Trump and Conservatives: The ‘I’ll Shoot The Hostages’ Conundrum

Let’s say in a hypothetical situation, someone has a group of innocent hostages, people you care about. They tell you they’re going to shoot the hostages unless you do certain things–a typical ransom situation.

Do you do it? Well, that all depends, doesn’t it?

If the hostage-taker wants money, it’s a no brainer (provided you have the money). If they want you to go and kill someone, it more problematic, but should still be a no-brainer. If you kill someone, you’re a murderer. If they don’t kill someone because you did, it doesn’t absolve you.

This is what we’ve got with Trump and conservatives over Swampcare.

We should have expected no less, because this is who we elected.

Leon Wolf published a tweet thread dealing with Trump’s “abject failure of leadership.”


I agree, but there’s more. Trump didn’t sell the bill to the public, allowed the GOP in Congress to publicly fracture, and basically held it hostage. The bill was not just bad to conservatives and Americans who are dealing with 20 percent premium hikes, it was totally unacceptable.

If Republicans had passed it, their constituents would have been rightly upset that they did nothing to ease the core problems of Obamacare, except take ownership of those problems.

Then, like the hostage-taker who then murders the hostages when the target of the ransom doesn’t kill his intended target, he blames the innocent target for the murders. It’s not deal-making, in that sense. He wanted the Freedom Caucus to kill itself, and after its suicide he could do as he pleases.

But in the sense that Trump isn’t a policy person, or a conservative, it’s totally expected. Trump doesn’t want a free-market approach to health care. He simply refused to sell this bill to Americans because he knew they wouldn’t buy it. They will buy free government health care if it’s sold like it’s really free. Democrats have been selling it forever.

Watch for Trump to join the Democrats on the next round. But there won’t be a next round until the pesky conservatives like the Freedom Caucus have been silenced or brushed aside. Trump would rather make deals with Democrats than conservatives.

Trump is no friend of conservatives, and now we’re seeing the fruit of the voters’ choice.

Steak? No, I’ll Have The Boiled Tripe

“I have to conclude that Trump’s goal is not to fix even the easy, obvious issues America faces. Trump’s goal is to make us dine on tripe while he watches.”

With 82 days before doomsday election day, I’m taking inventory. Either that or get drunk, but a sober look at where we are is in order. Friend and #NeverTrump-er Brad Thor threw down the equivalent of “you’re dying” Tuesday in his Hot Air commentary.

A shorter version of Thor: Voting for Donald Trump is like drinking Drano. Pass the Drano cup, please.

Leon Wolf, on RedState, responded with the eminently fair position that American’s ills are not fatal, and drinking Drano as a short-term long-shot cure for cancer will only get you a belly full of Drano.

It’s sad that we’ve come to this. I’m actually angry that we’ve come to this, because America has some ridiculously obvious, somewhat easily-addressed problems.

Obamacare will fail in 2017. It needs to be replaced. Hillary Clinton will replace it with a doubled-down version of HillaryCare: socialized healthcare. Trump has vowed to repeal Obamacare, but replace it with what?

Earlier this month, Humana said it will cut back its participation on the exchanges from 15 states to 11. On an earnings call in July, UnitedHealth Group chief executive Stephen Hemsley announced that his company plans to remain on “three or fewer exchange markets.”

In a reversal of expectations, Anthem said it is projecting mid-single-digit losses on the individual plans it sells on the exchanges for 2016. And Cigna has said that it is losing money on the exchanges, although the insurer is planning to expand its marketplace presence to three new states in 2017.

Syria vs. ISIS will resolve in 2017. Now Russia has joined with Iran against Syrian rebels, supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The long-range Tu-22 bombers took off from a base near Hamadan in western Iran and launched raids in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Deir al-Zour and Idlib, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. The ministry said the bombers were accompanied by Russian fighter jets based in Syria.

President Obama’s appeasement of Iran has resulted in an axis of power between Moscow, Tehran, and Damascus. Hillary Clinton will continue this course, leading America into a corner from which we have one option–total withdrawal. Russia and Iran will crush ISIS and win control of Iraq, Lebanon, and probably–eventually–Jordan.

Having a Republican in the White House would make solving these problems much easier, even if Democrats win the Senate. There is absolutely no chance of fixing these problems, or having a conservative replacement for Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court with Hillary in the White House.

But to get there, we have to drink Drano.

The Trump campaign is sitting in a Michelin 5-star restaurant, with Kobe beef, fresh Maine lobster, French truffles, Russian caviar, and a thousand-bottle wine cellar. All they have to do is order from the menu and dine.

But instead, they sent out for boiled three-day-old tripe harvested from diseased cows. They plate up this garbage stew in full view of us, as we sit hungry because we can’t afford anything on the menu. Trump, Manafort, and now Bannon, offer us a heaping plate of this garbage and bid us eat it so we don’t starve, then recommend the Drano to choke it down and kill the taste.

I perfectly well understand the temptation to eat this, and why even intelligent people like Hugh Hewitt, Newt Gingrich, and Brad Thor might retch, but swallow.

Having taken inventory, I have to conclude that Trump’s goal is not to fix even the easy, obvious issues America faces. Trump’s goal is to make us dine on tripe while he watches. Unless some deus ex machina occurs, Clinton will be president.

Only a flaming a-hole would make us eat tripe when we could have steak. I will remain #NeverTrump.

#BlackLivesMatter Should Look to the GOP

This is an intriguing read at the Washington Post from my friend and fellow RedStater Leon Wolf. His argument is that the #BlackLivesMatter protestors should talk with the GOP because they’ll get nowhere with the Democrats.

As I’ve discussed on my show, over-policing is largely in response to local municipalities that have grown government and can’t raise taxes, so they turn the police into armed revenue agents. Smaller government helps with this problem too.