Al Gore Man Bear Pig

Al Gore Corners ManBearPig

4 days after meeting with President-Elect Trump to raise ManBearPig…I mean, Climate Change awareness, Al Gore announced the debut of his second climate change documentary. It is reported to focus on the “solutions to the crisis […] at hand.” It will premiere on the opening night of the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA gives us hope that┬áhis friendliness towards Gore doesn’t signal softening on environmental regulation.

In his second documentary, Gore seems to have cornered ManBearPig and is proposing the means of its extermination.

It is likely that Gore’s appeals to President-Elect Trump closely mirror the 6 point plan that climate change alarmists have proposed. Their 6 point plan to destroy ManBearPig can best be summarized as follows:

  1. Subsidize
  2. Regulate
  3. Tax
  4. Kowtow
  5. Say you’re sorry
  6. Ask France what to do next…

Have no fear, Al Gore is on the case and ManBearPig will soon be dealt with!

(If you don’t know what ManBearPig and Climate Change have to do with each other, or you just want a laugh, watch the video below)