Nancy Sinatra: These Tweets Are Made For Hatin’

Back in 1967, Nancy Sinatra hit number one on the Billboard Top 100 by singing “Something Stupid” with her dad Frank.  Today, Nancy is topping the Twitter charts but just saying something stupid, like this:

Nancy must have got into high dudgeon after reading a Daily Kos article entitled, “The Burden of Proof is Squarely on the NRA:  How the Hell Are You Making Us Safer?”  There’s a link to the article in the tweet if you want to read it for yourself, but be warned:  It has the power to render the thoughts of an aging chanteuse all but incoherent, so heaven knows what it might do if loosed upon an unsuspecting world.  Better to just leave it in the fever swamps from whence it came.

Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the NRA, summed up the reaction of people who aren’t bat-guano crazy when she tweeted back:

Sadly, it’s a reaction typical of the left:  Whenever there’s a mass shooting, they want to take away guns from people who didn’t commit the crime—only this time, Nancy adds the twist of wanting to execute the people who didn’t do it as well.  Like I said, that Daily Kos is dangerous stuff.  Perhaps Congress should close the internet loophole so the emotionally unstable can’t access it so easily.

Or perhaps the left could just focus less on casting the NRA as the boogeyman and more on acknowledging that these mass shootings are a complex issue, involving not only access to guns but also mental illness, the role of the media in driving violence and the general breakdown in the moral fabric of the country.  Then there’s the delicate balancing of liberty and safety—you can have some of one and some of the other, but never one hundred percent of both at the same time.  Blaming the NRA for everything, while politically expedient, won’t change any of that.

Plus you can’t squeeze it all into a 140-character tweet—which seems to be the limit of Nancy Sinatra’s understanding of the issue.  On the bright side, though, at least Hillary Clinton can be happy.  Her tweets about Las Vegas are no longer the stupidest ones on Twitter.


Nancy With the Hating Face must be getting some heat over her tweet, because she’s now saying it was all a joke:

Um, okay.  So I guess people should only be lined up and shot if they took her literally, or something?  Gallows humor really is in the eye of the beholder.