The Outrage is Bull—-

The last four Presidential administrations have engaged in mass firings of United States Attorneys. The Bush Administration did it twice. In the five times that U.S. Attorneys have been removed, only twice did the media freak out and both times it was a coordinated freakout with leftwing activists.

The first media freakout was when George W. Bush did it in his second term. He was not even removing Democrat appointees, but his own. The reason, contrary to the claims of leftwing hysterics, was that the administration was trying to let lower level political appointees build up some political resume experience toward the end of the Bush Administration. The administration freed up positions so other lawyers could move up the chain of command. But the media, led by leftwing talking points, was convinced the Bush Administration must have been doing something illegal and engaging in a cover up.

All the press reports, then and now, totally ignore that the US Attorney is a position that serves at the pleasure of the President and the President and hire and fire them as he wants.

Now, again, the left is freaking out and leading the media to freak out over Donald Trump demanding resignations of Obama appointed US Attorneys. In fact, if we look back at the Clinton, Bush, and Obama Administrations, the media both expected and largely ignored the mass resignations because it happens with every administration.

The Trump Administration is behaving no differently than the last several administrations, but the political left and media have decided to self-immolate whenever the President takes a breath. Now it is because of precious Preet Bharara.

No one outside the Circle of Jerks in the DC-NYC corridor even knows who Preet Bharara is and they sure do not care that he was fired from a position in New York City. Preet Bharara decided, like Sally Yates, to martyr himself politically so he can grab attention and, more likely than not, launch a political campaign based on defiance of Trump.

There is no reason to be outraged here. There was nothing unethical or illegal about anything that happened. The media and political left, however, intend to milk every bit of outrage out of every action President Trump takes.

The reality is this — outrage about Donald Trump is driving media traffic. The more the media covers normal, everyday Trump actions as scandalous, the more traffic they will generate to their websites and television shows. The firing of US Attorneys is normal at the beginning of every Presidential administration. It is routine. But when clicks are needed, the media will declare scandal and some liberal somewhere, in this case named Preet Bharara, will gladly serve as the victim for sympathetic coverage. But the outrage is bull—-.