This Is The Biggest Buried Lede You’ll Ever See

The Associated Press reported Friday that there’s “no evidence Orlando gunman sought gay relationships.”

The FBI began investigating that possibility after media reports last week quoted men as saying that Omar Mateen had reached out to them on gay dating apps and had frequented the gay nightclub where the June 12 massacre took place. One man even claimed to be Mateen’s gay lover in an interview with Univision that aired this week.

But the officials say the FBI, which has recovered Mateen’s phone and conducted 500 interviews, has not found concrete evidence nearly two weeks into the investigation to corroborate such accounts. They also say the investigation is ongoing and that nothing has been formally ruled out.

I would bet a week’s pay that you won’t see this headline on any of the major news outlets, who made sure we all heard about Mateen’s “gay lover.” And CNN has this piece “What it’s like to be gay and Muslim.” (Without any disrespect: Dead? CBS featured this one on being Muslim and gay.)

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has had to chew her arm off to get away from any line of questioning leading to radical Islam. But at every turn, the inconvenient truth keeps getting in her way.

[Lynch] has taken pains not to describe radical extremism as the sole motivation and declined in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday to rule out any possibility, including that he was secretly gay. She also declined to say what evidence, if any, existed to support alternate theories.

The next thing we’ll hear is that Mateen had mental health issues and believed in aliens who told him to kill gays. His therapist will step forward and violate doctor-patient privilege to disclose this news-busting “fact.” Anything that fits the Obama administration’s narrative must be believed.

Mateen’s ‘Gay Lover’ Steps Forward, Right on Cue

There it is. I predicted that Omar Mateen’s gay lover would show up and claim the shooting was something other than an act of Islamic terror inspired by the man’s allegiance to ISIS. The Obama administration and the left-leaning press have tried to bury the story, even to the point of redacting the 911 transcript before being pressured to release the whole thing.

Now Univision has reported that “Miguel” claimed to have met Mateen on the gay hookup app “Grindr.”

“I’ve cried like you have no idea,” the man told Univision News anchor Maria Elena Salinas. “But the thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism. In my opinion he did it for revenge.”

Of course, this story will be believed without any skepticism by the left. It supports their narrative, so it has to be true.

Miguel described their relationship as “friends with benefits,” and said that Mateen was “100 percent” gay, Univision reported. He said he was shocked to hear Mateen was the shooter, and described him as “affectionate” and “sweet.” Mateen loved to be cuddled, Miguel added.

He also told Univision that Mateen’s rage about Puerto Rican gay men might have stemmed from a sexual incident in which Mateen had sex with two Puerto Rican men, one of whom later revealed that he was HIV positive.

I suppose the Feds know if there’s any hint of veracity to this story–the FBI confirms they’ve interviewed “Miguel.” We won’t be hearing from them on it though, because it’s an active investigation. If Mateen’s autopsy shows he was HIV positive, then I’ll believe it. Otherwise, this is simply a story–one man’s word against a dead man.

It would also be helpful if Mateen’s missing wife were found, you know, to shed some light on this, and if the Department of Justice actually cared. They would rather let the media run with the gay story.


Young Omar Mateen Bragged About Being A Terrorist

A must read by the Wall Street Journal.

Mateen grew up a troubled child, bragging about his connections to terrorists.

Things took a dark turn on Sept. 11, 2001. As classmates looked on in shock, Mateen celebrated the terrorist attacks that day, claiming that Osama bin Laden was his uncle, said one person who was present.

And the press still claims that Christians share responsibility because of opposition to gay marriage.

The Media Is Spinning A False Narrative

The false narrative emerging from the media seeks to make a few points, all of which are red herrings and straw men designed to take attention from the truth.

  • The shooter, Omar Mateen, was homophobic because he hated gays.
  • Mateen was unstable because he was mean and beat his wife
  • Mateen had too much unfettered access to guns
  • Mateen was not religiously motivated

Story after story references these points, and they quote each other liberally (take the pun as you wish). Fox News and other media outlets reported comments by a coworker at security firm G4S who called him “toxic” and “unhinged.” The Times of London quoted CNN, about his first wife, “He was mentally unstable and mentally ill.” Anti-gun New York Daily News quoted NBC News, who spoke to Mateen’s father Seddique Matteen, who insisted the rampage had nothing to do with religion.

The Washington Post also did a story on Seddique Mateen defending his son.

“He had a child and a wife, and was very dignified, meaning he had respect for his parents,” Seddique Mateen wrote, standing in front of the flag of his apparent birthplace, Afghanistan. “I don’t know what caused him to shoot last night.”

The shooter’s father has close connections with his native Afghanistan, and has traveled back there as recently as 2014, even interviewing Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul, according to the Washington Post. He made a series of Youtube videos praising the Taliban and railing against the U.S.

The Boston Globe appears to be at a complete loss as to Mateen’s motive for the killings, because there’s no actual proof (besides the killer’s own words pledging allegiance is ISIS) he was tied to any jihadist causes.

While Mateen claimed allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, no evidence had emerged by late Sunday pointing to actual ties to terrorist groups or a significant association with jihadist causes.

Yes, they actually wrote that. Apparently a confession isn’t evidence to them.

We can either accept the media narrative, that some unknown complex mix of motives drove this mentally ill man to buy readily available assault weapons and kill people he simply hated for no reason, or we can apply Occam’s Razor–the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

  • The Quran teaches that homosexuality is wrong and punishable by death (not just “God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality. This, is not for the servants” of God, which Seddique Mateen said). In some Sharia-law Muslim countries, it actually is punished by death. Certainly ISIS punishes homosexuality by death.
  • Many Muslim men are brought up and taught to beat their wives–that this is the correct way to administer discipline in the home. This kind of behavior is common in the Islamic world, where women are not valued as anything more than property.
  • Mateen had a clean record, worked as a security guard, kept himself in excellent physical condition, and trained for his jihad. This was not a crime of opportunity, or of passion. It was a planned operation. The “mentally ill” narrative offers no hard evidence at this point. He bought weapons because, despite the FBI having investigated him, nothing of concern was noted that would prevent him from doing so. This is a failure of the intelligence and law enforcement system, not our Second Amendment rights.
  • The attack was absolutely religiously motivated. You didn’t see Mateen attacking the Orlando Islamic Center, the mosque he attended, because he didn’t like the people there. You didn’t see the people with whom he worshipped calling the FBI or the local authorities to report Mateen acting weird or talking about killing people.

The simplest explanation is that Mateen was a radicalized Muslim, who moved easily with other radicalized Muslims, some of whom are probably living their lives in Orlando. Only now would the FBI be interviewing those people and find connections.

The press is weaving a false narrative to fashion a complex explanation for a simple problem. We have a cancer of radical Islam growing in America. Political correctness, the inability of our president to accept the problem because of his beliefs about Islam being a religion of peace, and impossible restrictions placed on federal, state and local law enforcement have made this crime possible.

Our government is ignoring the cancer and it will continue to grow, as long as the country keeps buying the media’s spin.