Trump To Watchdogs On Hillary: No Files For You!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus–for Hillary Clinton. His name is Donald Trump.

When Judicial Watch and Cause of Action went to court last year seeking a Freedom of Information Act request for the Clinton email investigation files,  Judge James E. Boasberg decleared that their request was “moot” since the investigation was over.

The judge ruled that they were seeking “marginal relevant” data and looking for “any kernel of fact.” The groups appealed to the D.C. Circuit court, which overturned Judge Boasberg’s decision in December. And then Trump took office.

Everyone expected “lock her up!” Trump would only be too glad to turn over every speck of dirt on Clinton. But the Trump administration has held the same position as their predecessors. Dana Milbank reported in the Washington Post:

“It’s incredible,” Tom Fitton, the head of Judicial Watch, told me after Monday’s hearing. “They’re taking the same position as the Obama administration on Clinton.”

Judicial Watch’s Filton sees one possibility here, besides the obvious one that Trump wants to let Clinton off the hook. (That’s my take on it, by the way.)

Fitton said he suspects the administration sided against him Monday because there aren’t yet enough political appointees at the Justice Department to redirect prosecutors. “I don’t think President Trump would be pleased” with his administration’s defense of Clinton, Fitton said.

Yeah….let me think about it. No.

My colleague Susan Wright* (writing at RedState) agrees with me, based on the State Department’s reaction.

The case will now be dragged out until April 21, when the State Department will once again try to dismiss the case, altogether.

We knew this would happen last November 9th at 2:30 a.m. when Trump started his victory speech by congratulating Clinton. He never planned to lock her up; he never planned to follow up on her crimes.

And now we know that Trump, long-time friend of the Clintons and one-time donor to Hillary, doesn’t want anyone else–or the public–to know them either.

(*NB: Edited: I misattributed Susan’s piece to Streiff by mistake…mea culpa–SB)