Dennis Quaid to Play His “Favorite” President Ronald Reagan in Upcoming Film

The actor sat down with TODAY Show’s Megyn Kelly from Reagan’s iconic Rancho del Cielo to discuss his upcoming role.

Actor Dennis Quaid is set to play the late President Ronald Reagan in an upcoming film entitled Reagan due out next year. The director of the film says he consulted 50 of the “former president’s friends, confidantes and cabinet members.” Here’s more about the upcoming film from Hollywood Reporter:

Dennis Quaid has inked a deal to play President Ronald Reagan in a film expected to begin shooting in the fall, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The long-in-the works feature film will explore Reagan’s life from boyhood through his presidency — of both the U.S. and the Screen Actors Guild — and he will be played as a young man by David Henrie, best known for his role as teen Justin Russo in the kid’s show Wizards of Waverly Place, and as an older adult by Quaid.

The film is also expected to explore Reagan’s time as governor of California, his role in the destruction of the Berlin Wall and his final days dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. It will also delve a bit into John Hinckley Jr., whose obsession with actress Jodie Foster led to his attempted assassination of the Republican president in 1981.

In an interview with TODAY Show and NBC host Megyn Kelly, Quaid expressed his excitement to play the 40th president. The seasoned actor has starred in films like The Parent TrapFrequency, and The Rookie.

When asked by Megyn Kelly about the pressure entailed in playing the 40th president, Quaid said the following:

“Well, he was my favorite president of my life.”

He added, “There are so many things that he [Reagan] did that changed my life and the world for the better. For one thing, ending the Cold War and he brought back a sense of common sense. He stuck to his guns and his principles. He was a great man and humble man.”

Quaid added, “I voted for Reagan the first time [in 1980] by the way.” He claimed he’s voted for both sides, Democrat and Republican, and labeled himself as an “independent.”

The “Parent Trap” actor also discussed his past cocaine addiction, divorce, and how faith brought him back on the right course.

Watch the full interview below:

Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo, or The Reagan Ranch, sits atop a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean across a sprawling 688 acres in the Santa Ynez Valley. It served as the Western White House and the president’s home for most of his post-presidency life. The Reagan Ranch is managed and overseen by Young America’s Foundation, which acquired the ranch in 1998. It is closed to the general public and is solely used for Foundation-related events and conferences.

As a Reagan fan and conservative, I’m glad an actor like Quaid will give a fair and favorable account of the 40th president. He’s always been a refreshing voice in Hollywood. It’s nice to see others there breaking away from the monolithic far left culture that dominates Tinsel Town.

Will you see this film once it’s out?

Note: The author of this article was a Sarah T. Hermann intern at YAF’s Reagan Ranch Center in Summer 2010.

The Response to Megyn Kelly’s New Show Shows How Broken Our Country Is

I have read several of the reviews of Megyn Kelly’s new part of Today at NBC. Some of them raise some substantive points of criticism and things that could be improved. I thought it was just fine and kept with the tone of Today. But I understand the criticism.

Unfortunately, most of the criticisms really highlight just how broken our country is. The criticism amounts to “she was at Fox so we don’t like her.”

The coolest thing about the United States has always been that people need not be defined by their pasts. People can reinvent themselves, they can do new things, and they do not have to be bound to just one thing. But there is a growing tendency in the United States that we are all to be defined by that one thing others like least about us.

The left dislikes Megyn Kelly because she worked at Fox. Therefore, she can only work at Fox and she can only do that thing she was known for at Fox. Megyn Kelly doesn’t want to talk about politics anymore? Tough! We can’t believe her.

At least that’s the response and what the summation of the criticisms are.

Debra Messing of Will & Grace appeared on Megyn Kelly’s part of Today. She got criticized by a fan for daring to appear with Kelly and then apologized. Why? Because it was Megyn Kelly. That’s it. Let’s ignore that her show got promoted, the interview was fine, and she was treated kindly. She is incapable of returning the kindness because everything is political with her and no one is allowed to move on.

Back in 2009, I said something terrible about outgoing Justice David Souter. All these years later it still comes up from people who dislike me as a reason no one should listen to me or take me seriously. They are entitled to do that, but the lack of grace being shown is spreading. Kids are learning that if they screw up once, that screw up haunts them forever. Adults are learning that it is game over the moment the social media mob turns on them. And as that spreads, more people will learn to just be their worst self every day and never even strive to improve. Why should they? They’ll just get attacked for that which they once did.

Megyn Kelly is doing a show that does not focus on politics and she is a gracious host to each of her guests. She is modeling the behavior we should all be showing to each other. We don’t have to like each other. We don’t have to agree with each other. But we should at least be civil to each other.

And in the United States we should not bind anyone to what they once did and refuse to let them do something new. There are fair criticisms about the programming aspects of Megyn Kelly’s new show. But criticizing Megyn Kelly for being Megyn Kelly is not legitimate. It is sadly, however, par for the course in American society today.

Megyn Kelly Loses Gala-Hosting Gig After Alex Jones Interview

Megyn Kelly’s interview with the controversial Alex Jones – of conspiracy-floating InfoWars fame – hasn’t even aired, but the NBC News star is already feeling the heat. The Sandy Hook Foundation, begun by families impacted by the terrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, has removed Kelly as host of their annual Promise Champions Gala, which is taking place on Wednesday night in Washington, DC.

Jones has gone on record with his belief that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax (among his other wild theories), and that has the Sandy Hook Foundation rankled. In a statement, the foundation said:

“Sandy Hook Promise cannot support the decision by Megyn or NBC to give any form of voice or platform to Alex Jones and have asked Megyn Kelly to step down as our Promise Champion Gala host,” said Nicole Hockley, co-Founder and Managing Director. “It is our hope that Megyn and NBC reconsider and not broadcast this interview.”

Kelly, the former Fox News host, has pre-taped the interview with Jones, which is scheduled to air this Sunday on her new NBC show. For the show’s part, producer Liz Cole believes that airing Jones’ views has benefit.

“He’s a controversial figure for sure, but as journalists it’s our job to interview newsmakers and people of influence no matter how abhorrent their views may be,” Cole told CNN’s Dylan Byers in a Monday night exclusive.

“He is someone who is worthy of examination, by sitting down with him, there’s value in that,” she continued.

Is the interview with Jones really as loaded with controversy as the Sandy Hook Foundation fears? Or is the whole thing much ado about nothing? We won’t really know until the program airs, but one thing’s for sure: it’ll be interesting to see if more controversy follows Kelly after the interview.

J.P. Morgan Stands With Alex Jones. Company Opposes Funding Any Journalist Who Might Question Jones.

Alex Jones is one of the most controversial Trump supporters and a man who has made money fueling the paranoia of others shamelessly. I have to think he’s actually a liberal doing his best to parody nutters in order to attract nut jobs. He is quite successful at it.

Megyn Kelly is interviewing Alex Jones for NBC. The interview has not yet aired. Presumably she will ask him about pizzagate and the awful Sandy Hook conspiracy theories he started. But JP Morgan does not want Megyn Kelly asking those tough questions. In fact, JP Morgan is so solidly for Alex Jones that they do not want anyone at all asking him tough questions. JP Morgan stands with Alex Jones.

That is the only logical explanation for JP Morgan pulling their ads from NBC over Megyn Kelly’s interview. They claim to be outraged that Kelly would dare interview and give legitimacy to Alex Jones. But is it not better to ask tough questions of the man? Should we not want our news media to hold people like Jones accountable for his bat crap antics?

Not if you are JP Morgan. There, they virtue signal that they are opposed to Jones, but then refuse to fund a news network that is willing to ask him tough questions. JP Morgan has every right to pull its funding. But the rest of us have every obligation to point out that doing so makes it less likely the tough question gets asked.

If JP Morgan really was concerned, they should keep their money in place and then publicly yank it if they think Megyn Kelly was too soft. That’d incentivize reporters actually asking the tough question. By yanking money in advance, they’re in Alex Jones’s camp providing every incentive to the news community to let Jones thrive without ever asking a tough question.

Report: Megyn Kelly Lands Interview With Vladimir Putin

Megyn Kelly will interview Vladimir Putin in June, according to a report by Page Six.

NBC News released a statement:

Megyn Kelly of NBC News will moderate the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on stage with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. The conversation will cover a wide range of global political and economic topics, including international trade agreements, cyber-security and the impact of rising military tensions. The annual conference will take place from June 1 to 3, 2017. The exact time and date of the plenary session will be announced in the coming weeks.

This comes the same week it was learned Kelly’s first major interview for NBC (after signing an $18 million deal to leave Fox News) would be with the Kardashian family. The news was met with much derision and humor, as well it should.

Still, interviewing Putin is a rare opportunity for a western journalist. No other foreign leader has challenged America’s foreign policy or inspired as much controversy in its domestic politics. One can expect Kelly will touch on Syria and Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election, and hope that she will do it with the ferocity and wit that brought her to fame at Fox News.

Putin was interviewed by Charlie Rose for CBS’s 60 Minutes in 2015, with topics ranging from ISIS and gay rights. Rose went on to receive an Emmy nomination for the exchange.

Putin will also be interviewed by Oliver Stone in an upcoming Showtime special. (Apparently, Showtime wanted to get two people who think the Soviet Union wasn’t all that bad in the same room. Mission accomplished. )

Kelly’s new show on NBC premieres Sunday nights in June.

Adulterer Newt Gingrich Accuses Megyn Kelly of Being Obsessed With Sex

Let’s just be blunt here: winning campaigns do not behave like this. Men who support winning campaigns do not behave like this. Newt Gingrich, and his women issues, really should be thankful Megyn Kelly did not bring up his predilections.

What on earth gets into guys like Gingrich, who have no future now except with a Trump win, to beclown themselves as national laughing stocks in order to defend the indefensible.

As Megyn Kelly points out, Bill Clinton is not on the ballot. Sure, let’s call Bill Clinton a sexual predator. He was defended by a man now being accused of being a sexual predator named Donald Trump. And unlike Bill Clinton, we have Donald Trump on video tape saying he can grab women by their genitals.

So many smart people have become so stupid in the orbit of Cheeto Jesus.

Trump Should Apologize For Megyn Kelly’s Death Threats

Politics is rough and tumble. I get that. I’ve worked in political campaigns. I’ve gone negative in them. But Trump is a whole different ballgame: Actual death threats.

I’ve pushed other candidates’ buttons and gotten them angry. But after the election, I was able to have coffee with my opponent’s campaign counterparts and enjoy a discussion on what we did and what worked, and what didn’t. Sometimes the candidate I opposed chose to hold things against me, but generally, we all realize it’s politics.

But with Trump, it’s not politics. His campaign operates at a deeper level than that. Trump can’t be pinned down on actual issues–even his wall is negotiable, or at least the height of it.

The white hot anger and invective coming off the Trump campaign causes serious death threats. Megyn Kelly told CBS Sunday Morning‘s Charlie Rose she worries someone will try to hurt her.

But there are fears that have arisen from all the attention: “It’s not so much what he writes or says; it’s how he gins up anger among so many,” Kelly said. “So it manifests in my life in several ways.”

“Have there been threats against your life?” Rose asked. “Does that concern you?”

“It’s not like I’m worried someone’s actually going to come shoot me down. But I do worry someone’s going to try to hurt me in the presence of my children.”

Still, the 45-year-old Kelly, and her husband, author Doug Brunt — parents of three children under seven — seem to take it all in stride.

Nobody takes threats against their life and the safety of their family “in stride.” They might get used to it, but it’s always there. I can’t imagine what it’s like for some celebrities who can’t escape the Paparazzi and worshipers, but add to that nut cases like Mark David Chapman, who shot John Lennon, and it gets to be stressful.

Erick wrote that he now needs security at his home due to threats which have multiplied since he disinvited Trump from the RedState Gathering last August–due to Trump’s comments about Kelly. His family had to flee the hotel in the wake of 3am phone calls and volumes of threatening voice mails and incredibly vile emails.

To her credit, Kelly remains a professional.

“If on Monday, Donald Trump says, ‘I want to come on your show,’ would you say, ‘You’re welcome. Come on. We have a spot for you’?”


“And it does not require an apology from him?” asked Rose.

“Oh God, no. No. He does not have to apologize.”

I, for one, would love to see Trump apologize. He owes an apology to the party, and to the country for dragging what should be politics into an evil swamp of angry rhetoric that foments violence. It’s not good for the GOP and it’s not good for America. In fact, it’s the opposite of what it takes to Make America Great Again™.

Strong Conservative Women Terrify the Good Ol’ Boys

Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman–especially if she is conservative.

Combine true empowerment, feminine virtue, ambition, maternal instincts, sass, and intelligence–and what do you get? A force to be reckoned.

How do most people respond to strong conservative women? Women, despite our competitive nature, like seeing other women succeed. We elevate our fellow females who are gutsy, smart, principled, and serious. Alternatively, men have a more mixed view of strong conservative women.  If a man is insecure with himself, he despises them, trashes their character, and seeks to put them down. If a man is confident with himself, he recognizes their talents, beauty, charm, hard work ethic, and desires to surround himself with them.

Before suggesting our sector of the female gender is just as man-hating, delusional, or gender-driven as our counterparts comprising the female establishment, I suggest noting the differences. We respect difference of opinion, we believe women can chart their own course (career, motherhood, or both), we believe men complement us, and we wholly reject big government dictating our lives. More importantly, we don’t allow women OR men to bully us into submission, complacency, or gutter politics.

One man who isn’t afraid of strong conservative women is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who expressed his admiration for strong women at last night’s CNN GOP Townhall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I particularly enjoyed what he said about strong women when answering a question on how he has made his campaign palatable to women.

“Listen, when you’re married to a strong woman professional, you see the nonsense that women deal with in the business environment. You see the garbage they put up with. And, it makes you mad. I’ve been blessed my whole life to be surrounded by strong women,” said Cruz.

He added, “I believe every issue is a women’s issue”

Below is the link to the full clip:

Alternatively, who fears strong conservative women? Arguably Donald Trump and those entrenched in party politics on both sides of the aisle. Take into account Donald Trump’s attacks on Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, Heidi Cruz, Amanda Carpenter, and Michelle Fields, just to name a few.

First, his attacks on Megyn Kelly came after she pressed him at the Fox News debate in August about his disparaging comments towards women–where she rightfully questioned his temperament as unpresidential. In typical Trump fashion, he lashed out at her and suggested she unfairly attacked him. (How dare someone challenge Il Trumpo? The horror, the horror!) He then disparaged Kelly by suggesting she had “blood coming out of her wherever” and has relentlessly attacked her integrity ever since. Then he proceeded to attack Carly Fiorina’s face. Not surprising for a guy who’s a notorious philanderer, has been thrice-married, and judges women on their appearance. Next came Trump’s attack on Heidi Cruz. How did Trump respond to an anti-Trump PAC with no clear affiliation to his competitor Ted Cruz? He threatened to “spill the beans” on Mrs. Cruz and proceeded to disparage her marriage to Cruz by coordinating a hit piece in National Enquirer suggesting the senator is unfaithful to her. (An insinuation of infidelity by Cruz, who is loyal and faithful to his wife, is pure hogwash and garbage.) Shortly after, conservative commentator and CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter was attacked by the Trump machine as one of Cruz’s “alleged mistresses” for speaking boldly against their antics. She immediately fired back and maintained her credibility as she always does. And then comes Trump’s attack on Michelle Fields, who was manhandled by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Yesterday, he was charged with simple battery. And what does Trump proceed to do in response to this? He defames Fields’ character, calls her a liar, and openly mocks her for exposing his campaign’s violent tendencies.

All these women have not succumbed to attacks from the Trump machine. They, like many others out there, have stood their ground despite internet trolls, creeps, and malcontents hurling threats toward them and their families.

For someone who boldly claims “women love me” and “I take great care of women”, Trump has demonstrated the opposite with his blatant sexist, piggish attacks–behavior best exhibited by a petulant 5-year old child. Trump is threatened by people–including strong women–who don’t kiss his ring or fall in line with his bully tactics.

Similarly, powerful men at the helms of party politics in both Republican and Democrat circles fear strong conservative women but better conceal their discontent with them than Trump does.

Conservative women working in politics are unfairly castigated by those who fear them–especially if a woman is strong in her faith, has a good reputation, is cultured, is sharp, and refuses to engage in petty politics or gossip. Regardless if you live in D.C., L.A., or Chicago, if you are a strong conservative woman in politics, someone–usually an insecure man–will try to tear them down to feel better about themselves. They hurl insults, question one’s moral character, or suggest you’re sleazy if your career is taking off or if people are offering you praise. I’ve certainly experienced this unfair treatment as a college student and as a young professional, as have countless other women who are also political operatives. Unlike these brutes, we just don’t let this boorish behavior consume us or bother us. We take the moral high ground and press on.

The good ol’ boys in politics, regardless of party, fear strong conservative women–and they should. We’re a force to be reckoned with. Like our male counterparts who desire to reform politics with policies emboldening limited government, accountability, freedom, and anti-cronyism, strong conservative females are willing to stand up for what’s right when party officials renege on their responsibilities or when fake Republicans hijack our cause.