Have You Chipped In Yet?

Folks, I’m not kidding. We can flip Kentucky to our side this year. Have you donated to Matt Bevin yet? We need to do our part.

Matt Bevin is an American success story. He and his wife run the last American bell manufacturer. Seriously. Does your church have a church bell? It either came from China or Matt Bevin made it. You guys need to join me in supporting Matt.

The Republican Governors Association is not spending money in Kentucky right now. The race is amazingly close. We need to help Matt raise all the funds he needs to get his campaign up on television and radio across Kentucky.

Give what you can right now.

Matt Bevin for Governor

I backed Matt Bevin in his Senate race. He is a profoundly good guy. But when he ran for Governor, my impression of the race was that the state was ready to move on. And I did not back him. I should have. The top two candidates began beating the crap out of each other in a nasty, nasty way and Matt just showed the optimism and smile that built him a loyal following in his Senate race. He grabbed the GOP nomination and is now the best hope to flip Kentucky to the GOP.

Besides, we will want a Republican Governor in Kentucky for when we force McConnell out of power. (Kidding. Sort of.)

We need to rally to Matt Bevin. The Republican Governors Assocation has decided to withhold advertising in the race, not because they have written it off, but because they know Matt is close and they think he should use more of his own funds now.

We need to help Matt Bevin. He absolutely can win Kentucky. The polling is close and his opponent, the Kentucky Attorney General, has shown himself to be deeply, deeply hostile to religious liberty, small businesses, and common sense.

Folks, please join me in donating to Matt Bevin. The election is one month from now. It is time to open the checkbooks and credit cards and get Matt Bevin across the finish line.