New York Congresswoman Kathleen Rice Calls Dana Loesch a “Domestic Security Threat”

Katleen Rice is the dumb as dirt congress-idiot from New York who is scared of little ol’ Dana Loesch. Rice believes both Loesch and the NRA must be considered domestic security threats under President Trump.

I guess the representative would be okay with one of her progressive defenders taking hostile action against Loesch. How else would one stop a domestic security threat who is not violating any laws? Progressives, by the way, have been targeting Dana Loesch and her children and husband for harassment.

Is it any wonder Dana Loesch supports the second amendment? With nutjobs like Kathleen Rice publicly calling her a domestic security threat, it is only responsible to be well armed to protect against nutters who might feed off Rice’s rhetoric.

It is also grossly irresponsible of Rice to target a private American citizen for harassment. When President Trump did that in the past, Rice was outraged. Now she has become Trumplike.

I just donated $100.00 to the National Rifle Association in Kathleen Rice’s honor. The best defense against a congressman targeting a private citizen for harassment is a well armed militia and an advocacy group dedicated to that well armed militia. You can donate here.