Idols of Our Destruction

People, regardless of demographic, are into idols. We have cults of personality, standards by which we judge all comers, issues (not principles) on which we will not compromise, and the ideal of the nation itself. Not all are idols, but all can be idols.

In political seasons, we make idols of our candidates — they are flawless, pure, and indestructible. That is until they are destroyed. Look no further than South Carolina for an example of this.

There are, at last count, 2.73 trillion people in South Carolina vying to beat Lindsey Graham. And that might be undercounting his challengers. The supporters of each of these candidates believe their candidate is the only person who can beat Lindsey Graham. The polls are all wrong, it is a great conspiracy, and if only the media would mention their particular guy … why that guy could beat Lindsey Graham. If only.

The same is happening in Georgia. Conservatives are dissatisfied with both David Perdue and Jack Kingston. The Chamber of Commerce has rallied to Jack Kingston. Kingston and Karen Handel are battling it out for the spot in the runoff against Perdue. But Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey’s supporters are intent on losing. They’d rather go down with their ship than have a lesser conservative battle David Perdue — a man who appears to have never cast a vote in a Republican primary.

Conservative activists have become their own worst enemy at battling the Establishment. In fact, the Establishment plays them by, in some cases, encouraging conservatives to get into races knowing they’ll beat each other up. The Establishment Jehoshaphat comes over the hill and sees that conservatives have slaughtered themselves.

Nebraska may be one of the exceptions. Conservatives have mostly all rallied to Ben Sasse and it looks like he will win. But in South Carolina, where I think the only challenger who can beat Graham is Det Bowers, conservatives who say they want to beat Graham really want to beat Graham with only their chosen candidate turned idol. All others are false gods and they’d rather Graham win than their guy not be the guy.

In Georgia, conservatives may see the Establishment battle itself because Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey’s supporters would rather their guy than anybody else. Conservatives, in primaries, are their own worst enemies. And this habit will set them up for division in 2016 too.

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Det Bowers

This will shock most of you. I like Lindsey Graham. Always have for that matter. He’s always been very pleasant to me. We’ve shared a few common fights. And I respect that he is not as willing as some of his colleagues to shift his positions on all things merely for the sake of re-election.

But I disagree with Lindsey Graham on immigration. I disagree with him on our nation’s role as the world’s policeman. I disagree with him on the NSA situation. I disagree with his votes for Kagan and Sotomayor. On the largest issues of the day within the Republican Party, though I may like Lindsey Graham, I disagree with him and think South Carolina could and should find someone to replace him in the Senate.

Conservatives, I think the only person who had what it takes to beat Lindsey Graham is Det Bowers. I’ve been paying attention to him for several months behind the scenes. In the short time he has been in the race he has raised over $400,000.00, with over 95% of that coming from South Carolina. In fact, a large number of his donors are new donors to politics.

I have sat on the sidelines because none of his challengers have struck me as impressive or credible. The closest has been Bill Connor, who I supported for Lt. Governor. But too many people who supported him or worked with him in that race have been really displeased with how he handled himself after that race. I do not think he can get the traction this time. Det Bowers is already showing his traction in the race.

Last week, someone started sending out opposition hits on Det Bowers. He is a minister and has his sermons online. A fragment of one of his long sermons on marriage was taken out of context and used as a hit against him. This suggests to me that his opponents view him as the most credible challenger to Lindsey Graham too.

It is a very difficult task to take on an incumbent, as conservatives are now finding out. There are lots of candidates in the race in South Carolina, but I think all of them fall short in various ways from being an effective challenger. But I think conservatives finally have someone who is a viable and competitive challenger in Det Bowers.

There is not a lot of time, but if Bowers can marshal his resources and South Carolina conservatives will lend him support, he’s the one guy in the race who could give Lindsey Graham a run for his money.

For those of you wedded to Lee Bright, Nancy Mace, Bill Connor, or another candidate, it is my opinion that Det Bowers is the only viable alternative to Graham. While I appreciate so many of you trying to persuade me toward your candidate, Bowers’ fundraising, background, positions, and rapid build up of support suggest to me that those who are interested in beating Graham, as opposed to just getting candidate X, Y, or Z elected, should rally to Det Bowers.

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John McCain and Lindsey Graham Oppose Ben Sasse in Nebraska

As if you didn’t need even more reason to support Ben Sasse in Nebraska’s Republican Senate Primary, now comes word that John McCain and Lindsey Graham are helping Sasse’s opponent.

FreedomWork recently retracted its endorsement of Ben Sasse’s opponent. Then FreedomWorks joined RedState, National Review, Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Tom Coburn, and so many others in supporting Ben Sasse.

Mitch McConnell is opposing Sasse. John McCain is opposing Sasse. Lindsey Graham is opposing Sasse.

So do you want to be with them or the conservatives?

This race gets clearer every day. Support Ben Sasse for the Senate.

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