Let President Trump Do His Job (Video)

President Donald J. Trump’s reelection campaign committee, released a new campaign advertisement that highlights some of the President’s achievements and goes after those obstructing Trump’s agenda.

Key achievements by President Trump highlighted in the ad include:

  • One million new jobs created
  • More Americans working than ever before
  • Unemployment at its lowest level since 2001
  • The strongest military in decades

The ad ends with a tag line that is sure to resonate among trump supporters:

Let President Trump do his job.

Watch the ad below:

According to the President Trump’s reelection campaign committee, the 30-second ad will be run nationally on cable TV and the internet.

In a written statement Michael S. Glassner, Executive Director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., said “the new campaign ad speaks directly to the American people and sets the record straight, reminding them that President Donald Trump will not stop fighting for them and will not allow anyone to stand in his way to deliver success for them.”

If you think it’s early for a reelection Campaign ad, you are right. Presidents usually wait until half way through their four year term before filing for reelection. President Trump filed for reelection the day he took office. That move has allowed Trump to begin campaigning long before the November 2020 election.