What a Wimp! Donald Trump Is Not Tough Enough to Handle Megyn Kelly, But Wants to Handle Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump has withdrawn from Thursday’s Fox News debate because Fox refused to dismiss Megyn Kelly as a debate moderator.

In August, Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump a tough question about his comments regarding women. He then went on a multi-day spree attacking Megyn Kelly and accusing her of bleeding out of her “where ever.”

Now, Trump has declared he will organize a competing event because Kelly is going to again get the opportunity to ask him questions. Trump’s supporters say that, like with National Review being dismissed from the Houston debate, Megyn Kelly should be dismissed from this debate.

That would be fair except National Review has explicitly endorsed the “Against Trump” position and Megyn Kelly has made no endorsement and has even had pro-Trump supporters on her television show to praise Trump. What makes the Trump decision to back out of the debate even more absurd is that Trump is now claiming it has to do with a Fox News press release, not about Kelly herself. Sticks and stones may break his bones, but press releases make him run away like a little girl.

Donald Trump cannot handle tough questions from Megyn Kelly, but thinks he can handle Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, and ISIS. All Megyn Kelly intends to do is ask Trump questions. If he can’t handle those questions, it boggles the mind to think he can handle Hillary Clinton on a debate stage hurling questions at him. It likewise seems rather impossible to imagine Trump could handle Vladimir Putin or the ISIS jihadists.

All they would have to do is ask Trump a tough question and he’d skulk away.

What a wimp. What a loser.

Will They Let Megyn Kelly Handle Trump?

I’ve talked to several of the campaigns about debate strategy tonight and, particularly, how to handle Donald Trump.

The overwhelming sentiment is that they are not. They are going to let Megyn Kelly do it — Bret Baier too, but Megyn is the one whose name got mentioned the most.

One of the campaign strategists I talked to said he was hoping for a “Karl Rove and Ohio” moment with Megyn.

In particular, they all acknowledge that if they engage Trump, they only further establish him as the front runner. Likewise, given the debate timing and format, if they go after Trump, that distracts from the time that they will have to be able to make their own points on stage.

But, noted one of the consultants, if you watched the O’Reilly interview the other day with Trump, Trump did not have a real answer on how Mexico would pay for the wall Trump claims they will pay for.

The moderators at Fox are not going to be inclined to settle for that. They will push Trump and they will open up the opportunity for other candidates to respond to the question without having to challenge Trump.

In short, the other candidates on stage have no intention of confronting Donald Trump. They are going to let Megyn Kelly take care of him.