Help Mary Thomas in Florida

In Florida’s second congressional district, Mary Thomas is the conservative running against liberal Republican Nathan Dunn. The pro-amnesty wing of the GOP is out in force for Dunn, who actually gave money to Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio and was a big Crist supporter.

Of course you’d never know that by what’s happening in FL-02. “Right Way PAC”, which is the establishment Republican PAC working to defeat conservatives across America, is attacking Thomas for being a “career bureaucrat” claiming she pushed Charlie Crist’s agenda on climate change. That’s actually nonsense, but the truth has never stopped the establishment. They want to win at any cost.

We need Mary Thomas in Florida. Across the country, conservatives are being defeated by the very establishment that has caused so many of our existing problems. Mary Thomas is the candidate you need to support in FL-02.

Senate Conservatives Fund Engages in Three House Races

This is a pretty big deal, particularly given the Senate Conservatives Fund’s winning record of getting people elected. They are going to engage in House races.

One of the House races is Jim Duncan in North Carolina’s second congressional district. I endorsed Jim on Day 1 of The Resurgent and his race continues to pick up support.

That’s not all.

SCF is endorsing Jim Banks (IN-3) and Mary Thomas (FL-2). I have been looking at those races and I am going to have to look some more. If SCF is endorsing them, it means they have a strong chance of winning and are solidly conservative.

In the statement from Ken Cuccinelli, he says

“These candidates are all principled conservative leaders who have strong grassroots support. We need them in the U.S. House to reinforce the efforts of our conservative allies. They will stand up to the big spenders in both parties and work to defend the principles of freedom that make our nation great. We are proud to support Jim Banks, Mary Thomas, and Jim Duncan.”

Works for me.

Senate Conservatives Fund has a page set up where you can fund each of these candidates.