DNC: Taking Protests To The Street

Jehmu Greene must have been recalling her Rock the Vote roots at the Democrat Leadership debate on CNN Tuesday–that, or she thought it was karaoke night and a good time as any to sing that takeoff of a Doobie Brothers song that she’s been working on, Weird Al style, since Donald Trump won the election last November:

“We will resist him in the House and in the Senate, and we will resist him in the streets,” Greene said.

That’s when she broke into the chorus:

Trump, telling me the things he’s gonna do to me
The country’s blind, so we’re gonna run him out you see
Riotin’ in the streets…

Word is the CNN camera crew tried to chime in with backup vocals, but this could not be independently confirmed.

Oh, DNC, what to do, what to do?  After being led down the road to ruin by Barack Obama and his I’m-personally-popular-by-my-policies-aren’t style of politics, you would have thought that this would be a good time for a little reflection on how you’ve been brought to such a low state.  After all, there must be cooler heads in the party who are wondering how the GOP–which isn’t exactly beloved or believed by its own base–managed to kick your butts in an election that should have been yours to lose.  There has to be somebody, somewhere, deep within your ranks that understands that while voters want real change in Washington (which is why they voted Trump), they aren’t interested in your revolution.

Hello, anyone?

Bueller?  Bueller?

Apparently not.  Like the media, the DNC seems intent on tripling down on what wrecked it in the first place.  This is unfortunate, because if they bothered to take the blinders off for a few minutes, they might find some opportunities to work with Trump (as the majority of Americans want them to do).  In case they haven’t figured it out, the president isn’t particularly ideological, so he would have some room to bend on issues that Democrats care about.  But no, they need to ramp up the talk of “a march to fascism” to keep their own rabidly leftist base engaged–all while ignoring the throngs of traditional Democrats who broke with the party and caused the Blue Wall to come tumbling down on election night.

If this is the slate that the DNC is putting up to lead it, I’d venture that things will get much worse for them before they get better.