Liberal Professor Melissa Zimdars and the Los Angeles Times Try to Blacklist Legitimate News Sites

The Los Angeles Times is running a story about a list prepared by Merrimack College Professor Melissa Zimdars. The list in question supposedly lists “[f]alse, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical ‘news’ sources.” Notice the punctuation around the word “news.”

You will not be surprised to learn that Melissa Zimdars lists a bunch of legitimate news sites that she does not like including my old site, RedState, as well as IJ Review, the Blaze, and more. She supposedly is not just going after “false” and “misleading” sites, but also “clickbait-y” sites, but does not include BuzzFeed, which certainly passes the “clickbait-y” test as does the Huffington Post.

What it amounts to is a national media outlet that leans left-of-center taking up the cause of a leftwing professor to blacklist conservative sites. There are certainly sites on the list that are false, misleading, and clickbait-y. There are sites on the list, including sites like Infowars and Prison Planet that I specifically refuse to use as show prep for my radio show.

But regardless of what you think of Breitbart, the Blaze, IJ Review Project Veritas, or RedState, they are legitimate sites.

To the extent they are on this list, they reflect the biases of Melissa Zimdars and nothing else.

What About the Military

While in Iowa for Rep. Steve King (R-IA)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. Steve King72%House Republican AverageSee Full Scorecard72%‘s Freedom Summit, RedState asked the 2016 Presidential candidates about the U.S. military. In particular, we asked them what the future military should look like and also how the military will need to balance cyber-war, Islamic extremists, and traditional military threats. Here’s what they had to say.

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How Can We Believe Anything @Samrhall Says?

This just came across my twitter feed.

Included is this:

RedState, of course, is the conservative online site of Erick Erickson. It’s also a 527 or Super PAC, which many people seem to forget from time to time.

RedState is neither a 527 nor is RedState a “super PAC.”

I don’t see an email from Sam R. Hall, the author, asking for any comment. Perhaps I got one, but I cannot find it.

In fact, Salem Communications, which owns RedState, does allow our email list to be rented. Madison Project, which is run by a good friend, chose to do so without every consulting me. Until I got the email in question, I did not know. We have a fire wall between the editorial and business side.

But, while there are a lot of groups out there fundraising off Chris McDaniel for their own purposes, anyone who attended the RedState Gathering knows I am a strong supporter of the Madison Project. Why? Because their money does go to the ground game and not to enrich consultants.

If Mr. Hall does not like the email, he should read to the very bottom:

This newsletter is never sent unsolicited. It was sent to you because you signed up to receive this newsletter on the network OR a friend forwarded it to you. We respect and value your time and privacy. If this newsletter no longer meets your needs we will be happy to remove your address immediately.

You can unsubscribe from the RedState Spotlight by clicking here.

In the meantime, if he is going to mouth off about an email he received, he might like to get his own facts right before he starts complaining about others.

Likewise, Mr. Hall tries to claim the email is completely unclear as to who it is from and what they are doing. He leaves out the bottom of the email so he can claim “Donors have no idea if they are giving to The Madison Project, RedState, Chris McDaniel or a guy sending out spam emails on behalf of the prince of Madeupastan.”

Really? Unlike Mr. Hall, I’ll provide you the entirety of the body of the email.

I have some BIG news to share with you!
Fellow Conservative,

I have some BIG news to share with you!

Conservative Chris McDaniel defeated liberal Senator Thad Cochran by 10,000 votes in the Mississippi GOP Runoff last June.

But the corrupt Republican Party of Mississippi is about to declare Senator Thad Cochran its official nominee anyway…

…unless you and I do something about it.

Please make a contribution of $35 today so we can stop the Establishment from stealing this election.

Conservative activists have found over 15,000 potentially fraudulent votes cast by Democrats in the Mississippi GOP runoff, almost more than twice the margin of Thad Cochran’s “victory.”

With these illegal votes thrown out, Chris McDaniel will be the next Senator from Mississippi.

We need to give Chris McDaniel the support he needs to be recognized as the rightful winner.

We can’t standby and allow the Establishment to steal this victory from us with fraudulent votes and questionable tactics.

So please help us fight back against the Establishment and chip in $35 today.

Together we can make sure justice is served and Chris McDaniel is the next U.S. Senator from Mississippi.

God Bless,

Jim Ryun

Jim Ryun
Madison Project


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This newsletter is never sent unsolicited. It was sent to you because you signed up to receive this newsletter on the network OR a friend forwarded it to you. We respect and value your time and privacy. If this newsletter no longer meets your needs we will be happy to remove your address immediately.

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I’m not sure if Mr. Hall is just being mendacious for the sake of crap stirring or if he really is that stupid.

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The RedState Gathering Begins

Today in Fort Worth, TX, RedState will start its fifth RedState Gathering.

Five years ago, I put up a post on the site asking if anyone wanted to get together offline in Atlanta for a beer. More than 300 people said yes. So we had to do something.

Without telling our corporate masters at Eagle Publishing, Caleb Howe and I began planning an event in Atlanta. We decided to have it the first weekend in August because school would not have started. Then we decided we did not want a big fancy affair like CPAC with multiple tiers of cost for people coming and big stages as a barrier between the crowds and speakers.

So we kept the cost low by making the speakers pay their own way and they had to agree to take questions from the crowd. At our first Gathering, we had few elected officials. But we had several candidates for office. They included Nikki Haley, Ken Cuccinelli, Pat Toomey, Ted Cruz, Michael Williams, Karen Handel, and others. Liz Cheney even came.

The next year, we went to Austin, TX and Governor Perry started a tradition of throwing a welcoming party. The next year he’d announce his Presidential candidacy at the Gathering in Charleston.

Today we are back in Texas. Governor Perry threw a great party last night. Governor Jindal flew in to have dinner with the front page contributors. And over the next few days the crowd will hear from Gov. Perry, Gov. Haley, Sen. Cruz, and many others. They were all there for the first few Gatherings. And now new friends and allies have come.

The event keeps growing, but at its heart it remains an authentically grassroots gathering of friends from diverse backgrounds with a common cause. We will keep you updated of what’s happening on our front page.

Next year, we will return to where it all began — Atlanta, GA. Thanks for all your support and welcome to the RedState Gathering weekend.

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The One Rule

Before there was a RedState officially, its founders agreed on one rule and that rule has been diligently kept by their heirs here.

Despite what many of our critics say, RedState is not a uniform and homogenous place. The front page contributors disagree on gay marriage, on immigration, war, isolationism, on the fight within the Republican Party, tactics strategy, etc. My job is spent often moderating arguments. I am expressly prohibited from blocking any front page contributor from posting their own opinion on the front page. With limited exceptions, once someone is a front page contributor, their opinion on the front is as valid as any other front page contributor.

But we keep the one rule. We allow those who do not adhere to the rule to occasionally post on the front page, but they are never allowed to join our small fraternity of front page contributors. Before anyone can be a front page contributor, I am required by the other front page contributors to not only inquire into a possible contributor’s view of the rule, but also to report back on how thoroughly I discussed it with the possible newbie. All to make sure that I examined the person thoroughly and to make sure that person would adhere to the rule.

Should one, over time, evolve away from the one rule, we will kindly and with love and prayers, bid them goodbye from the front page.

Over the years, after we sold RedState to Eagle Publishing, occasions arose where people suggested we should get rid of the front page rule. The contributors have all entered a pact. Should our front page rule be abandoned, we will all abandon RedState. It is, in effect, our kill switch on this site.

One day, should I win the lottery, make it big in radio, or find a conservative millionaire sugar daddy and buy back RedState as my own, I will be forced to remember that the kill switch is implanted in the site. The one rule is such a big deal.

And it is a very simple rule: To be a front page contributor at RedState, one must be pro-life. There can be no compromise on the idea that life is sacred and we are all made in the image of the living God.

The moment that rule dies, so too does this site. It is our one rule and will remain so.

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Josh, Ben, and Mike

They met in a bar in Northern Virginia. There was a fourth person there too, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Josh Trevino, who’d been running Tacitus, Ben Domenech, and Mike Krempasky hatched the idea of RedState. At the time, it was I remember reading on Tacitus that a new site was coming online and they were looking for people to write about the politics of their states.

I signed up to write about Georgia.

Thomas Crown was here before me intimidating us all with big words and a blamstick that left us all in awe. He, with Josh, Ben, and Mike really ruled the roost. They found out early on that not only was I running races in Georgia, but i was also an election law lawyer. They needed a free one and more and more I was put in charge of stuff.

The site’s original motto was “Collaborative Republicanism.” Over the years we shifted from long form content to more and more activist oriented materials. We were willing to pick fights inside the GOP and to support candidates. Our first, in 2004, was Senator Tom Coburn, who we dubbed Senator Trainwreck. We raised money, wrote about him, and exposed his opposition.

By November of 2004, RedState was already the most widely cited right-of-center blog in the media and we had a growing community of activists from around the country. It became clear RedState was a place those in power could come to connect with the activists who got them there.

Over the years, if you’ve wanted to be a front page writer at RedState, you first had to be active in the diaries and comments. Almost every current front page writer who wasn’t here at the beginning has started that way. This year we are committed to improving the diary experience for all of you.

In October of 2004, we picked up our friend Clayton, who out of the blue emailed and said he could keep our servers from crashing. They were constantly crashing because of heavy traffic. None of us knew Clayton from Adam, but we gave him the passwords and eventually named him CEO of the group. Turned out he was from Atlanta, with Tommy Crown and me.

In 2005, I formally took over the lead at RedState, leaving behind my law practice and campaign consulting. Five years after our genesis we started the RedState Gathering.

This year, in Fort Worth, Texas, we will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the RedState Gathering and the tenth anniversary of RedState. It is going to be awesome.

Ten years ago, four friends flipped a switch, pressed some buttons, and have helped make history. Thanks Josh, Ben, Mike, and you who shall be nameless.

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Ten Years Ago Today

It was much debated for a few years, but digging into the database our first live post appeared on this day in 2004. Today is RedState’s birthday.

Five years later we had our first RedState Gathering. In a month we will have our fifth anniversary RedState Gathering. We are going to Fort Worth, TX. The party starts the evening of August 7th and runs through the evening of August 9th.

Ted Cruz will be there. So will Bobby Jindal. So will Nikki Haley. So will Ben Sasse. So will Rick Perry. So will Greg Abbott. So will Jim DeMint, Ken Cuccinelli, Olympian and Congressman Jim Ryun, and we’re hoping Dave Bratt will be there.

We’re still confirming some awesome speakers and have a few surprises in store too.

If you want to be a part of the 5th Gathering and help us celebrate our tenth birthday, go here to register.

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