liberty and democracy.

Since the IRS was discovered to have engaged in this traitorous activity, conservatives in unison have demanded justice. They wanted heads to roll, IRS employees fired, and those responsible indicted.

As usual, Republican politicians promised their constituents a swift and speedy response. Instead, they were treated to Ms Lerner taking the Fifth in front of our Creator and the entire world. They were treated to the IRS Commissioner lying and obfuscating to Congress whenever he appeared under oath. To rub salt into that gaping wound, the IRS allowed Ms. Lerner to retire with a wonderful package.  Even more infuriating, the Commissioner, John Koskinen remains in his position, which is puzzling to the extreme. Mr. Koskinen was appointed by a Democratic administration, yet there hasn’t been any explanation as to his continued employment.

Many if not most conservative Republicans want to see Ms Lerner in prison wearing an orange jumpsuit. Most do not understand why General Sessions and his Department of Justice have made this maddening decision. Their reason to let go of this issue was the uncertainty in obtaining an indictment. (The Hill)

The Justice Department declined to prosecute Lerner in 2015 under former President Obama, but Brady and Roskam wrote a letter in April to Sessions asking him to reconsider the department’s decision. In a letter Friday afternoon, Sessions rejected their request, writing that based on a review of the case, it “would not be appropriate” to reopen the investigation. While “the Department’s investigation uncovered substantial evidence of mismanagement at the IRS,” the Justice letter said, the probe “had not uncovered evidence of criminal intent by any IRS official.”

But on the other hand, this past week the DOJ also acted on a major decision but this one didn’t get the same coverage. (Wash Post)

In a major upcoming Supreme Court case that weighs equal rights with religious liberty, the Trump administration on Thursday sided with a Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The Department of Justice on Thursday filed a brief on behalf of baker Jack Phillips, who was found to have violated the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act by refusing to created a cake to celebrate the marriage of Charlie Craig and David Mullins in 2012. Phillips said he doesn’t create wedding cakes for same-sex couples because it would violate his religious beliefs.

This is an incredulous fantastic decision by the DOJ. Made even more amazing, because prior to this announcement, the DOJ was supporting the gay couple that had sued the christian baker.

The MSM didn’t spend much time on this second decision, and the internet hasn’t been as occupied with this announcement as it has with Lois Lerner. Not really surprising, anger over the IRS matter was and is white hot.

In contemplation of these two decisions, I find myself confused by this administration’s Department of Justice. If they plan on investigating Hilary Clinton, we haven’t heard about it. If the Clinton Foundation is being looked at by the FBI and DOJ, its a well kept secret. Those at the State Department who lied to Congress seem to be safe from prosecution, not to mention Platte River and those who enabled Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities.

After conservatives were treated to constant promises concerning the DOJ’s role in draining the swamp, expectations were exceedingly high and management was expected to jump into these issues right away.

Instead it appears General Sessions is mainly concerned about immigration, and law & order. Which isn’t surprising, given that these were his soap box issue in the Senate. But the DOJ is a very large organization and has the ability to multi-task with the best of them.

General Sessions continues to confuse and confound. On one hand, he hasn’t pursued investigations that are important to conservative principles; on the other hand, his work on border control, and protection of religious liberty continues to be stellar and exemplary.

The problem he has created by these inconsistencies is an issue of trust. He is likable as all get-out, and seems to be just a really decent man. However; increasingly he appears nothing more than a swamp senator who achieved his life long goal. He seems to be quite content with the go-along to get-along management model. His friendships with Democrats in the Senate appear to dictate his decisions more than the millions of Trump supporters who enabled his employment.

Until General Session’s DOJ makes a consistent commitment to conservative values, and endeavors to keep President Trump’s campaign promises, he will anger and confuse the President’s supporters. And at the same time, when he makes righteous decisions such as the amicus brief on behalf of the christian baker, he will continue to gratify and bless.

Confusing indeed.

Mixed Reactions On Trump Order to Remilitarize Local Police

Earlier this morning, a directive from President Trump’s Department of Justice reversed the last administration’s ban on military-style weapons used by local law enforcement.

What does this entail?  The reintroduction the Pentagon’s Police Militarization Program 1033 will reallocate surplus military equipment–including high-caliber weapons and grenade launchers–to local police departments to combat violent protests. This program was created under the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 1997. Since its inception in 1997, approximately $5.1 billion in military equipment have been transferred from the federal government (DOD) to local American law enforcement agencies–per 2014 numbers. President Obama drew back this program in 2015 following the Ferguson, MO protests. It has drawn both praise and concern from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his intention to reintroduce the program at the annual gathering of the Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville, TN earlier this morning.

“Those restrictions went too far,” Sessions said. “We will not put superficial concerns above public safety.”

Below are Sessions’ full remarks at the event:


Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky tweeted his dismay with the directive:

What do you think of this program being reintroduced? Is the DOJ in the right to resurrect–especially in wake of violent protests in Charlottesville and elsewhere? Or are there serious concerns with reintroducing military -grade supplies and weapons back into local police departments?

Tell us your thoughts.

In the Midst of Turmoil, Weekly Bible Study Has Become a Thing in the White House (GOOD)

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Hebrews 10:24-25 NLT – “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. 25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

A recent report from CBN News reveals that some members of the Trump White House have undertaken the noble effort of weekly Bible study meetings.

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Ralph Drollinger, a former NBA player and founder of Capitol Ministries has worked to bring together lawmakers in Washington in this study of God’s Word, believing that building up warriors for Christ in the White House will be carried out in the principles and policies these men and women promote for the nation.

And while this will surely set off the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments by the left, who will shriek about the separation of church and state, we should all be used to that, by now. What these leaders do in their free time should be of no concern to the humanist elements of the left, and to everyone else, it should be a comfort.

Drollinger says that there are currently about a dozen members of the Trump Cabinet participating in weekly Bible study, and he is encouraged.

“It’s the best Bible study that I’ve ever taught in my life. They are so teachable; they’re so noble; they’re so learned,” Drollinger said.

It’s groundbreaking since he doesn’t think a formal Bible study among executive Cabinet members has been done in at least 100 years.

Of those regulars at the Bible study, there are Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Health Secretary Tom Price, Agriculture Secretary Sunny Perdue, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

America’s top cop, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, also attends the study.

“He’ll (Jeff Sessions) go out the same day I teach him something and I’ll see him do it on camera and I just think, ‘Wow, these guys are faithful, available and teachable and they’re at Bible study every week they’re in town,'” Drollinger said.

Knowing Attorney General Sessions is taking part in these study groups is especially comforting, if not for those who understand how important it is for our leaders to have a grasp on some moral grounding, but for his own mental/emotional well-being.

Sessions has been targeted by President Trump for a consistent campaign of demeaning and demoralizing social media taunts, surprisingly, because of a very principled stand Sessions took early on (in recusing himself from the Russia probe).

I’d say he can only benefit from the fellowship of likeminded believers and the consistent pursuit of godly study.

That is the value of fellowship, when the world comes against you.

Romans 1:11-12 NASB “For I long to see you so that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, that you may be [a]established; 12 that is, that I may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the other’s faith, both yours and mine.”

And Trump, himself?

So far, he has not made time to attend any of the Bible studies, although he is invited each week and receives copies of Drollinger’s teachings from each meeting.

Many have already determined that Trump’s alleged faith was “campaign trail faith,” which is to say, lip service to draw in the evangelical vote. This is not a new thing among politicians, but rarely have those who identify as “Christian” been so eager to support a man so openly profane as Trump, with the hope that he can be changed, afterwards.

Indeed, Drollinger has likened Trump to Samson – a man consecrated before his birth to God, destined to save the Israelites from the Philistines, in the Book of Judges.

I have some issues with that characterization, not the least of which is this urge to compare a man who has openly rejected God in one breath, while claiming to be a Christian in the next to a Biblical figure, in an attempt to justify support.

If our purpose is a higher calling of pursuing and promoting a godly agenda, we don’t wishcast about who we hope our leaders might be, but we lean on what Scripture teaches about leadership.

And we pray for them.

Vice President Pence, on the other hand, has planned to join the meetings, when it becomes feasible for him to do so.

In Pence, Drollinger sees many similarities to biblical figures like Joseph, Mordecai and Daniel – all men who rose to the number two position in governments at different times in history.

“Mike Pence has respect for the office. He dresses right – like it says Joseph cleaned himself up before he went to stand before the Pharaoh,” Drollinger told CBN News.

“Mike Pence has uncompromising biblical tenacity and he has a loving tone about him that’s not just a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal,” he continued. “And then fourthly, he brings real value to the head of the nation.”

Many are leaning on Pence to be the faith-filled leader in the dark corridors of Washington’s political elite. Time will tell.

For now, it should be a comfort to know that some of our leadership are taking the time to meet, study the Word, and presumably, to pray.

Proverbs 11:14 AMP “Where there is no [wise, intelligent] guidance, the people fall [and go off course like a ship without a helm], But in the abundance of [wise and godly] counselors there is victory.”

Alabama Ethics Commission Delays Hearing On Luther Strange Finance Violations

Over the past few months, we here at The Resurgent have been covering the corruption surrounding newly appointed US Senator Luther Strange in great detail. Now, The Resurgent has learned that the hearing on multiple alleged campaign finance violations committed by Luther Strange have been mysteriously delayed until the day after the special election primary in which he is running to keep the seat he was appointed to by former Governor Robert Bentley, who pled guilty to multiple crimes earlier this year. This hearing was scheduled to occur on August 2nd, but has been quietly postponed until August 16th, the day immediately following the election on the 15th.

Luther Strange & Robert Bentley

Luther Strange is the former Alabama Attorney General, and was appointed to be a US Senator after the man who previously held that spot, Jeff Sessions, was appointed by Trump as the nation’s Attorney General. Strange was appointed to the Senate by now-convicted criminal and former Governor Robert Bentley, after Strange actively sought to halt the impeachment proceedings against the Governor for more than six months. Since then, scandal after scandal has come out surrounding the unelected Senator, all while he is fighting for his political survival in a special election that was called by the new Governor, Kay Ivey. Ivey called a special election because former Governor Bentley had refused to hold one, in violation of state law. By refusing to hold the special election on schedule, Bentley gave Senator Strange months to raise millions and cozy up to Mitch McConnell, who is now spending more than $2.4 Million of NRSC money to protect him in a heated primary against 10 Republican opponents.

Approximately 90 days ago, there was a new development in the case against Luther Strange that went largely under the radar: the Alabama Secretary of State’s office filed a report with the Alabama Ethics Commission stating that two expenses filed by Luther Strange’s campaign were both outside the window in which expenses are permissible, and were also over the maximum limit for those kinds of expenses. At the time, Secretary of State John Merrill, also a Republican, told ALReporter,

“That is not a permissible expense and it exceeds the amount that could be given even if it were within the correct time frame. There are two violations there.”

These violations are both felonies according to Alabama law.

According to Strange’s campaign, these expenses have to do with Luther Strange transferring the domain names for his website from his state account to his federal account. However, this claim is suspicious, as the amount of the transaction is over $1,400. Annual domain fees generally vary in the $10-40 range. Normally, it would be assumed that he was buying a batch of domain names similar to his website address, but a statement from his attorneys in a Yellowhammer News article specifically says it was the purchase of “two web domains at fair market value.” These attorneys, – Megan Sowards Newton and Benjamin L. Ginsberg of the high powered DC law firm Jones Day, have a history of working for establishment GOP Congressmen and Senators. Megan Sowards Newton is the former General Counsel for the NSRC, Mitch McConnell’s organization that is spending millions of Republican dollars to protect the unelected Luther Strange – in a primary, in a solid Republican state. Not only that, but the NSRC has been actively intimidating and threatening any consultants or campaign contractors that have gone to work for any of the other Republican candidates running. It is uncertain exactly how Mitch McConnell’s high powered lawyer friends were unable to achieve a delay in this ethics hearing for his friend Luther Strange, and it is unlikely that we will ever know, as the proceedings have been shrouded from the public eye. In fact, the announcement that the meeting was rescheduled was not widely broadcast, but simply quietly posted up on their website. Below is a screenshot, just in case it mysteriously disappears in the near future:

Now, officially, we do not know for certain that the hearing on this particular case was on the agenda for the August 2nd meeting of the Alabama Ethics Commission, as that agenda has not been publicized. However, The Resurgent did reach out to the Secretary of State’s office and verify the facts:

  1. A report was filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission approximately 90 days before the August 2nd meeting was scheduled.
  2. There has been no hearing on the report yet.
  3. The rescheduling of this meeting of the Alabama Ethics Commission to August 16th guarantees that the matter will not be heard before the election on August 15th.
Former Governor Robert Bentley’s Mugshot

Legally, the Alabama Ethics Commission has up to one year before hearing a complaint filed against a public official. However, there is a recent precedent for holding the hearing before the election. Earlier this year, after Secretary of State John Merrill filed a similar report regarding Governor Robert Bentley’s campaign finances on Feb 3rd, a hearing was held by the Alabama Ethics Commission within 90 days – on April 10th, right as the impeachment proceedings against the Governor were beginning. The evidence was nearly identical to the case against Luther Strange, as is the language used by Secretary of State Merrill, who at the time called Governor Bentley’s violations “not a permissible expenditure.” These violations were turned over to the District Attorney for prosecution, who immediately negotiated a plea deal with Bentley in which he pled guilty to both campaign finance violations, stepped down from office, and agreed to significant fines and community service. The impeachment proceedings were abandoned, Kay Ivey was sworn into office, and the state was finally able to move forward. The Ethics Commission’s quick and decisive action in that case saved the taxpayers a significant amount of time and money. Now, however, they have abandoned the precedent they themselves set, and appear to be allowing this election to move forward with no resolution on the highly pertinent ethics complaints filed by the Secretary of State’s office. This is a violation of the due process rights of the victims of this crime – in this case, each and every individual voter in the state of Alabama. The general public has a constitutional right to a speedy trial, and deserves to know whether or not the sitting US Senator has violated the law before heading to the polls on the 15th.

US Senate Candidate Randy Brinson

To make matters worse, all of this is going on while Luther Strange is having to answer questions about yet another alleged scandal. He was recently implicated in a conspiracy by some of the biggest corporate political donors in the state to bribe legislators and public officials to oppose an EPA Superfund project. After State Representative Oliver Robinson recently struck a deal and pled guilty to taking a six-figure bribe, fellow State Representative John Rogers told US Senate candidate Randy Brinson on the record that he, too, was offered a bribe – and that Luther Strange was present at the time. In fact, in an 18-month period while Luther Strange was using his position as Attorney General to actively campaign against the proposed EPA Superfund project, he received a total of $75,000 in campaign contributions from the people who Oliver Robinson pled guilty to taking a bribe from. After promising to hold a press conference to that effect alongside Randy Brinson, Rogers backed out at the last minute and started telling reporters that he’d never said such a thing – apparently unaware that multiple additional people were listening to the phone call. It really makes you wonder who got to him, and what he was threatened with. Reports from political operatives close to the situation tell The Resurgent that Rogers was visibly shaken after being contacted by the people he previously claimed had attempted to bribe him. These sources tell The Resurgent that he has since disappeared completely from the public eye and refused to speak to anyone about the matter. You can read the news articles about this event as it unfolded here, here, here, and here.

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BREAKING: Sessions Tells Tucker Carlson Trump Criticism ‘Kind of Hurtful’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that Trump’s attacks are “kind of hurtful.”

Well, umm it’s kind of hurtful but the President of the United States is a strong leader. He is determined to move this country in the direction that he believes it to go to make it great again, and he has had a lot of criticism and he’s steadfast determined to get his job done and he wants all of us to do our job and that’s what I intend to do.

I feel his pain. It’s got to be a horror show working for a tyrant like Trump.

Donald Trump’s Easy Solution To His Jeff Sessions Problem

Eureka! I got it! I have discovered an easy solution to solve this little kerfuffle between Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. As an Alabama Republican voter and consultant, I would like to propose a trade: give us back Jeff Sessions, and we’ll give you Luther Strange. We’ll put ‘ol Jeff back in his Senate seat, and you can make Luther Strange your Attorney General. This deal is a win-win for our President:

  1. We already know Mitch McConnell will support him.
  2. We already know he’s totally okay with stopping any investigations in exchange for an appointment. 
  3. We can rest assured that he won’t recuse himself from any potential conflicts of interest.
  4. We know he’ll be an excellent lap dog and follow any orders he’s given from those in power.
  5. We don’t have to worry about him being morally consistent or taking any principled stands that upset the status quo.

As a bonus, we’ll finally stop seeing his ridiculous misleading and false attack ads run non-stop on every channel and before every Youtube video.

Backstory: Not sure what we’re talking about? Catch up on our coverage of the scandals and corruption surrounding Luther Strange here.


About The Author: Trey Edwards is a conservative Republican political consultant that works with clients across Alabama.

Trump And Sessions – Tension Grows Even Worse

Jeff Sessions is said to be irate, following Donald Trump’s recent public tongue-lashing.  The tension between the two men has grown to the point that they are no longer even speaking to one another.  Instead, they are communicating through aides.

Trump’s anger started over Sessions’ recusal from the Russia probe, and he is said to be getting angrier with each new story on the subject.  Meanwhile, Sessions is upset and puzzled by the treatment.

The split has even divided the White House against itself.  According to Politico,

Inside the White House, a heated battle has broken out over Sessions’ future. His supporters, led by Steve Bannon, are trying to walk Trump “down from the brink,” according to one. They have told him how badly the move could play in conservative media and how bad the fallout might be.

Conservatives have warned the White House against firing Sessions.  But reports are that Trump doesn’t care.  He’s mad, and that’s all that matters.  So, Trump seems like he’s seriously considering firing Sessions, but at the same time, he cannot pull the trigger.  But not for any reason you might expect.

Strangely enough, Trump hates direct confrontation.  Despite his blustery persona and famous catchphrase of “You’re Fired!”, he actually dreads firing people in a personal manner.  He’ll have others do it for him, but he apparently won’t do it himself.  If he must fire people, he prefers to force them out through humiliation and smears.  He expects that underlings get sick of the abuse and just quit.  This gives an added benefit to be able to assert his dominance over the quitters and show everyone he’s the alpha.  All the while, he avoids confrontation.

She went on…


But this situation is different than firing Lewandowski, Christie, Comey, or Flynn.  This is very public and very high up.  Since this is his Attorney General, Trump himself has to deal with the situation.  But he doesn’t seem capable of firing him at the moment.  So he is tormenting Sessions in hopes of driving him out.

Again from Politico,

“[Trump] wants to fire him but he doesn’t want the confrontation,” said one adviser who frequently speaks to him. “He doesn’t mind the long negative storyline. He will torture him every single day.”

This person said Trump also wants to see how Sessions will respond to humiliation and has mocked his response so far.

In the West Wing, there is a growing consensus that Sessions is not long for this world, several officials said. “It’s kind of clear how this ends.”

This sounds incredibly sadistic.  But at the same time, Trump’s latest confrontation is with a savvy political veteran, who gave up the safest Senate seat in the country to run the Justice Department.  This isn’t the manager job at the Trump Tower taco bar we’re talking about.  There is too much power and legacy at stake for the Attorney General to walk away now.  Apparently, Sessions’ chief of staff has flat out told Reince Priebus that he’s not going anywhere.

So, if Sessions goes, Trump’s going to have to do the dirty work himself.  If that happens, Trump will burn a lot of bridges with a lot of conservatives, and his administration may not recover from it.