Ben Shapiro’s Addition to March for Life Speakers Line-Up is Good for Pro-Lifers

Ben Shapiro has every right to headline March for Life in 2019.

Charles Camosy, a Fordham University professor and professed “pro-life” Democrat, argued in Washington Post that conservative radio host, author, and commentator Ben Shapiro headlining the 2019 March for Life is a “huge mistake.”

He wrote:

Many in the pro-life movement, of which I am passionately a part, will consider the Harvard Law-educated intellectual a huge get. Not me. Despite Shapiro’s star power and stature, I consider his appearance a serious mistake for the March, one that will move us even further from being understood as the broad-based human rights movement we need to embody in order to go from fringe to mainstream.

How is Shapiro unfit to headline March for Life? He’s one of the most listened-to conservative podcasters in the U.S. His website Daily Wire attracts 140 million page views a month.

The author opposes Shapiro’s selection on the fact that President Trump appeared at the March via satellite, whom he called “the absolute nemesis of more left-leaning pro-lifers like myself.”

Camosy adds:

Shapiro, of course, puts the March on the map in a different — and, in some respects, more important — way than Trump’s video did last year. Trump is a buffoon, but Shapiro is helping form the imagination of many millions of young conservatives. He also has deep relationships and regular exchanges with pro-choice members of the intellectual dark Web, and is one of the few pro-life public figures who is taken seriously outside the pro-life movement itself.

Though I disagree with Shapiro about 60 to 70 percent of the time, I listen to his entertaining show regularly and consider him a very important voice for vulnerable populations. His commitment to argument and evidence — and rejection of power politics — represents the only chance those who have lack power in our culture have to get their interests taken seriously.

Still, I do not welcome his appearance at the March.

Jeannie Mancini, president of March for Life, countered the author and said all diverse pro-life views, including Shapiro’s, are welcomed at next year’s march.

Jeanne F. Mancini


.@CCamosy YES, the pro-life movement is made up of all of us – w different approaches & backgrounds- be it race, political ideology, religion, etc. If you look at past speakers you can see we strive to have this diversity reflected in speakers at the March. 

See Jeanne F. Mancini’s other Tweets

Shapiro is genuinely pro-life

If you’ve followed Ben long enough — I’m proud to say I was an early adopter before he peaked during the 2016 election — you’d know that he’s a pro-life stalwart. He’s an Orthodox Jew, after all. It’s in his nature to be pro-life. Just Google “Ben Shapiro” and “abortion” and you’ll discover hundreds of videos and articles by him or about him discussing and making an impassioned case for the right-to-life.

Ben Shapiro


Virtually every major Jewish halakhist of the modern era has barred abortion except when the life of the mother is threatened. Don’t try quoting the Talmud at me. You just don’t know enough. 

Quinn Cummings


Replying to @quinncy

In your bio, you quote @BenShapiro saying “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” True! The fact is that a soul cannot be measured, or studied. A soul is not a fact. A soul is a belief. It’s a nice belief and it’s one I choose to participate in, but it’s still a belief.

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His stances shouldn’t be up for debate.

Shapiro speaking won’t hurt the March

Camosy argues Ben’s presence will hurt, not help, the March for Life.

He wrote, “It is an especially bad mistake to have his show recorded live on the most public stage of the pro-life movement — a stage that will be made even more public due to his presence.”

If you are in event planning in politics, chances are you’ve been tasked with tapping high profile speakers. (I certainly have while doing public relations work for clients.) Shapiro is a high-profile speaker with serious clout and a large viewership. His live broadcast at the march will be streamed online and likely watched by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people in real time. How is that a bad thing?

Shapiro may have a large following among conservatives, but many middle-of-the-road types who aren’t socially conservative listen to his show and read Daily Wire.

He has a massive audience, with the latter averaging 140 million monthly views. That’s a huge benefit to the March for Life. When Shapiro does something, people pay attention—even those who disagree with him politically.

I hope Camosy doesn’t work in public relations, because he would be terrible at it. High profile speakers don’t tend to be pro-life. His addition to the line-up is welcomed. I hope more public figures like Shapiro plan to partake in March for Life festivities in the future too.

Shapiro brings unique religious perspective to the March

While there is nothing wrong with the March for Life largely appealing to evangelicals and Catholics, who make up a large segment of the U.S. population, Shapiro’s addition to the speakers lineup signals the march’s desire to show that the pro-life movement is truly Judeo-Christian.

In fact, Haaretz thinks Shapiro is too pro-life for someone who is Jewish that his pro-life stances resemble evangelical ones.

In contrast, Shapiro’s position on abortion tracks much more closely with the extremist positions of several Christian denominations, especially Catholics and white evangelicals, that insist life begins at conception. Indeed, in several public interactions recorded on YouTube, Shapiro actually calls for doctors who perform abortions to be prosecuted for murder, and states that one cannot morally draw any line after conception.

Shapiro is one of the most prominent and influential Orthodox Jews in the American political media landscape (perhaps trailing only Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner), but seems to be genuinely unaware of the centuries-long, nuanced, and substantive Jewish conversation on the topic.

Instead, he delivered the standardRepublican platform, itself the product of the party’s evangelical base.

If the author is worried about lack of Democrat representation at the March with respect to speakers, perhaps his group and other avowed pro-life Democrats should signal their interest to speak. Heck, it would be great for a prominent pro-life Democrat to take center-stage at March for Life. Perhaps some past speakers have in years’ prior? Your move, pro-life Democrats.

I think Ben Shapiro, coupled with his massive audience and pro-life bonafides to back him, is superbly qualified to headline the 2019 March for Life. You can expect coverage of the March from me here at The Resurgent come January 18, 2019.

The author of this piece served as host of March for Life TV in January 2017.

March for Life Just Announced Their 2019 Theme and It’s Really Good

This year’s theme is a good one, confirming that pro-life is pro-science.


The 2019 March for Life event will take place on January 18, 2019, in Washington, D.C., per usual. Next year’s theme, in fact, was just announced: “Unique from Day One: Pro-life is Pro-Science.”


Science supports the most basic and important tenets of the pro-life movement.


Medical and technological advancements affirm the humanity of the unborn child. Consider that a person’s DNA is present at the moment of conception/fertilization and no fingerprint on earth – past, present, or future, is the same.


A baby’s heart beats at just three weeks post conception and ultrasound technology provides a beautiful window into the womb. As science and technology develop, we see more and more clearly that every life is unique from day one in the womb.


Here’s a corresponding video, featuring spoken word artist Justus Dominic:

Over 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade was ruled in 1973. That’s a travesty. This administration has signaled their interest to defund Planned Parenthood (yet hasn’t made strides much in Congress yet) and do a more apt job of promoting a culture of life.


To learn how to attend the March, go here.

Women’s March Covered 3.4 Times More Than March for Life

The 2017 Pro-Choice, Anti-Gender Norms, Pro-Illegal Immigration, Anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington was covered 3.4 times more than the 2017 March for Life.

Is anyone surprised?

The numbers are in. Among the three major broadcast news networks (ABC, CBS and NBC), the Women’s March was given one hour, 15 minutes and 18 seconds – and the March for Life was only given 21 minutes and 52 seconds.

It’s worth noting that these three networks significantly increased their coverage of the March for Life from last year – 21 minute and 52 seconds compared to 35 seconds in 2016. This year, all three networks covered the event, whereas last year only ABC even mentioned the March for Life.

What’s the reason for the increased coverage? We can’t say for sure, but many are speculating that President Trump’s interview with ABC’s David Muir may have had something to do with it. In the interview, when asked about the Women’s March on Washington, President Trump emphasize the then upcoming March for Life, saying:

“And I will say this, and I didn’t realize this, but I was told you will have a very large crowd of people — I don’t know as large or larger, some people said it will be larger — pro-life people, and they say the press doesn’t cover them.”

March for Life President Jeanne Mancini addressed the issue of numbers in her remarks at the March for Life, emphasizing that the number she’s focused on isn’t that of attendees.

“People keep asking me about our numbers for the March for Life. Well, it is hard to add up how many have come here over the last 44 years, but that really isn’t the point. The only number I care about, and the only number that we all care about is – 58 million. Since 1973, 58 million Americans have died as a result of abortion. We stand here today for them – for the little innocent children who have lost their lives to abortion. We also stand here for the mothers who regret their abortion decision.”

While it’s easy for us to get discouraged by media coverage comparison, Mancini’s comments put things into perspective – 58 million lives. That’s a number that puts them all to shame.

Senator Marco Rubio Speaks Powerfully on Behalf of the Unborn

I have always enjoyed listening to Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) speak, especially on issues of faith and life. There are few who can meet quite the same level of eloquence and passion as Senator Rubio, and for all of the attacks against him that argue to the contrary, the man has a true conservative’s heart.

His remarks today, in honor of the 2017 March for Life, were featured at and he perfectly defines what the modern fight for the right to life is all about.

I’m encouraged that we have Senator Rubio and others who share his respect for unborn life sitting in the seat of lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

I’m encouraged that we have a president who, for all the issues I have with him, seems willing to hear them out, and to stand with them.

With that said, I’ll give you Senator Rubio’s full remarks. Whatever you’re doing, stop, and take a couple of minutes to read.
When you’re done, seek out Senator Rubio somewhere on social media and thank him for the stand he has taken in defense of the unborn.

I intend to.

For 43 years, Americans from across the country have traveled to the nation’s capital to unite in support of the simple yet powerful belief that all human beings have the right to life. The March for Life is a movement that serves as a voice for the voiceless and helps defend the defenseless, and I will never apologize for standing up for this fundamental human right.

Even as we mourn the morally tragic and abhorrent legacy of Roe v. Wade, this year’s March for Life is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to advancing pro-life policies after a decade of playing defense against the Democrats’ pro-abortion agenda. Thankfully, the annual number of abortions in the United States has dropped to the lowest level in decades, but our work is far from done. We must win the policy battles to come, continue to peacefully persuade hearts and minds, and cultivate a culture of life that makes abortion even more rare.

Roe v. Wade was a fundamentally flawed decision, one that manufactured a constitutional right to end innocent lives – a right that does not exist in our Constitution and directly contradicts our Declaration of Independence’s commitment to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This decision is a constant reminder of the important role presidents play in nominating judges to the federal bench, and the responsibility senators have to vet them. As President Trump prepares to nominate Antonin Scalia’s successor to the U.S. Supreme Court, we have the first significant opportunity in a long time to restore our judiciary’s proper role as arbiters of the law, not creators of it. It is imperative that we rally behind nominees who understand their job does not entail legislating from the bench.

Outside the courtroom, we must continue winning over public opinion – with science firmly on our side. On certain issues, liberals insist that science is irrefutable and should lead us to adopt policies that destroy our economy and cost workers their paychecks. However, one notable exception to their appeal to science is abortion. Advancements in science have only bolstered the argument for life, and proven that unborn children are capable of feeling pain at 20 weeks in the womb. Despite this scientific conclusion, most Democrats choose to ignore the evidence and support abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy, even 5 months. According to a November 2014 Quinnipiac survey, 60 percent of adults – including 59 percent of women – support restrictions on abortion after 20 weeks.

The more the science of embryology and neurological developments is researched and better understood, the more clear it has become that every unborn child is a person. This scientific fact is why abortion advocates resort to justifying millions of abortions by pointing to the most infrequently reported reasons. In the last two years in Florida, less than one-third of one percent of all abortions were performed due to rape or incest, according to Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. Out of 135,687 abortions, only .047 percent were performed because the mother’s life was endangered. The vast majority of abortions (92 percent) were simply elective.

The 2016 election was a clarion call for the restoration of the sanctity of life. Americans returned a pro-life majority to Congress and elected a president who has decried late-term abortions. President Trump already acted to defend life by restoring a Reagan Administration directive ensuring U.S. taxpayer dollars are not used to perform or promote abortions overseas. I hope Congress will act in the coming months to make the Hyde Amendment permanent law.

In the U.S. Senate, I have worked to pass legislation protecting human life. In 2013, I voted for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. In advance of today’s march, I reintroduced the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, which would prohibit the transportation of a minor child across a state line to obtain an abortion and make it harder for criminals to cover up rape. More than 80 percent of Americans believe parents have a right to know if their child undergoes an abortion, and I believe we should close the loophole that allows people to get around states’ parental notification laws.

Today, as the March for Life commences, I am proud to stand with the people who make up this movement. I also recognize how difficult reality can be for those young women who find themselves grappling with an unplanned pregnancy. Two rights are in conflict: the right of women to control their bodies, and the right of every unborn child to live. For me, I will always err on the side of life. We must do everything we can to give every human life a chance, and the March for Life is a big reason we are making progress and have hope for a better future.

Well said, Senator. Well said, indeed.

Donald Trump’s Most Scandalous Tweets Yet

Since the main stream media is so focused on covering every scandalous tweet from President Donald Trump, I thought they’d have jumped on these. They are the last two tweets from @RealDonaldTrump as of 2:30 p.m. Friday.

And from Vice President Mike Pence:

The media is, as usual and expected, covering everything else, and nothing at all (Trump’s pen?) instead of the March for Life.

They are treating Pence’s historic appearance at the event like it’s some group of three-eyed aliens speaking some other dialect they can’t seem to understand. It’s so obvious that they oppose everything to do with this event, and they’re seething with resentment.

I can’t really wish that the media would care more about the unborn, and life in general, than they do, because they’re as lost as an Easter Egg. But I do wish the media would do their jobs and report what the president and vice president do indeed care about, rather than what they themselves care about.

As for them being lost, I simply pray and encourage you to do the same.

The One Time The Media Loves To Lower The Glass Ceiling

This Friday, the media will, without a doubt, lower the glass ceiling on the highest achieving woman in a national presidential election, when she takes the podium at an event with enormous attendance, at the National Mall, held year after year. On Friday, Jan. 27, they will do their best to ignore her, and the event at which she will speak.

When hundreds of thousands of women gathered on the National Mall to condemn femininity in all its forms, they celebrated their sexuality like the orgies held at the temple of Aphrodite on the acropolis of Corinth. They threw off all societal restraints except seeking their own pleasure as the personal right and object of their selfish, fleshly, vain lives.

Anyone who dared to pierce their lust-filled celebration of vaginal pride and unlimited sex, such as a group of women who acknowledge the inconvenient fact that sex leads to biological reproduction, and the conception of a new living being, was given the boot.

The media lapped up the progressive, anti-Trump, estrogen-flavored waterfall, dubbing it the “women’s inauguration.”

The New York Times quoted “crowd scientists” to claim the Women’s March had three times more people than Trump’s inauguration. I use judicious quotes around the term since before reading it in the NYT, I’d never heard it before–they literally coined a new term for a field of study just to make this claim.

They used used these images, with Trump’s inauguration on the left and the Women’s March of the following day on the right.

These inevitably led to my favorite response, given the outcome of the actual election.

But year-in and year-out, the March for Life holds an enormous gathering in Washington and other places to mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling which legalized abortion in the U.S.

According to various reports, which are consolidated in a Wikipedia entry, the march has been attended by around 250,000 from 2003 to 2009. When Obama entered office, the numbers started to rise, with 2013 attracting as many as 650,000. (Dan McLaughlin noted that the National Park Service quit offering crowd-size estimates after Louis Farrakhan threatened to sue over the size of his Million Man March.)

The media generally downplays, buries, or completely ignores the March for Life, and sometimes low-balls attendance figures. In 2016, they claimed it was a “small crowd.” Judge for yourself.

This Friday, Trump Administration Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway, the only woman in history to manage a winning presidential campaign, will speak at the March for Life.

“We are thrilled to have Kellyanne Conway speak at this year’s March for Life,” said Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life. “As the first female to run a successful presidential campaign and as a steadfast advocate for life and family issues, Kellyanne beautifully embodies the 2017 March for Life’s theme, ‘The Power of One.'”

Conway is pro-life, pro-God, and pro-family. She’s the mother of four children. Somehow, women–even career women–who value their children over their careers and their own ambition, are unworthy banners of feminist power. Feminism, to liberals (and the liberal media) is “intersectionally” linked to progressive (read: godless, self-centered, humanistic, life-devaluing, pleasure-seeking) causes.

Therefore, Conway must be placed below a glass ceiling. They must keep her from rising up as a woman because she cannot be a true avatar of feminism. She’s simply too feminine for that.

The progressives cannot allow those who hold life sacred, who hold God as all-powerful (versus the all-powerful State), who hold morality as absolute in a relativistic world, to break the glass ceiling. They would rather cover nothing at all than to give press time to a crowd that, year after year, in all weather, rivals many inaugurations in attendance.

Or just maybe, this year, they won’t be able to run away. We can always hope.

Note: Our own Resurgent writer Gabriella Hoffman will be hosting March for Life TV this year. Make sure you follow her and tune in. Also check out her blog from last year.

Media Way Under-Reported March For Life Attendance…Of Course They Did

Up to 40 thousand souls braved snow and freezing termperatures to March for Life on Washington, D.C. as the city shut down. But the mainstream media characterized it (when they reported it at all) as “hundreds” (as the Washington Post reported in a photo caption, and the New York Times in its headline).

The proof is in the video above from LifeSiteNews. But we really don’t need proof that the pro-abortion press will ignore, malign, or minimize the pro-life cause.

Please pray for the many who are still stuck in snowy conditions on their return from the (as the media would have it) non-existent march for the unborn.