Drag Queen Story Hour in Michelle Obama’s Neighborhood Library

Not long ago, I wrote an article suggesting that in my personal opinion, the state of California was being governed by insane people. I do not regret writing those words; in fact, today I feel vindicated…and oddly enough, some measure of sympathy for Michelle Obama.

It honestly never occurred to me that one day I might pity the former First Lady.  After all, I’ve never even been invited to the White House, much less allowed to live there for eight years. My remaining days on Earth are not guaranteed to be lived in luxury with a government pension worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. My wife and I have never been offered a $65 million dollar book deal, or any sort of book deal, although I’ve written six published books myself.

Three of them even won awards. But that isn’t my point.

Any writer (or any public figure, for that matter) should consider it a great compliment to have a library named in one’s honor. I know I would, unless embarrassing public events were being held in that same venue, of course.

The Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in North Long Beach, California recently garnered a lot of negative attention for hosting an event called “Drag Queen Story Hour” that was theoretically considered appropriate for young children. During that event, a drag queen who describes himself as a “killer clown from outer space”, who was dressed as a demonic figure with five horns, read It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr.

Conservative Christians were outraged. One critic on Twitter described the event as “demonic”.

Naturally, the Church of Satan tweeted “Hail Satan!” in reply.

So I feel sorry for Michelle Obama. It’s unlikely that she knew anything about this event, but some conservatives who don’t like the politics of her husband will assume as much and blame her anyway. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to assume that she would have approved of Drag Queen Story Hour being held in “her” library, if she had known.

And those who do approve of this sort of moral decay in modern society will give Michelle Obama credit she probably neither wants nor deserves. As a general rule, if the Church of Satan likes whatever you’re doing, you’re doing something evil.

Something horribly wrong.