Tell Me Again How Ted Cruz Can’t Beat Hillary?

As Erick noted recently, the GOP Establishment and their talking heads are eager to frame Ted Cruz as too conservative to win in November.

“We’ll take anyone!” the Establishment is saying, “Even Trump over Cruz.”

As I wrote the other day, these are the same political pygmies who have put the Republican Party in the state that it is in today. Rudderless, easily rolled by the Obama Administration and more interested in money and power, not principle, this chattering class is terrified of Ted Cruz and what he means to their futures.

Eager to undermine Cruz, they have moved from whispering to shouting, “He CANNOT win!” in hopes that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s the problem they face.

Ted Cruz is beating Hillary Clinton right now. He can win in November. The Real Clear Politics poll average now has Ted up 2% points over Hillary Clinton at a time when the GOP 1) does not have a nominee and 2) has not put the full force of the party machinery behind its candidate and against Hillary.

As others have written, Cruz has the kind of campaign it takes to win both the primary and the general election. The poll numbers are now backing this up.

So. . . tell me again how Ted Cruz can’t beat Hillary?

For full disclosure, I am currently helping with the Keep the Promise efforts, the Ted Cruz super PAC.