Left Panics Because Kentucky Schools Can Now Teach (Gasp!) The Bible

On Tuesday, Gov. Matt Bevin signed House Bill 128, which gives Kentucky public schools the right to teach the first book ever taught in America–the Bible.

Let’s move beyond the dizzying fact that in less than 100 years we’ve gone from a society where a well-rounded education could not possibly omit the Bible, to a place where such a legislative act is necessary. The American progressive left doesn’t want the Bible taught because that might make kids Biblically literate, and able to actually argue morality on merits versus by rote adherence to liberal tropes.

Daily Kos wasted no time predicting that teaching will become preaching.

What do you suppose will happen to that well-read and mouthy Kentucky 10th grader who challenges the veracity of biblical tales such as The Flood, the Exodus, the Resurrection?

Well, if the Bible was allowed in the classroom, maybe the whole class would be able to examine the evidence and philosophy of both positions, and everyone would be enlightened? I’m just guessing here.

So many Christians I know are considering pulling their children from public schools because liberal dogma is being shoved down their throats. Teaching the Bible doesn’t mean forced conversion to Christianity. It means the Bible would be examined in a light that liberals don’t want: examination without outright rejection and dismissal.

Liberals are afraid of the Bible because it’s dangerous to their ideals. It’s dangerous to their ideals because it’s true. They’d rather challenge Noah’s Ark and the first two chapters of Genesis than deal with the overwhelming historical and eyewitness evidence of the risen Christ. Or the archaeological evidence of ancient Israel supporting the historicity and immutability of the ancient texts.

This is why the ACLU has its panties in a wad.

“A Bible literacy bill that, on its face, may not appear to be unconstitutional, could in fact become unconstitutional in its implementation,” said Advocacy Director Kate Miller.

Miller told WDRB News the ACLU will monitor the law closely.

“We want to make sure that teachers can teach and make sure that they don’t go in to preach,” Miller said.

Let’s be serious here. Teachers know they can’t preach. But students do have First Amendment rights to share their faith. With the Bible taken out of the penalty box, kids are going to be able to read the text and hear the witness of their peers.

This has leftists terrified.

Kentucky Surging Forward Following Legislative Session

On the first Saturday in May each year, the Kentucky Derby captures the attention and fascination of the world and creates special moments that will long be remembered. The Derby is truly unmatched as a sporting event and spectacle.  A brief hush precedes the opening of the starting gate, followed by the roar of the crowd as the horses explode forward powerfully and majestically. The start to the Derby provides a powerful analogy for what we have experienced recently in our state. Thanks to an outstanding effort by the General Assembly and our administration, Kentucky is surging forward.

The 2017 legislative session was one of the most productive in Kentucky history. Much of our agenda was focused on making Kentucky a better place to do business. It should come as no surprise that the three largest economic development announcements in Kentucky history have occurred since January of this year. Amazon announced their decision to invest $1.5 billion in Northern Kentucky where they will build their Prime Air Hub. Toyota announced a $1.33 billion investment in their Georgetown facility. In April, Braidy Industries revealed their plans to invest $1.3 billion dollars in Greenup County, where they will build a state-of-the-art aluminum mill, creating 550 high-paying jobs. CEO, Craig Bouchard, made it clear during his remarks at the announcement that his company would not have considered locating here if Kentucky had not been a right-to-work state. Braidy, Amazon and others have also been very complimentary of our administration’s passion for recruiting businesses to Kentucky.

Just last week, LINAK U.S. announced a $33 million expansion that will create an additional 413 full-time jobs. That announcement follows companies like UWH, TG Automotive, Traughber, Perfetti van Melle, PuraCap Laboratories, Bulleit Distilling Company and dozens of others which have also recently announced expansions or groundbreakings in our state. These announcements are only the beginning. Like those Derby horses bursting from the gate, Kentucky’s economic expansion is just getting started. Stay tuned. There is more to come.

It is important to note, however, the recent legislative session was about much more than just the economy. For instance, bills were passed that will allow our children in failing schools to have an opportunity to learn in high quality public charter schools and, going forward, we will base higher education funding on school outcomes. Another bill will return more authority to local school boards. These bills, now signed into law, will introduce competition into our education system and will result in better outcomes for all our students. Additionally, we passed a medical review panel bill that will lower medical costs and a bill that will allow funding for apprenticeship programs.

Pro-life laws were created that more accurately reflect the values of our voters. Kentucky is overwhelmingly a pro-life state. Huge bipartisan support for the twenty-week abortion ban and the ultrasound bill reflect that. We also moved Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one abortion provider, to the back of the line for federal funds.

An important criminal justice law was signed to help the children and families of those who have paid their debt to society. The law allows for work release, work opportunities within prison, and the earning of professional licenses. By helping incarcerated individuals train to get work ready, we reduce recidivism and give children and their parents a chance to be a family again.

We passed legislation to better ensure that our state treats foster children with the respect and dignity they deserve. Kentucky will now allow the courts the leeway to place these children with fictive kin. These are non-blood relatives with whom the child already has a loving relationship and who are willing to provide a home for the child. Likewise, foster kids can now obtain their driver’s license at the age of 16, enabling them to gain independence as they acquire the mobility needed to get to school or to a part-time job. 

A new law was passed that will put much needed limits (a three day supply) on the amount of opioid pain medication that can be prescribed at one time. Medical professionals were asked for extensive input as this law was drafted. As a result, there are ample exclusions for physicians who are treating patients with cancer and chronic pain, as well as those on hospice care or who have valid need for additional pain medication. 

These are merely a few highlights of all that was accomplished during the 2017 legislative session. 

I love the name of this year’s Kentucky Derby winner, “Always Dreaming.” That is the American way. From the beginning of our administration, we have repeatedly stated our vision for Kentucky to become the center of excellence in America for engineering and advanced manufacturing and for each of us, individually and collectively, to become the best version of ourselves. The 2017 legislative session has afforded Kentucky the opportunity to get off to a roaring start towards achieving these goals. I am confident that we will succeed, because #WeAreKY.


Matt Bevin and Kentucky Republicans Are Making That State Competitive

Don’t look now, but Governor Matt Bevin and the Republicans in the Kentucky legislature are throwing coal in the furnace of Kentucky’s economic engine. States like Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia haven’t had to take Kentucky serious in terms of job attraction because it was stuck in the past. It had a high prevailing wage law on public construction and was a unionized state. That has changed now.

Governor Matt Bevin has signed legislation making Kentucky the twenty-seventh right-to-work state. Not only that, but the legislature has just passed a prevailing wage law that will reduce the costs of public construction in Tennessee. Both laws together make Tennessee very competitive for business and competition is a good thing. The tax laws and business environment in Tennessee have attracted a fair number of businesses that were considering the Bluegrass state. Kentucky becoming more business friendly will force other business friendly states to up their game and that will benefit everyone.

On top of that, Governor Bevin and the Kentucky legislature are also pursuing a solid pro-life agenda, which includes a fetal pain bill, prohibiting abortions after the period science has shown infants in the womb can feel pain.

Kentucky was the last state in the South to unshackle itself from the outmoded politics of Democrats and it is nice to see it moving full steam ahead to become more business friendly. I still need to schedule a golf trip through bourbon country.

Kentucky’s Matt Bevin Keeps His Promise to Dismantle Obamacare Marketplace

Matt Bevin is a man true to his word.

The conservative who soundly defeated incumbent Democrat Jack Conway for the Kentucky governor’s mansion promised that he would scrap the state’s ACA marketplace, called Kynect. Today he kept that promise.

In a statement from the governor’s office, Bevin spokeswoman Jessica Ditto called the program a “redundancy.”



“The transition will have no impact on Kentuckians’ ability to obtain or continue health care coverage for the 2016 plan year,” Ditto said.

Under the state-managed exchange, Kentucky charges a 1 percent assessment on all insurance premiums to fund the program. Once Kynect is eliminated, the 1 percent charge will be eliminated, but plans acquired through the federal exchange will be charged a 3.5 percent assessment.


Liberals attacked Bevin for keeping his word, citing how the uninsured rate dropped since the exchange was set up, but in reality, most of those have moved over to the expanded Medicaid program. Obamacare is destined for the dustbin of history. Even President Obama has moved on, attempting to make gun control his signature achievement instead of the gargantuan nightmare of his healthcare monster, which he refuses to let die.

Getting a head start on dismantling it is more than good politics, it’s common sense.

Matt Bevin Wins. Barack Obama’s Democratic Party Loses Again.

“It’s only a matter of time before Democrats blame their losses on climate change in Syria.”

George Bush continues to be a more successful politician than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. In addition to winning the Texas Governor’s Mansion twice, George Bush did something Barack Obama and Bill Clinton could not do — win the Presidency twice without seeing his party completely wipe out.

Certainly, in 2006, the GOP lost the Congress, but in 2002 and 2004, at both the state and federal level, the GOP held its own. Clinton oversaw the South shifting wholesale to the right. Now Barack Obama has overseen the Republican Party reasserting itself in New England where the media says the GOP cannot win and now in the rust belt and border state regions. Note to the press: border states is a reference to Civil War border states, not states along the Mexican or Canadian border.

Matt Bevin is the latest winner. Kentucky was a shining example for the Democrats of a place where moderate Democrats could hold their own and work to implement Barack Obama’s agenda. That came crashing down last night. Bevin has pledged to end Obamacare in the state. He also championed religious liberty against his liberal Democrat opponent. He has fought hard in coal territories and the GOP carpet bombed coal areas of Kentucky with attacks on the Obama Administration’s environmental policies.

What’s more, Bevin was able to consolidate the support of the GOP in Kentucky and win when so many counted him out. Most national pundits wrote him off, instead choosing to believe Democratic spin. National Republicans, initially inclined to walk away from the man who challenged Mitch McConnell, were impressed with Bevin’s willingness to build bridges.

Matt Bevin won in Kentucky. He won bigger than anyone expected. He owns this win. But it is again worth noting that nationally Democrats keep losing with Barack Obama as President. The public keeps rejecting the President’s party. They did it last night in Kentucky.

It’s only a matter of time before Democrats blame their losses on climate change in Syria.

If You’re In Kentucky, Go Vote for Matt Bevin Today

Folks, it is time. Today is the day to go put a Republican in Kentucky’s Governor’s mansion. I’m told late polling has Bevin up, but by less than one percent. It is going to be extremely close and every vote counts.

The Republican Governor’s Association came through and flooded the zone, Bevin stepped up his game hard at the end, and the Kentucky GOP has come through. Together, they’ve taken a race that had the Democrats up five and turned it to a tied race.

Republicans need to turn out today. It really is insanely close in late polling and today the only poll that matters is the one you go to. So go vote for Matt Bevin if you live in Kentucky.

Republicans Would Rather Lose Than Help Conservatives

Time and time again we see Republican leaders berate conservatives for allegedly taking their football and going home after a loss only to see those very same leaders be the ones who actually do leave the field. It is happening again in Kentucky where the prospect of a Matt Bevin win has so terrified the Republican Establishment, they are fleeing the state so a Democrat can win.

I have been beating the drum for Matt Bevin for a few weeks. I did not want to indict the Republican Governors Association because from numerous people I heard they were just prodding Matt Bevin to spend his own money. But here at the end, it appears certain Republicans in Washington would rather lose Kentucky than see conservatives win. Multiple people close to the RGA and close to the Kentucky GOP tell me the RGA has turned its nose up at Kentucky even though it is widely considered winnable.

This piece from Nathan L. Gonzales at Roll Call is damning. Get a load of this line:

He hasn’t built much of a rapport with sitting governors who could influence the RGA’s involvement in the race. And Bevin continues to struggle with the local GOP establishment after challenging Mitch McConnell in last year’s Senate primary.

Got that? Matt Bevin, the freaking nominee, has not blown smoke up enough Republican butts for them to help him because, woe as me, Bevin dared challenge Mitch McConnell.

On election day last year, when it was obvious McConnell was going to win, I manned up and contributed more than $200.00 to his campaign. Here at RedState, I had spent more than year pushing Matt Bevin as a viable and needed alternative to McConnell, but my side lost and I was willing to support McConnell.

But the Republican leaders think uniting is only something the grassroots have to do.

From Charlie Crist to Arlen Specter to Joe Schwartz to Wayne Gilcrist to Dede Scozzafava to Bob Bennett to Dick Lugar to Mike Castle, etc., etc., etc. it is the Republican establishment and their candidates who take their footballs and run left when they cannot win or get beaten by conservatives.

It is happening in Kentucky again. Republican leaders would rather let the Democrats win than let conservatives win. They would rather a man who refused to defend Christians in Kentucky win than a Christian businessman. They would rather the left than the right.

More from Rollcall:

In the end, Obama’s terrible job approval rating in the state could hand Bevin the governorship in spite of himself. But the president’s unpopularity isn’t exactly an October surprise. It’s been a constant factor for years. A Bevin win wouldn’t be surprising, but calling the race a pure Tossup doesn’t exactly fit the Republican’s challenge in the homestretch

Less Than Five Points

We’re talking less than five points. That is the polling gap in Kentucky between Matt Bevin and the liberal Democrat he is running against. Have you donated to Matt yet?

Less than five points and the race is not for another month — this is totally winnable. We need to get Matt Bevin fully funded.

Look, there is not another campaign right now in the country with an election in November for you to worry about. This is a make or break it time for Matt Bevin. We can get Kentucky a Republican Governor. We need to make this happen.

Folks, I’ve donated to Matt Bevin and I want you to. He’s a great guy. He is a small businessman, a family man, and a solid Christian. It’s time to get off the sidelines for Matt Bevin. Give what you can today.