Paul Nehlen: Scammers Still Trying to Scam the Disaffected

Paul Nehlen led a spectacularly disastrous campaign to beat Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin primary. The guy hired seemingly every charlatan and fundraising scammer possible within conservatism to convince people he could beat Ryan. He got the Trumpsters on talk radio to talk him up. He made it a hill to die on. And he died, metaphorically speaking of course.

They were all humiliated. Like with Trump, the clowns who beclowned themselves promised Nehlen could and would win. He did not.

So the latest get rich quick scheme is that Nehlen, rejected by the people of Wisconsin, is going to run for Speaker of the House of Representatives. That’s right. He’s going to run against Paul Ryan in a House of Representatives election wherein only the members of the House can vote.

He’ll have one or two morons support him at most, but why would conservatives support a loser like Nehlen over a man like Mark Meadows who led the effort to toss Boehner; or Jim Jordan who leads conservatives; or even Paul Ryan for that matter? The answer is that none of them would, but people who do not know how the system works will most assuredly contribute cash to his pockets effort.

Yes, it is true, his website is not asking for cash now. But wait. As the website says “action portal coming soon.

Here’s the thing — conservatives do have some grievances in the House. The people most likely to lose their House seats in two weeks are people who most likely would support Ryan. That therefore opens up the possibility of a real conservative challenge. Nehlen just makes the whole effort look like farce.

And, to be honest, I don’t think conservative votes are even there to toss Ryan, but election day might change that. Nehlen staying in makes it less and less likely.

Paul Ryan Offers Proof That Trumpism Is A Cult

“Trumpism is a cult of personality, built around a singular object: The Donald. Its effects do not translate anywhere, or to anyone, else.”

Paul Nehlen was a Trumpist candidate running against Rep. Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Nehlen stood for a “throw the bums out,” politicians are dirty, blue collar, trade protectionist policy.

He ran some cool ads, depicting himself as a Harley-riding rebel with a flair for business. Donald Trump himself gave Nehlen a controversial Twitter shout-out, and Trump surrogate Ann Coulter personally campaigned for him.

Nehlen’s campaign treasurer was a Trump remora and Tea Party front group expert in collecting money to be used for his own interests. Nehlen appealed to Democrats to try and knock the House Speaker out of his own district.

And…the results speak for themselves.

Ryan absolutely crushed Nehlen. Trump zombies apologists will point to the fact that their Master endorsed Ryan shortly before the primary. No, I don’t think so.

Mike Pence did not outdo his running mate in the “forced endorsement” department when he threw a chewed bone to Ted Cruz back in April. Trump read  a wooden statement in Green Bay while channeling Chris Christie’s eyes and making the most tepid endorsement possible.

Trumpism is a cult of personality, built around a singular object: The Donald. Its effects do not translate anywhere, or to anyone, else. Trump’s endorsement in a race is useless to any who receive it, and his threats to “primary” candidates (or set up a PAC against them) are wholly ephemeral in nature. There’s no substance to them.

This should serve as a lesson to Sens. John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, and anyone else feeling that they’re sitting between the Scylla of being associated with Trump and the Charybdis of losing Trump’s support. There is no Charybdis. Run from the man, as fast as you can.

Trump Sleaze Machine Backs Paul Ryan’s Opponent

UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump declared “I’m just not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet” when it comes to endorsing Speaker Paul Ryan, who endorsed Trump at the RNC. Trump also praised Ryan’s challenger, Nehlen, for “running a very good campaign.”

Just two weeks after House Speaker Paul Ryan presided over the Republican National Convention as the meeting’s chairman, Donald J. Trump has taken to Twitter to give a shout-out to the pro-union, pro-Democrat, anti-free trade “Republican” who moved to Wisconsin recently to challenge Ryan in the August 9th primary.

“Thanks @pnehlen for your kind words, very much appreciated,” The Donald tweeted on Monday. Paul Nehlen is Ryan’s opponent and his notoriety as a long-shot congressional candidate is due in large part to the backing of a numerous pro-Trump talking heads and operatives.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.15.14 AM

Ann Coulter, who has been a Trump apologist since the beginning of Trump’s campaign (her new book, after all, worships Trump with the title “In Trump We Trust”), is headed to Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District this weekend to sign books and rally voters to support Nehlen.

Coulter’s backing of Nehlen isn’t new. In May she urged her Twitter followers to donate to Nehlen’s campaign.

Intriguingly, Nehlen’s campaign treasurer is Dan Backer, a pro-Trump DC-area political operative who has perfected the art of raising money for various political action committees and issue advocacy groups and then using that money to pay himself and his companies tens of thousands of dollars in “management” and “consulting” fees.

In addition to being Nehlen’s campaign treasurer, Backer is also the treasurer of Tea Party Forward, an independent expenditure group that spends money supporting various candidates, including Nehlen. According to Federal Election Commission filings, Tea Party Forward has raised nearly $150,000 this year, but has spent only $27,475 supporting candidates.

Another Backer creation is Great America PAC, a pro-Trump super PAC that has spent $3.4 million supporting Trump’s campaign.

The latest Nehlen campaign finance report lists a $2,000 payment to Backer’s DB Capitol Strategies.

Another pro-Trump tentacle tied to the Nehlen campaign is Chuck Muth, a Nevada talker and blogger, who has given Nehlen platform time on his website and who announced on Twitter that he’s in Wisconsin with “a bunch of GREAT Trump folks from all over country helping Paul Nehlen to unseat Paul Ryan.” Muth also runs a sleazy consulting company where he calls himself the “Campaign Doctor.” The company proudly proclaims it exists to help candidates, “Regardless of your philosophical beliefs or partisan registration.”

So much for being conservative.

One of Nehlen’s day-to-day campaign aides worked for the Trump campaign in Florida before moving to Wisconsin to help Nehlen.

How Trump plans on convincing the GOP that he will unite the party when he praises Speaker Ryan’s primary opponent (who recently appealed to Democrats for support), and has so many of his own ardent supporters aiding Ryan’s opponent, is unclear. The incident is a reminder to Republican leaders that even if you accept Trump – willingly or unwillingly – there is no guarantee he will have your back. Trump has consistently placed himself first, and the sooner conservatives and the Republican Party learn that, the better off they will be.

Anti-Trade Candidate Managed Chinese Factory that Exported Goods to US

Paul Nehlen is running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st District attempting to oust House Speaker Paul Ryan in the August primary. Central to Nehlen’s campaign platform is his opposition to current or proposed trade deals that, he argues, send U.S. jobs oversees for the benefit of crony capitalists and the coffers of political campaigns they support. But a review of Nehlen’s work history finds that the firebrand opponent of existing free trade deals actually managed a Chinese factory that exported its product to U.S. markets – products that were once made by American workers.

From late 2013 to early 2014, Nehlen served on the board of directors for Tyden Security Seal Company, Ltd, according to his LinkedIn profile. The company’s location is listed as Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. Nehlen’s service on the board also overlaps with his job as division president at TydenBrooks, a Georgia-based security products company.

According to the company’s website, TydenBrooks used to be Tyden Brammall before combining with EJ Brooks – hence the new name TydenBrooks – “to become the leading supplier of security seals in the world.” The firm also purchased Stoffel Seals, which was a leading company in the North American market for security seals.

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor conducted a review of TydenBrooks and found that a number of employees were eligible for the Worker Adjustment Assistance program because their jobs were outsourced. The program compensates workers whose jobs have been outsourced with funds for education and re-training so they can re-enter the workforce in a different capacity.

“[T]he workers’ firm has shifted to a foreign country the production of articles like or directly competitive with the articles produced by the workers,” the DOL found.

The TydenBrooks subsidiary that oversaw the manufacturing of security seals in China was Tyden Security Seal Company, whose address, according to trade manifests, is No. 11 Worshop, Wujiang Export Processing Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

While Nehlen served on the board of this Chinese manufacturer, the company shipped a total of 391 tons of security seals to U.S. distributors in a total of 78 shipments, trade documents show.

In a recent Internet radio interview, Nehlen talked about “one of my factories in China,” and how he was shocked to see the lifestyle of the people who worked for him. “These employees lived and slept and made babies in the dormitory. They raised their babies in the child-care and they all ate in the cafeteria and worked in the factory…didn’t we fight a war over slavery? That is what that is, indentured servitude,” he said.

According to Nehlen’s campaign website:

“TPA/TPP isn’t just another bad trade deal. It is NAFTA and CAFTA on steroids. It will decimate manufacturing and industry in Wisconsin’s 1st District and across the U.S. It won’t just lead to a massive flight of manufacturing and jobs from our shores. It will also result in massive numbers of workers being imported here from across our borders and overseas. In many cases, shamefully, those imported workers will be housed in closed compounds where they will be little more than slave labor or indentured servants on our own shores.”

But even while he rails against trade agreements on the campaign trail, Nehlen has never expressed remorse for managing a Chinese company that literally took the jobs of American workers in the security seal industry. Opposing trade deals is one thing, but opposing them while personally benefiting from them, participating in the benefits they offer, and using out-sourced jobs to further one’s own career is disingenuous and hypocritical.

Nehlen’s current firm is a shadow company that his campaign admits, according to an investigative report by Dan O’Donnell of WISN radio, has no regular paying clients.

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Paul Ryan Challenger Courts Wis. Liberals, National Conservatives

Paul Nehlen is a businessman who is mounting a primary challenge against House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. In an anti-incumbent year, Nehlen, a newcomer to the Wisconsin political scene, has managed to line up some “big” endorsements – outside the district. Casting himself as the next David Brat – the conservative college professor who ousted then-Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in 2014 – Nehlen believes he can knock Ryan out in the August primary.

Make no mistake: Paul Nehlen is no David Brat. Paul Ryan, for that matter, is no Eric Cantor, either.

Although Brat, like Nehlen, was a political neophyte, he understood free market principles and had something of a conservative policy framework in place before he ran for office. For his part, Nehlen is no free market champion, and his policy platform is less about being a conservative in Congress and more about accumulating the trappings of office for himself.

Lately, Nehlen has taken to making the rounds on liberal radio shows in the Madison media market since local conservative radio hosts – the same hosts who touted Ted Cruz during the Wisconsin primary – are ignoring him. Last week, Nehlen boasted to Sly Sylvester, a favorite leftwing host, that union leaders throughout the 1st Congressional District they ask him if he’s a Democrat after hearing him speak.

“I’ve sat with union groups here in Janesville, and they said ‘Gosh, you almost sound like a Democrat,'” Nehlen said.

These would be the very same unions that fought hard to deliver Wisconsin twice for President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. These would be the very same unions that joined with public employees and protested public sector labor reforms that have saved Wisconsin taxpayers literally billions of dollars. These would be the very same labor unions that helped instigate recall elections aimed at Republican state senators and Gov. Scott Walker for daring to suggest that government serves all citizens – not union bosses. These would be the very same unions that fought against “Right to Work” legislation that ended forced unionization at private sector employers. These would be the very same unions that opposed prevailing wage reform – a mechanism of Wisconsin state law that mandated taxpayers pay union wages for big construction projects.

These unions are not conservative. These unions are not in favor of free markets. Nevertheless, these unions are the people Paul Nehlen is courting to beat Paul Ryan.

Before this recent interview, Nehlen told the same host in another interview that Democrats should take advantage of Wisconsin’s open primary system by crossing over and voting for him to stick it to Republican Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan has made mistakes during his time in Congress and he’s not always cast his vote in a conservative fashion. For example, he supported TARP and the auto bailout, both fiscal misadventures championed by outgoing President George W. Bush in 2008. But Ryan has also been a consistent voice for entitlement reform and has presented various budget options to House Republicans that have begun the process of balancing the grossly imbalanced federal budget.

Additionally, Ryan replaced Speaker John Boehner not because he wanted to lead House Republicans but because he was perhaps the only consensus candidate who promised the conservative wing of the GOP conference a return to regular order. Ryan’s intent is to give policymaking responsibility back to House committees and individual members and not centralize it in a secretive Speaker’s office that negotiates deals that are subsequently given an up or down vote by all members. Whether or not Ryan ends up being successful in this remains to be seen – and part of it depends on how other members act.

The central tenant of Nehlen’s fiscal policy is termination of free trade deals that he views as threatening to American manufacturers. Beyond ending free trade, however, Nehlen has been oddly silent on fiscal matters, choosing vague pronouncements about doing what’s best for the American worker over concrete statements of conservative orthodoxy.

Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin have both chosen to endorse Nehlen, but conservatives in Wisconsin have yet to offer their support. They aren’t likely to rally to his side either since he is courting the very same organizations and leaders that have waged unrestricted warfare on conservative reforms. It also doesn’t help Nehlen’s credibility when he claims to have donated to Ryan’s congressional campaign before being jilted by the Speaker and a comprehensive search of campaign finance records reveals that no such donation ever took place.

The Man Running Against Paul Ryan Has This Killer Ad

Paul Nehlen is running on the anger ticket. If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were listening to a (much younger) Donald Trump, but in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district.

From Nehlen’s website:

Like many people in this district, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Paul Ryan personally. He’s shaken my hand. He’s looked me in the eye. He’s made promises to me and many others about policies he would and would not support on behalf of this district. We’ve all watched as he’s broken every single one of those promises.

Nehlen’s main issue is Ryan’s support of the TPA/TPP trade agreement, which Nehlen wrote “sells out American business and industry.” I haven’t seen any polls yet on this primary race, which Ryan should handily win–if we believe the political laws of popular and powerful members of congress. However, stranger things have happened (like Trump being the “presumptive nominee”).

Regardless of Nehlen’s chances, this has to be one of the most potent political ads I’ve seen in 2016. Watch it.

Records: Ryan Challenger Hasn’t Voted in WI Since 2014

Paul F. Nehlen III is the man who wants to make Speaker of the House Paul Ryan the next Eric Cantor. Ryan, who has represented Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District since 1999, was elected Speaker of the House by his Republican colleagues in October of 2015. Now, six months into his tenure as the top Republican in the House, an obscure businessman wants to take him out in a primary.

Cantor (R-VA) lost his re-election primary in 2014 while serving as House Majority Leader.

To say that Nehlen has his work cut out for him is an understatement. In comments published by the Washington Times, Nehlen complained “Paul Ryan hasn’t been focused on his constituents for a very long time.” As it turns out, however, Nehlen hasn’t been a terribly active constituent of Ryan’s.

According to a review of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board voting records, Nehlen hasn’t cast a ballot in Wisconsin since 2014 and even then, he only voted in the fall general election, not the August primary election of that year.

Including the 2008 general election – the first time it appears Nehlen cast a ballot in the Badger State – he has only voted three times. He voted in the June 5, 2012 recall election (but not the recall election primary that proceeded it) and the 2014 general election.

Government Accountability Board voting history records are accurate, the state agency claims, from 2006 onward. No record exists in the system that shows Nehlen voting before November 2008.

From 2008 until today, Wisconsin has had numerous high profile elections that Nehlen did not cast a ballot in. Those elections include the 2010 primary and general elections that sent Republican majorities to the state legislature and elected Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson, the hotly contested 2011 Supreme Court election, the 2012 recall election primary, the 2012 presidential preference primary, the 2012 August primary and the 2012 general election, the 2014 August primary, and the 2015 Supreme Court election.

In all of those elections, which saw Wisconsin conservatives turnout to oppose liberal candidates backed by labor unions and far leftwing groups, Nehlen was absent. He can make the claim Paul Ryan isn’t fighting for his constituents, but Nehlen certainly wasn’t a part of a number of high profile state level battles that Ryan himself participated in, and elections in which he at least cast a ballot.

In case you missed it, Erick wrote on Wednesday about why he is personally supporting Paul Ryan.

Below are screen shots of the voting history records.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.09.22 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.11.26 PM