Seriously, Matt Drudge? You Really Want Democrats to Win for Trump?

Matt Drudge called for Republican Karen Handel to lose to Democrat Jon Ossoff next week in Georgia’s 6th congressional district race.

How idiotic. Seriously, Matt, you need to walk this one back.

This has gone too far. The Trump cult has taken its toll, but this is ridiculous. Drudge has crawled so far into Trump’s pocket that he picks lint from his teeth.

Karen Handel’s race has always been hers to lose in a heavily GOP district, against a no-name Gen X’er who doesn’t even live in the district. It’s true that Trump didn’t do well in the mix of urban-suburban Atlanta. It’s true that Ossoff was greatly helped by the demographics and voting patterns.

It’s also true that literally tens of millions flowed in from outside the state to make this race into some kind of referendum on Trump. It’s not.

But Drudge has made it into just that. Unless a district has been unswervingly in the tank for the president, he has basically argued that they should be punished by having a Democrat represent them. That’s a thought so stupid that it should disqualify Drudge from ever again opining in politics.

It might just be this kind of thinking that keeps Republicans at home next Tuesday.

Handel would be a credit to the House of Representatives, and a good conservative voice in that chamber, versus having Ossoff, who will certainly be in lockstep with whatever Nancy Pelosi says.

If Drudge and the Trump cultists gets their “vengeance,” by 2019, the Congress will be firmly in Democratic control, making it impossible for the blessed leader the Branch Trumpidians blindly follow to do anything except defend himself from impeachment.

At least Trump himself did what he could to help Handel. Maybe this is simply an acknowledgement she might lose, and Trump can distance himself by saying he never really wanted her to win in the first place. But Drudge should know better.

Facebook Goes Emoji

Facebook has traded its iconic “like” for a gaggle of emojis that remind me of the ones Apple rolled out a while back.

So now you can “like,” but you can also love, haha, wow, sad, or angry face someone’s post.

I’d be in favor of replacing the “angry” icon with a “Trump” one. There’s still no hate, stupid, groan, or vomit emojis; I suppose those will come next year.

It’s interesting that these rolled out nationally the day after Donald Trump took the Nevada caucuses by storm, and Matt Drudge anointed Trump as “The Nominee.” Coincidence?


But the funniest thing is that Hillary Clinton bought Drudge’s feature ad space above the headline. That’s probably not coincidence. A vote for Trump could be a vote for Hillary.