RNC Chairwoman Calls Out Tom Perez For His Vulgar Language

“Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people!” DNC chairman Tom Perez screamed at an April event in Newark. The profanity-laced speech hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance – which included claims that Donald Trump didn’t really win the election – was not the first or last time the Democratic Party chairman has directed crude language at the GOP.

Fast forward to this weekend. National Republican Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel got the chance to call Perez out over his words – straight to his face. In an intense discussion on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Perez and McDaniel sat only inches away from each other. Host Chuck Todd opined about centrists no longer feeling welcome in either party. McDaniel countered with a classy response to Perez’s vulgarity.

“With all due respect, when Tom’s saying Republicans don’t give a blank about anyone, when he goes around and says that about the other party. I know Democrats care about other people, we just have a difference of opinion on the path to get there,” Romney McDaniel stated.

“But that type of rhetoric doesn’t bring people to our parties. We have to have reasonable discussions, have a dialogue, be respectful of each other, but share our opinions as to what the best path is to get to the same place we both want to go, which is a better life or our kids, for our grandkids.”

The response prompted Todd to ask Perez if he regretted his past comments. The DNC chair, avoiding the question entirely, began talking about healthcare. He repeated the redundant liberal claim that “people will die” if the Republican healthcare bill were to pass.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, niece of 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, brought up a great point during the Sunday debate.

Both Republicans and Democrats care about the American public. We all care about people – it’s absurd to think otherwise. We all just want what’s best for our families. McDaniel was justified in reminding us this truth.

I understand the predicament Perez is in. No matter how good the optics appear for his party – Democrats just keep losing. They botched a very winnable presidential race. Their former DNC chair resigned in disgrace. Special election season left them 0-4 in every House election. Their party is suffering from record low fundraising numbers.

Dazed and confused, the DNC leader is grasping at anything that may change his party’s fortunes. In a crazy timeline where a loudmouth TV personality has successfully reached the White House, Perez is trying to emulate our president’s behavior in the hopes of energizing his own base.

This strategy clearly isn’t suited for him.

I think back to the waning days of the Republican primary. Marco Rubio (someone I really respect) was clearly losing out on the campaign trail. With hardly any states under his win column and pressure mounting for him to drop out, he began mimicking the behavior of the GOP candidate who was winning. Remember when Rubio mocked Trump’s “small” hands and referenced to another body part? Rubio even made fun of Trump’s tan skin. It was bizarre behavior.

This approach failed miserably for the Florida Republican. Rubio eventually had to walk back the comments and make a public apology. He dropped out of the race not long after. Responding to the crass behavior directed at him during a press conference, Trump explained simply why Rubio’s attempts misfired: “hostility works for some people — it doesn’t work for him.”

Perez should probably take notes from the Florida senator.




Our Profane Republic Did Not Begin With Trump

Things have gotten positively potty-mouthed in government, in the public square, and in pop culture. Used to be that dropping a cussword on network television was a shocking taboo-buster. Now it’s a cause for chuckles, if it’s even noticed at all.

And leave it to liberals to tie this to President Donald Trump.

But after voters rewarded Donald Trump despite – or perhaps because of – his plain, often expletive-prone rhetoric, Democrats are suddenly quite eager to adopt the language of America’s president.

From the party’s new chairman to a senator many believe will run for the White House in 2020, Democrats are letting loose four-letter words in public speeches and interviews, causing a small stir, at least in political circles, where swearing in public is usually off limits.

“Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said last month, drawing criticism from GOP officials not only for the sentiment but also for the words he employed to convey it.

“If we’re not helping people, we should go the f*ck home,” said Kirsten Gillibrand, a senator from New York who more than a few Democrats hope will challenge Trump for the presidency. Her uncensored declaration appeared in New York Magazine, which quoted her twice more using a curse word.

Call me a prude, but I don’t like it when politicians curse. This isn’t about me, but to be totally honest, I used to be a terrible potty-mouth. I was the northerner at Robins AFB who got pulled aside by our sweet southern division chief and told in an iron “bless your heart” drawl, “we don’t talk that way down here.” She meant using the Lord’s name in vain, probably with a seven-letter adjective sandwiched between. That was me.

The now me, if I hit my thumb with a hammer, you probably won’t hear me cuss. So I know it’s possible for people to talk without every other word being an F-bomb.

Coarse talking is for particular situations, away from young ears, and people whom we entrust to be civil to each other in government. This isn’t 1804, when bitter differences between politicians were settled by duel to the death. It doesn’t make politicians become more relevant to hear them casually toss four-letter words like a young Eddie Murphy. (Murphy now regrets his early-80’s gigs where he used the F-word more times than Tony Montana in Scarface.)

Back to liberals blaming Trump for this cursing tsunami. News flash: it’s not Trump. Oh, yeah, Trump is crude, and very handy at times with maledictions and profane locution. In private, so was Lyndon Johnson, Richard “expletive-deleted” Nixon and many other colorful politicians. But one thing has been true for a long time.

Democrats curse more than Republicans. Liberal Salon even copped to that in 2012. In a conversation with Armando Iannucci about his HBO “Veep” (bleep) show, Iannucci noted:

We did a bit of swearing research. Democrats swear more than Republicans, apart from Republicans who are on the business side of things, apart from the evangelical Tea Party right. And the State Department is less sweary than the Pentagon, which is the supreme swearer — it’s full of military. And the West Wing is very sweary.

This is backed up by a 2015 study of Twitter users.

Researchers concluded that liberals were more likely to use swear words because they tended to be more emotionally expressive than conservatives.

One can draw two different conclusions from this: (1) Donald Trump is really a liberal. But no liberal would ever, ever mistake Trump for one of them–unless it’s on health care. (2) Liberals love to curse, and Trump cursing just gives them more reasons to curse even more.

Seems to me, the latter is more probable.

“In the age of Trump, you can get away with virtually everything,” said Ed Rendell, a former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania.

And don’t forget former Vice President Joe Biden’s “big f***ing deal.” It is a big deal when the Vice President has no problem dropping an F-bomb in public (hot mic or no).

Since Trump took office, I’ve not heard him curse in public (it’s possible I missed it if he has). I realize that our culture has descended to the point where foul-mouthedness is expected, not reviled. But in government, just a little decorum and civility goes a long way. Filling Congress with people who don’t bother to see the difference between private/door-closed conversations and publicly speaking like a gangsta rapper isn’t helpful to our country or to democracy.

Our profane republic needs its mouth washed out with soap. But don’t let them fool you, the profanity didn’t begin with Trump, it began with liberals.