Kids Aren’t Scared Of A 71-Year-Old Grandfather, But Teachers’ Unions Are Terrified Of Trump

My kids love Donald Trump.

I have 8 and about-to-be-7-years old boys, and you would be hard pressed to find two kids who think more of our president. Given that I’ve written book-length content crammed with Trump’s faults and political incompetence, one would think my own progeny would be terrified and filled with venom over the man I once called “Biff for President.”

Here’s why they’re not. Well, two reasons: once they saw that kindly Donald sent a signed Christmas card in 2015, they were hooked.

The second reason is that I have never, to my kids, disparaged the president as a man, or called him a monster. I’ve made plenty of political comments, and not a few about Trump’s relationship with God. But those were in the context of “let’s pray for him.” We have prayed as a family.

There is no reason–zero–for any child to be terrified by Donald Trump. Yet Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the NEA, the nation’s largest teachers’ union (in fact, the largest union in the U.S., period), told the National Press Club that Trump “creates fear in children.”

“We are facing a reckless, irresponsible administration that creates chaos and confusion — which is bad,” Eskelsen Garcia told the National Press Club. “But [Trump] does something worse: He creates fear in children. And that is unforgivable. For the first time in our country’s history — and I’ve talked to these teachers — we have had to comfort crying children because they are afraid of their president.”


Why would these kids be scared of a 71-year-old billionaire, who himself has 9 grandchildren?

I can give you 20,439,212 reasons.

That’s the amount the NEA spent on political donations in 2015-2016, making them #12 on the list of top political spenders. If you add in the American Federation of Teachers, the other teachers’ union, the total is a whopping $60.8 million. Teachers’ unions, as a group, are #2 on the list of all political donors in the 2016 election cycle.

Every dime went to Democrats.

If I spent $60 million smearing a political figure and did it through the adults who spend more time with children than their own parents for nine months of the year, I’m sure I could find some crying, terrified kids. They were terrified by their teacher’s statements about our president.

They worshipped Barack Obama, who illegally began DACA, then they told those kids Trump would have them deported. The ironic part here is that Trump probably–almost certainly–won’t deport them. He will likely make their amnesty legal using Congress to do it, or he’ll do his own version of DACA.

Trump is the illegal immigrant kids’ savior, or he should be.

That includes comforting girls wearing hijabs or children named Mohammed, Alfredo and Juanita, as well as transgender children who just want to use the restroom, Eskelsen Garcia said.

Oh please! Spare us the political drama: Save it for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. I’ll stock up on popcorn.

The truth is that kids are only terrified by what adults tell them. And ultra-liberal, ultra-political teachers’ unions are terrified of a 71-year-old grandfather.

NEA Teachers’ Union Dabbles in Sexual Bigotry

You know it’s always going to be a party when the country’s largest teachers’ union, the National Education Association, gets together for their annual convention. And this year in Boston didn’t disappoint anyone who was eagerly anticipating bitter Trump tears and some of the more entertaining suggestions on how to advance leftwing politics in the American schoolroom.

But what was perhaps the most intriguing of all the ridiculous antics we’ve come to expect from a group sadly giving many teaching professionals a bad name was their handling of issues involving sexual preference.

For the longest time the NEA has been an open supporter of the sexual revolution in all its manifestations – from promiscuity to homosexuality to bisexuality to transgenderism. And this year appeared to be no different, as they allotted funds to facilitate programs promoting this agenda in public schools. Further, the NEA agreed to partner with two notorious groups famous for promoting anti-Christian discrimination: the Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But then, just when you were tempted to believe that “#LoveWins” and won at the 2017 NEA conference, they apparently became very judgmental and bigoted towards the sexual preferences of some of their own exhibitors. How bigoted? They actually threatened to remove them from the exhibit hall, subjecting them to public disgrace by taking up new business items at the meeting that was intentionally hostile, demeaning, and “othering” of these individuals.

And it’s all because of their sexual preference. That would be the preference to no longer have homosexual relations.

Yes, keeping with the sad theme of dismissive intolerance directed at ex-gays in our culture, the NEA showed utter disrespect for their sexual choices and have singled them out for future scrutiny of their literature, testimony, and experiences.

Incidentally, that future scrutiny will be the responsibility of the NEA’s president Lily Garcia – the same woman who took to the stage last year to crow about the Supreme Court’s legalization of so-called “gay marriage:”

“The Supreme Court decided on our side and on the right side of history. And my son, Jeremy, called me and said, ‘Ma! Mike and I are no longer living in sin!’”

Yes, no doubt the Ex-Gay Educators are going to get a fair evaluation from her. It’s just a curious thing how a movement and its advocates who are so adamant that gender is fluid to the point where you can be a different one daily, that whatever sexual proclivity intrigues you at the moment is to be embraced, and that no person has any right to judge or disapprove of the sexual choices of another, can be so vitriolic and hateful towards those who decide to walk away from homosexual sex.

Are we to honestly believe that gender is fluid but attraction cannot be? This once again exposes not just the illogic behind this anti-science movement of radical leftists (at the NEA and beyond), but also the underbelly of hatred and bigotry that permeate their attitudes towards anyone who disagrees with their dogma.

Follow The Swamp Money To Find DeVos GOP Defectors

Two GOP Senators, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins of Alaska and Maine, respectively, have broken ranks to vote against President Trump’s pick to head the Department of Education. Is it some from altruistic belief in the sanctity of public schools that led to their decision? Is it some deep mistrust in charter and private schools?

No. It’s exactly where our cynical political minds would take us. Follow the money and find the defectors.

Bill McMorris reported for the Washington Free Beacon:

Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) and Susan Collins (R., Maine) have each benefited from contributions from the National Education Association. Collins received $2,000 from the union in 2002 and 2008, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Murkowski, meanwhile, has received $23,500.

The NEA represents 3 million members, making it the wealthiest and most influential union in the country. The NEA, along with other labor groups like the American Federation of Teachers, has waged a fierce campaign against DeVos, a billionaire philanthropist and school choice activist.

The NEA mostly backs Democrats, but Murkowski is a rare exception.

“Lisa Murkowski understands public education and is committed to Alaska’s students,” NEA-Alaska President Tim Parker said in a release. “Her leadership and advocacy were critical to passing the Every Student Succeeds Act, which put Alaskans back in control of Alaska’s public schools. Alaska’s educators and Senator Murkowski share a passion for increased student learning and ensuring that every child has the opportunity for success, regardless of their zip code.”

There you go. Party over principle, and money over party. That’s the creed for many entrenched swamp politicians.

Murkowski voted along party lines to advance DeVos out of committee, but changed her intended vote to a “nay” in order to keep her nice NEA endorsement, and the money it brings. Should the Alaska senator actually vote with the Democrats, her constituents should file that away for 2022 when her term ends, and hope the next 5 years don’t bring more blatant cash grabs.