The Rand Paul Filibuster: A Point Not to be Missed

Rand Paul has done a brilliant thing filibustering the President’s appointment to the CIA. By keeping the filibuster going through prime time, Rand Paul forced ABC, CBS, and NBC — chief sources of news for low information voters — to cover the issue. Along the way, Rand Paul had help giving him time to rest his voice. Ted Cruz came down a few hours in | Read More »

Colorado Senate Meeting to Restrict 2nd Amendment TODAY

Colorado Democrats have gone too far, and the time to stop them is now. On Monday morning the Colorado Senate will take up a package of anti-second amendment measures, four of which have already been passed in the House. It is time for conservatives to take a stand against this assault on our rights. The Democrats in Colorado control both chambers of the legislature and | Read More »

Texas House Republicans Meet TODAY to Plot Cave on Obamacare

Empower Texans brings rather troubling news that today Texas State House of Representatives Republicans will meet at 1p.m. CT to begin “discussing” caving on Obamacare and expanding Medicaid. Governor Rick Perry is solid on the issue, but if enough members of the Texas legislature disagree with him, they could override him. The ring leader is apparently State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, along with Representative John Zerwas. | Read More »

Missouri State Senators Mike Parson and Tom Dempsey Begin Obamacare Sellout

Missouri State Senators Mike Parson and Tom Dempsey are working toward a cave on Obamacare as best they can in Missouri. Senator Parson has filed SB 456, a “shell” of legislation into which multiple sources in and around the Missouri legislator expect they’ll put an expansion of Medicaid. Over 70% of Missourians voted to oppose implementation of Obamacare in a ballot initiative, but several people | Read More »

The American Conservative Union’s Embarrassing Scorecard

I had to look twice. Then I looked one more time. The American Conservative Union (“ACU”) has released its annual scorecard. It is supposed to be a scorecard for a measure of conservatism on Capitol Hill. So you will be as surprised as I was to find that Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader with a history of undermining conservatives in the Senate, has a | Read More »

The Ted Cruz Roadblock

The media has started attacking Ted Cruz so much Mike Allen is whining about it in hilarious fashion. Ruth Marcus started it on the morning of Valentine’s Day. Jonathan Weisman did a story the next day on Cruz. Between Marcus and Weisman came an overnight Manu Raju piece in the Politico that caused Mike Allen’s tantrum. Writing the morning of the 15th, Mike Allen wrote | Read More »

I Endorse Mark Sanford for Congress

On June 23, 2009, I wrote a defense of Mark Sanford buying his story that he was on the Appalachian trail, when he was really chasing Argentinian tail. The next day it blew up in my face. There was a scandal. He had committed adultery. He had run off to Argentina in an irresponsible act. I wrote at the time What Mark Sanford did was | Read More »

Healthcare Paid for With Unicorn Farts

There will be many words from many people about much of the President’s State of the Union speech from last night. I will only focus on one line, which distinctly highlights again just how out to lunch the man is when it comes to real healthcare reforms in this country. During his speech the President said this: We’ll bring down costs by changing the way | Read More »