A Brief Response to Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager has written a piece that has the conservative-o-sphere abuzz asking why those who are still Never Trump remain so.

I really cannot out perform Jonah Goldberg’s response and I am inclined to just say “ditto,” but one piece Jonah did not include (he’s said this several times already) is worth mentioning.

Who exactly is Dennis talking about?

See, if I say anything in defense of this administration, the President, or any of his staff I am presumed by some of just trying to suck up and ingratiate myself with Trump. Meanwhile, those who see themselves as apologists for Trump are ungrateful, badgering, and hope the supposed sucking up fails.

If I say anything critical about the President and his administration I am presumed to still be nursing a grudge over getting the election wrong. To Trump’s apologists, once Never Trump, always Never Trump, which is now short for treason to his tribe as much as the left presumes treason for supporting Trump.

I think Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. There are those who would never say a kind word about this administration even if it did everything they want. But there are also the deranged apologists who will gladly cheer on Russia because the President loves Russia.

For those who are just trying to call it as we see it, it is a no win situation but it is a situation worth being in.

Many of the people who bitched the loudest about Barack Obama playing golf all the time now suddenly are okay with Donald Trump’s travel costs and golf playing. Many of the people who wanted to impeach President Clinton for lying are now routinely defending lies. Many of the people who once believed character counts now think it’d be nice, but is not necessary for sound leadership. I’d prefer not to surrender my intellectual honesty.

So I’m just not sure who Dennis is talking about here.

One point to echo Jonah, I do not think we are in a civil war, but a culture war, and it is a culture war the GOP has no desire to fight. Its leader, Donald Trump, supports transgender bathroom access and gay marriage and wants to fund Planned Parenthood.

As to Trump being a general, I always thought conservatives were to be led by truth, not personality. To the extent the cult of personality has invaded the right, it is no less dishonest than it is on the left and its hagiographic treatment of both Obama and Clinton.

I’d prefer to deal with good people of sound character advancing good ideas. If President Trump advances good ideas, I will support him. But lately, he’s mostly just been doing damage control over a series of self-inflicted wounds. And because I know I’d dislike it if Barack Obama did the exact same thing, you’ll have to excuse me for not giving Donald Trump a pass.

Many of the “Still Never Trumpers” Today Stand With Trump Against Conservatives

Today, a great many people who are proudly still Never Trump are allied with President Trump in attacking the House Freedom Caucus for its objections to the American Health Care Act.

The AHCA, Swampcare as it should be called, does not repeal Obamacare and everybody knows it. But it scratches the itch to just do something and Republicans want to just do something.

The House Freedom Caucus wants to improve the health care situation for millions of Americans and they want to repeal Obamacare. There were several ways that could have been done.

First, the House could have sent the Senate an actual repeal bill and let the chair rule that it was in order under the Byrd rule. That was the easiest and best option and could have gotten it through.

Second, the House could have used their 2015 legislation that they all supported as the framework for the new legislation.

Third, the House could have just passed the 2015 legislation that they all voted for originally.

It was easy, but moderates objected.

Now the conservatives who want the GOP to keep its promises are getting attacked for demanding Obamacare really be repealed.

Republicans who hate Donald Trump are cheering on the President’s attacks against the House Freedom Caucus. Why? Because they never opposed Trump on principle, but viewed him as a party interloper. They put party ahead of principle and the GOP tells them to jump, so they are going to jump. The GOP tells them conservatives are the bad guys, so they jeer the House Freedom Caucus.

The people who are proudly still Never Trump are standing shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump today to attack conservatives. Of course they are. It was always about party and never about real principles.

But principles still matter and Swampcare not only does not repeal Obamacare, but it breaks seven years worth of promises.

The House Freedom Caucus is owed a great deal of thanks both for standing up for principle despite extraordinary pressure and for exposing the people who put party and broken promises ahead of principle.

#NeverTrump Must Model The Humility They Claim Trump Does Not Have

I want the President of the United States to succeed. Whether you want to admit it or not, Barack Obama is your President and he is my President. Come January, Donald Trump will be our shared President. We should want him to succeed.

Many of us who were opposed to Trump from the right found him to be personally unacceptable for a variety of reasons and all of us presume he has a lack of humility unbecoming any person’s character.

We just got beat. We just got proven wrong about a great many things. We should model the humility we think Trump does not have.

We are not selling out our principles by wishing Trump well and hoping for the best. We are not selling out our principles by giving him a chance and the benefit of a doubt — a benefit we did not give him when we turned out to be wrong about the election.

The American people disagreed with us. Be humble and recognize it was not because of racism or bigotry or bad motives. It was because people are fearful of the future and think no one in Washington has listened to them. Donald Trump has.

By the time this is over he will have outperformed Mitt Romney among blacks, hispanics, and blue collar voters. He clearly resonated in ways we do not appreciate.

It does no one any good for us to wish the President-elect ill. I wish him well. As he becomes the leader of this nation, scripture commands we pray for him. His election is God’s will. We should remember that. God is in charge. Trump is the instrument of His will.

Hoping for the best and giving him a chance reflects our principles. Doing so does not abandon our principles.

An Open Letter to the Delegates

This was just sent to me from some of the delegates fighting for changes to the rules and the power the RNC rules.

Time to vote “No” on the rules package when it hits the floor.


GOP Rules Members for Fairness & Transparency

July 17, 2016

Dear Fellow Delegates,

We Rules Committee Members were eager to come to Cleveland and represent you and the Grassroots in our home states to create fair and transparent rules that would guide the Republican Party for future elections.  Instead, we arrived to see Republican National Committee (RNC) staff instructing us to transfer power from Convention Delegates to the 168 members of the Republican National Committee, and specifically to the RNC Chairman.

It is unfortunate that the Rules package produced last Thursday empowers the RNC at the expense of Convention Delegates themselves.  It does nothing to give regular Republicans – and those we wish to attract to our Party – faith in our bedrock principles.  Rather, anti-grassroots actions in both the 2012 and the 2016 Rules Committees erode confidence in our Party’s leadership.

We opposed abuses of power, such as:
· The Centralization of authority solely in the Chairman’s office;
· Preventing Republicans from contacting their elected RNC Rules representatives by hiding their contact information;
· Denying RNC Members the needed opportunity to review Rules changes before they go to an immediate vote.

After a highly competitive primary season, the RNC leadership had the opportunity to unify grassroots activists and prove we are the party of fairness, transparency, and Rule of Law.  Instead, we were force fed a Rules package we simply cannot support.  We encourage our fellow Convention Delegates to vote against the Majority Rules Report.  We hope you will stand with us.

Nicolee Ambrose (MD)
Morton Blackwell (VA)
Fred Brown (AK)
Jim Crawford (MD)
Anne Gentry (VA)
Lora Gervais (ID)
Harriet Hageman (WY)
Graham Hunt (WA)
Marlys Popma (IA)
Cindy Pugh (MN)
Norm Semanko (ID)
Guy Short (CO)
Kendal Unruh (CO)
Janssen Willhoit (VT)

5 Reasons #NeverTrump Must Run a Conservative Third-Party Candidate


As conservatives come to the end of sitting shiva over Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party, many in the #NeverTrump movement are wondering: what next? After all, honorary American citizen Winston Churchill had a little something to say about surrender. A third-party conservative candidate can accomplish something positive this election cycle even if winning the White House remains the remotest of wild dreams.

  1. A conservative third party will lay out the principles of the conservative movement of the future – a new Sharon Statement of non-negotiables. 

Not only would a third party give us a candidate to rally around, but it would also give us a platform. With the virtual implosion of the “establishment,” this is the opportunity for conservatives to decide what principles and policies are truly important to the cause, and build a constitutional restorationist party platform. Additionally, like the Against Trump issue of National Review, it would provide a line in the sand for future historians, when liberals begin the inevitable attempt to sling the albatross of Trump’s misdeeds around conservatives’ necks.

  1. It will deny Trump the White House.

The pundits who assured us that Trump could never secure the nomination are the same ones assuring us that he’ll never get to hang his gold-lettered nameplate on the White House gates. Conservatives should prefer divided government to President Trump, for the reasons detailed here. Recent polls have shown toss-ups in key states.

A reasonable goal for a conservative third party would be to aim for 15 to 20 percent of the popular vote and victories in a state or two. Utah, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas – states that have shown real resistance to Trump’s nomination, but have low Democrat registration numbers – could be potential targets for a conservative candidate.

  1. It will give conservatives a reason to turn out and vote down ticket, when many might otherwise stay home and create a disastrous year for state and Congressional races.

Practically speaking, staying home in protest dooms Republicans down ticket – Republicans conservatives will desperately need to oppose either a Trump or Clinton administration. The new Trump voters are unlikely to vote a straight Republican ticket, since many are crossover Democrats themselves. Having an exciting third party candidate to rally around will bring conservatives out to polling stations in November, many of whom may not bother to vote at all when the Presidential choices are so unappealing.

  1. It will get a conservative on stage to communicate the conservative message to the country.

The presidential election every four years provides an opportunity for millions of Americans who do not normally follow politics very closely. If no conservative third-party candidate emerges to communicate that message, the next six months will be a conservative message-free zone. A candidate with high enough name ID to break through the polling barriers to get onto the debate stage would ensure that Americans hear conservative ideas while they’re tuned in to hear them.

  1. It will make it more difficult for Trump to ignore conservatives as a voting bloc.

Quietly staying home will not give Trump much incentive to placate conservative voters, something he’s proven he’s disinclined to do anyway. There are thousands of Republican voters preparing to hold their noses and vote for Trump who will think twice when presented with an even minimally-viable alternative. The threat of losing these voters will restrain Trump’s inevitable liberal pivot for the general election.

This year, Tea Party conservatives have learned the hard lesson that we are not just the minority of the electorate, we’re a minority even within the Republican Party. But a determined minority can do a great deal to sway the path the country; self-described liberals have never broken 25 percent in polls, yet they’ve undeniably deeply influenced the history and culture of the United States. An organized conservative third party bid has real, tangible benefits, and declares us as what we ought to strive to be – a vocal, organized remnant standing athwart history, yelling ‘Stop!’”