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Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie, right, gestures during a news conference with his running mates, Lt. Gov. candidate Jill Vogel, left, and Attorney General candidate John Adams, center, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


Hello everyone! The Resurgent will have live special coverage of the two gubernatorial races transpiring in New Jersey and  inVirginia tonight. Stay here for the latest updates.


8:06PM— Race has been called for Democrat Phil Murphy. 

8PM — Polls will close in New Jersey. 



8:26PM — An openly trans-woman and Democrat socialist won seats in the House of Delegates. Wow.

Race called at 8:12PM for Ralph Northam.

8:12PM—Larry Sabato and NBC News are calling it for Ralph Northam.

8:10PM— With 56% of the precincts in, Northam leads Gillespie 51.50% to 47.31%. 

7:56PM — With 40.34% of precincts reporting, Mark Herring leads John Adams 50.22% to 49.73%. 

7:54— With 34.22% of precincts reporting, Jill Vogel leads Justin Fairfax 49.99% to 49.95%. 

 7:44PM— With 24% of precincts reporting, Northam has narrow lead over Gillespie, 50.92 % to 48%. 7:53PM— With 30% of precincts reporting, Northram is leading Gillespie 51.13% to 47.79%. 


7:38PM— Election results have started to pour in


7:02PM — You can watch election results here from the Virginia Department of Elections. 

7:00PM — Polls are now closed in Virginia. 

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VA Lt. Gov


Menendez Trial Could Bring Good News For Senate Republicans

Sen. Bob Menendez goes to trial in less than three weeks and the stakes could not be higher.

The New Jersey Democrat was indicted almost two and a half years ago on bribery charges. He is accused of exploiting his position as a United States senator to help Dr. Salomon Melgen, a wealthy Florida eye doctor and huge donor to his campaigns.

In return for campaign donations and gifts worth almost one million dollars, Menendez allegedly provided many personal favors to Melgen. Perks included pushing a Medicare policy that would have helped Melgen’s business, supporting a port security deal on his behalf and pushing to obtain visas for his college-aged girlfriends from around the world.

Jury selection begins on Tuesday and opening statements are planned for Sept. 6. The trial is predicted to last for one to two months.

The implications of the trial go far beyond Menendez’s own well-being.

Should Menendez, a liberal Democrat, be removed from office, the governor of New Jersey would appoint a replacement to fill out the remainder of his term. That person, of course, is Chris Christie, a Republican ally of President Donald Trump.

The GOP holds a majority in the Senate chamber, but not a very large majority. Controversial votes, as we’ve all noticed, have come down to the wire many times already during this congressional session.

Without a doubt, the biggest legislative failure of this administration so far was health care reform. By how big a margin did we lose the skinny repeal vote?

One vote.

Replacing just one Democrat in the Senate would have major legislative implications.

Menendez’s term ends in 2018. Is it possible he is forced to resign amid a bribery conviction and Christie replaces him with a Republican who can legislate conservatively for over a year (before New Jersey voters surely elect some other liberal social justice warrior in the mold of Cory Booker)?

This is absolutely possible. But there are complications.

Technically, a bribery conviction (should the jury find him guilty) would not force him out of office. For over the past two years, Menendez has fanatically maintained his innocence. Should he be convicted, he may stay on the job for as long as possible to save face.

The beleaguered Democrat could be ousted by a two-thirds vote from his Senate colleagues. However, it’s hard to imagine 15 Democrats – knowing full well the implications of his dismissal – would choose to kick him out.

Also, Senate Republicans hoping for a new, like-minded colleague are on a time crunch. New Jersey holds gubernatorial elections on off-years. Christie leaves office in January 2018 – that’s not a lot of wiggle room for those hoping to see Menendez kicked out and replaced by the current governor.

Conviction or not, Menendez would probably be game to ride this out until a Democrat has safely replaced the outgoing Christie.

New Jersey is already a deep-blue state. And with Chris Christie’s approval rating at record-setting lows in the Garden State, we can be certain the successor to the governor’s mansion will have a “D” after his name.

It’s very possible Menendez could be ousted in time for a GOP replacement to completely upend the balance of the Senate…

But things would have to happen sooner rather than later.






Chris Christie’s Whale of a Beach Tale Smells Fishy

First off, I’d like to say that seeing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in beach wear is an experience I could have happily gone through life without–but now that it’s happened, and neither I nor the rest of America can unsee it, I might as well toss in my two cents and try to make sense out of all the madness.

Some background:  New Jersey is having some budget difficulties because it’s New Jersey.  That is to say, in spite of having some of the highest taxes and fees in the nation, the state had to shut down its government because it didn’t have enough left in the coffers to keep the joint running.  Those fees, by the way, include around $75 in tolls you’d need to pay just to get to the Jersey Shore, plus the $50 or so you’d have to cough up to park there–but even all that wasn’t enough to keep the beaches open the weekend before the 4th of July.

Except for Chris Christie, of course.

The guv known for his girth apparently also has a voracious appetite for the sun, and didn’t let a little thing like the state budget keep him and his family from soaking up some rays even as his constituents were told to pound sand.  As you would expect, the media quickly got wind of the story, whipped out a wide-angle lens and snapped a pic of Christie in flagrante delicto–which led to no shortage of memes taking note of his hi-larious hijinks:


On the bright side, with the beaches as empty as Amity Island after Bruce the Great White Shark munched on some swimmers, the line for the governor’s favorite hot dog stand was a lot shorter than usual.  Unfortunately, a lot of people are also starting to say the same thing about Christie’s political career.

So how is he spinning a blunder so obvious that it has Anthony Weiner thinking he should have run for office in Jersey instead?  Well, let’s just say that he’s not exactly being contrite about it:

“I think my poll numbers show that I don’t care about political optics,” Christie said at a press conference. “What I care about is doing what’s right and wrong.”

Christie was polled as the most unpopular governor in at least 20 years last month, clocking in with an approval rating of 15 percent.

That’s an interesting way of putting it, governor.  But if I were you, I’d work on doing what’s right–because you already got that whole wrong thing down cold.

As for not caring about political optics, I’m guessing that was true–all the way up to the moment Christie got caught.  Much like Bill Clinton when he took a dip in the intern pool, he obviously didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing, otherwise he woudn’t have done it.  What Christie doesn’t seem to understand, however, is that most of the time things look bad because they are bad.  In this case, the highest official in state government was perfectly happy to inflict punishment on his citizens that he was unwilling to suffer himself.  Put that together with what happened during Bridgegate, and a pattern emerges:  Chris Christie views himself as above the people he was elected to represent.  In common parlance, that makes him a jerk.  And jerks don’t tend to be very popular.

In that light, governor, the optics are the least of your problems.  It’s your attitude that needs to change–because right now, it stinks like a beached whale.

Gov. Christie On The Closed Beach


Gov. Chris Christie got caught Sunday having a private beach party at a Jersey Shore park that he closed to the public.  The New York Post reports that Christie and company were lounging at Berkeley Township’s Island.  The New York  Beach State Park was among the public facilities Christie shut down because of a budget standoff he is having with state legislators.

During a press conference held later Sunday, Christie denied he got any sun Sunday:

When asked by reporters in Trenton if he got to enjoy the clear summer day, the governor demurred.

“I didn’t,” he said. “I didn’t get any sun today.”

When told about pictures of the beach party Christie’s spokesman claimed the governor’s baseball hat shielded him from any rays:

“He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on,” the spokesman, Brian Murray, told

Christie is worse than Obama who outrageously barricaded open air facilities such as the World War II Memorial and even the Grand Canyon in a childish effort to cause pain on his constituents hoping there would then pressure their representatives to do Obama’s bidding.

But not even Obama had the audacity to shove the closures in the face of citizens by actually visiting any of the closed federal facilities he forced to close while citizens were not permitted to use them.

People certainly don’t appreciate it when so-called leaders attempt to inflict pain on them for a political vendetta such as trying to seal off open air “facilities.” They will like it, and Gov. Christie, even less for using the facility he closed while Cub Scouts and other citizens were forced to leave a state park campsite.

After the bridgegate scandal and Christie’s failed presidential run his support in New Jersey has collapsed and he is now the country’s least popular governor.

Congressman Heckled As He Talked About His Deceased Daughter

Ask any parent who has lost a child, and he or she will tell you that it colors the way you see everything else in your life, and if the parent lost a child due to health issues, that parent will have a perspective on the health care industry that few others will have.

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) spoke at a town hall earlier this week where he poured his heart out about losing his daughter Grace, who died of health issues when she was 11. In the typical fashion of today’s protestors, hecklers came out in full force.

“Shame on you!” one person yelled.

Angry attendees seemed to suggest he was using her story to distract from his key role in the American Health Care Act, which passed last week in the House as a means of repealing Obamacare. The Senate is currently drafting its own health care legislation.

“I will say shame on you right now, actually,” MacArthur said. “Don’t tell me what I’m using. I’m going to tell you because this affects my perspective. It affects my perspective on this issue of health care.”

Another heckler shouted “We’ve heard this story before,” while another snarkily suggested that MacArthur write a book. Protestors continued to boo the congressman and shout him down as he told his daughter’s story and related it to his thoughts on the country’s health care system.

MacArthur took a beating from constituents for five brutal hours on health care and other issues, but the crowd’s treatment of Grace’s story is beyond the pale. It’s one thing for people to hold their representatives’ feet to the fire, but to heckle and boo a man as he tells the story of the daughter he loved dearly and misses deeply is a whole different matter.

Then again, I guess we shouldn’t expect any less from today’s Left. The direct descendants of the 60s Leftists who preached that “the personal is political” have shoved the personal away and turned the mantra into “everything is political.”

MacArthur had an experience with his daughter that no right-thinking human being would wish upon his or her worst enemy, yet the the folks in the crowd treated his story as less than valid simply because his opinions on health care differ from theirs.

There is no more civil discourse in this country – at least not as far as the Left is concerned. The Left will continue to shout down anyone whose ideas differ from lockstep time and time again, and the end game is that everyone will agree or keep their mouths shut. It’s an absolute shame that a person can’t share his or her story (complete with an opinion or lesson) without being heckled.

One thing we can say for sure is that there are plenty of jerks in this world, and it’s astounding how many of them are on the left side of the political aisle.

New Jersey School System Promotes Islam in Curriculum, But Says that Bible Verses “Belong in Sunday School.”

Two New Jersey moms are under fire for pointing out a middle school curriculum that teaches students about Islam while ignoring Judaism and Christianity.

[Nancy] Gayer pointed out that her son is being taught about the intricacies of the religion in a seventh grade class at Chatham Middle School, including being shown a video explaining the Five Pillars of Islam that featured lines like “Allah is the creator of everything, the one true God.”:

“In my opinion, I call this proselytizing, for by definition of this word it means convert or attempt to convert from one religion, belief or opinion to another,” Gayers said.

Another mother, Libby Hilsenrath, echoed Gayers’ sentiments, pointing out that the seventh grade class went into detail about the various aspects of Islam, but did not teach Judaism and Christianity. She also brought forth further course material that could be seen as proselytizing for Islam, which included a video providing an introduction to Islam that quoted excerpts from the Koran such as “And they say: Be Jews and Christians, then ye will be rightly guided. Say (unto them, O Muhammed) Nay, but (we follow) the religion of Abraham, the upright, and he was not of the idolators” and “Lo, we have sent thee (O Muhammed) with the truth, a bringer of glad tidings and warner.”

Can you imagine a public school curriculum featuring Jesus’ words in John 14: “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”? Certainly not in this school district, because Gayer pointed out that when her son referenced a Bible verse in a presentation, he was told that the “belongs in Sunday school, not in the classroom.” The superintendent also told Gayer at the time that the district’s policies prevent proselytizing.

After Gayer and Hilsenrath appeared before the school board, a resident wrote a letter to the editor of the local website Tap Into Chatham, labeling the moms’ concerns as “at worst veiled bigotry and at best sad and ignorant.”

Other residents tore into Gayer and Hilsenrath on the Tap Into Chatham Facebook page, according to a letter that the moms issued to the press:

  • “What’s on the agenda for next time I wonder. Book burning perhaps?” – Catherine O’Mara-Farrugia.

  • “This is the mindset that has challenged the USA from having been the greatest country to one where narrow minded, xenophobic bigots are now getting way to[sic] much coverage – on a national and local level” – Tony Britt

  • “Be careful Chatham, your xenophobia is showing.” – Lisa Cappabianca

  • “It is really sad that some people in our community seem to be not open to learning about other cultures, religions and people.” – Jessica Romeo

  • “What I’m seeing is that some people think this is a curriculum issue but to me this looks like xenophobia.” – Ursula von Rydingsvard

  • “There are kids being bullied over their non-Christian religious beliefs in Chatham schools.” – Melissa Cavallone (When Ms. Cavallone was pressed for the details on this, she responded, “It’s second hand/hearsay coming from me, though.”)

The moms feel that they’re not alone in this fight, however, as the support they have received proves:

Since the controversy, Hilsenrath and Gayer said they have received numerous phone calls and emails in support of their position, and they will continue to fight the good fight, and, if they find themselves shut out by the District, they will be forced to take their case to the next level.

Clearly the school system in Chatham has failed to understand that, though it is important to teach kids about the religions and belief systems of the world, to heavily emphasize one religion at the expense of other important faiths is the true bigotry on display here. And that’s sad.

Republican Tom MacArthur Uses Lawfare Against Steve Lonegan

Tom MacArthur is running against Steve Lonegan in the 3rd Congressional District in New Jersey. According to my friend Charles Johnson, MacArthur is suing Steve Lonegan, Lonegan’s treasurer, secretary, campaign manager, consultants, researcher, Charles himself — everyone associated with Lonegan’s campaign.

Why? It has to do with the Lonegan campaign distributing this news article.

According to the Daily Mail:

Tom MacArthur ran York Risk Services Group, a unit of AIG insurance, when the company allegedly skimped on a series of high-risk claims. York paid half of a $285,000 fine following government claims that it underpaid policyholders by $10.8 million after a massive California wildfire. A Christian college in Houston and the Port of Galveston, Texas sued York and other insurers for skirting multimillion-dollar claims after Hurricane Ike

What makes this so interesting is that Tom MacArthur has been attacking Steve Lonegan for opposing the $60 billion in Hurrican Sandy corruption infested pork. Even New Jersey Democrats admit the GOP was right about the waste in the relief package. But MacArthur is attacking Lonegan.

Now he is suing the whole Lonegan campaign.

The Daily Mail has not issued a retraction on its story about MacArthur, which puts the whole situation into an interesting position.

I asked Charles what it’s like to be sued over something like this. He tells me, “I’m not intimidated. I’ve received death threats before. I’m not going to stop telling the truth about a RINO, like Tom MacArthur. We’ve got a country to save and corrupt Republicans who buy the machine’s backing with millions made from misery aren’t going to stop me.”

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Steve Lonegan for Congress

In the U.S. Senate election between Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan, Lonegan won the 3rd congressional district. It is a Republican area and its demographics and redistricting have made it more so.

Lonegan won the 3rd, but lost the Senate race. Now he is running for the third congressional district. Again, he already won it. It makes sense to me that we support him. He has only just proven he can win it.

Lonegan has the New Jersey GOP establishment lining up against him. They have never been big fans of his. He’s an outspoken fiscal conservative. Truth be told, RedState sat on the sidelines mostly in his fight against Cory Booker because it seemed abundantly clear Booker would win no matter what we did.

In this race, it is not abundantly clear Lonegan will win. The GOP has put up a candidate against Lonegan to try to defeat him. In fact, Lonegan’s chief opponent has a history of getting into races to stop more conservative candidates.

Here’s the thing though — while is is not clear Lonegan will win, it is objectively clear he can win the third congressional district. We should absolutely support him. He has been a loyal soldier in the battle for smaller government.

It is time to get him to Congress. Steve Lonegan can win. But he is going to need our help.

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