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Dead Reckoning Radio: Brexit, SCOTUS, and Benghazi

  • Will Britain fall apart after Brexit?
  • What does the SCOTUS decision on Whole Women’s Health mean for pro-lifers?
  • Is the final Benghazi report important?

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What’s Happening with Marriage and Religious Liberty? A Conversation with Andrew T. Walker [Podcast]

If you are like a lot of Christians—or even conservative folks, you’re blown away by how quickly marriage and religious liberty have seemed to crumble in recent years. What are we to make of it all in light of the seemingly constant pressure to be made to care?


In this latest episode of The FaithWalker’s Podcast, I share a conversation with Andrew T. Walker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is also the co-author of the book Marriage Is in which he argues marriage is not up for debate.

We talk about why the assault on marriage is taking place, how it all came about, and where it is headed.

Most importantly, I share this interview to equip you to live an authentic life with abundant faith even though much of today’s culture in America may say that you are a freak for doing so.

You are not alone. Never forget it.

Listen here online, subscribe via iTunes, or explore additional episodes to help you live an authentic life with abundant faith.

Kasich Helps Religious Liberty Die Death by a Thousand Cuts

In what was one of the most disturbing moments of last night’s GOP debate in Houston, John Kasich declared war on religious liberty.

He ridiculed those who refuse to endorse behavior they believe to be sinful.

The same guy who said he would lock private business owners (Apple) in a room with the FBI until they agreed to give access to their phones, said Christians should just accept the travesty of Obergefell and accept the abolition of marriage.

I presume he believes the same about Roe v. Wade and abortion.

He made the ridiculous comparison of endorsing same-sex marriage to serving someone who had been divorced. Earlier he said Christians should just bake the cupcakes, surrender their conscience for the greater good of “getting along.” (None of the cases involve cupcakes, John).

Either John Kasich really has no clue what it means to be a Christian or he is actively attempting to redefine millenia of Christian beliefs.

I tend to believe the former after he claimed Jesus wanted him to expand Obamacare in Ohio.

As Erick and I detail in You Will Be Made to Care (now available everywhere good books are sold) no one is being refused service anywhere for their sexual behavior — even when the business owners personally believe that behavior to be sinful.

At issue are the many Christians who are being made to approve of behavior they believe to be sinful. And they are often being made to do so by the government.

A relevant selection from the book:

Two other pharmacists in Washington who have also suffered at the hands of these secularist priests joined their case. One of them, Margo Thelen, already lost her job. Her employer had allowed her to refer the few Plan B customers, as she has done for years, until the regulation became effective. Another pharmacist, Rhonda Messler, the sole breadwinner for her family, has been told by her employer that she will lose her job or need to transfer to another state if the latest ruling stands.

It wasn’t so long ago that people crossed oceans to come to America so they could exercise their religious beliefs freely. Now they’re having to leave their homes in America behind if they refuse to aid in the taking of human life.

Fortunately, Kasich has little chance of getting anywhere near making a Supreme Court nomination except advising as Trump’s Vice President, a position he is obviously angling for. 

Kasich says Christians, Muslims, and Jews should just get over it.

Chuck Holy Scripture. It’s just a book.

Bake the cupcakes.

Compromise your beliefs.

Your conscience is not that important.

But why not the other way around, Governor?

Why isn’t he asking the ultra-minority to visit another florist, buy their cake somewhere else, or purchase their abortion-inducing drugs at another pharmacy?

Kasich’s flippant disregard for our first freedom shows how the unthinkable is happening: Freedom most often ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Religious liberty in America is dying death by a thousand cuts.

You will be made to care—and John Kasich is just fine with that.

In Indiana a Battle for the Soul of Conservatism

In Indiana a battle is underway for the soul of conservatism. The state last year became a national battleground in the debate over religious liberty when the press and liberals accused its Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) of being nothing more than legally sanctioned bigotry. The measure sought to clarify that the state would not require men and women of faith to support or endorse activities they find immoral.

Even amid that push there were signs that some in the Republican Party were forgetting that conservatism isn’t just about fiscal issues or national security issues, but involves very real and very relevant social issues as well. Among those who were losing sight of that fact were Senate President Pro Temp David Long (R) and House Speaker Brian Bosma (R).

In November 2015, Long signaled that he would help lead the fight in 2016 to amend Indiana’s civil rights law to include special protections for sexual orientation. He simultaneously stressed that the religious liberty rights of Hoosiers would not be threatened by the effort.

The result of Long’s efforts, which had the support of state Sen. Brandt Hershman and state Sen. Travis Holdman, both Republicans, was SB 344. The legislation was written in such a way that in trying to balance religious liberty against the preferences the LGBTQ community it thwarted any solution while threatening both.

Social conservatives rose up in opposition to the bill. Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indiana said the bill and others like it “are all serious threats to religious liberty. They create special rights based upon variable sexual behaviors chosen by a few, that come at the expense of long established freedoms of speech, conscience and the exercise of religion for millions of Hoosiers.”

Ryan T. Anderson and Robert George wrote at The Witherspoon Institute that:

While these bills have some superficially appealing aspects, they would only increase cultural tensions, further empower an already powerful special-interest lobby, and impose unjustly on Hoosiers of many different faiths and all walks of life.

After a hard-fought grassroots campaign, Long and his allies decided that even after reaching out to Democrats they couldn’t muster the legislative support necessary to push the legislation through.

Other opponents of the measure included Jim Bopp, the pro-life lawyer responsible for arguing a recent high-profile campaign finance case that resulted in a landmark decision for free speech (Citizens United v. FEC), Alliance Defending Freedom, and The Heritage Foundation, which weighed in with comments critical of the legislation’s effectiveness at balancing rights against each other.

One attorney sympathetic to the LGBTQ perspective even wrote an editorial for the Indianapolis Star saying lawmakers’ proposal to eliminate the recently-enacted RFRA in exchange for a few (presumably Democratic) votes would be a mistake.

Now that the battle is over – for now – religious freedom advocates aren’t waiting around for another legislative fight. Already Sen. David Long (R) has a primary opponent challenging him this year. John Kessler is a Marine Corps veteran and economist at Indiana University-Purdue University Ft. Wayne, where he leads the Center for Economic Education. He is also an adjunct scholar at the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, a free-market think-tank once led by now-Gov. Mike Pence (R).

Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute told the Indianapolis Star on Thursday, “Sen. Long and the other GOP Senators who voted to erode religious liberty by advancing SB 344 are extremely vulnerable to a primary challenge.”

In 2014, Long helped steer an amended version of Indiana’s proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman through the Senate in a move that pushed back a statewide ratification vote. If the House and Senate had approved of the original language instead of the changed wording, the measure would have been voted on by Hoosiers in the fall of 2014. The U.S. Supreme Court decision since then legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide has, for now, made the amendment a moot point.

Whether or not Indiana conservatives are able to unseat Long, who is not particularly conservative even on fiscal issues, will be a sign of how the nation’s far-from-over culture wars are playing out politically in state capitols. Indiana is a deep red state (despite barely going for President Barack Obama in 2008) and battles there are a battle for the heart and soul of the future of the conservative movement.

Discrimination Claim Used to Hammer Religious Liberty at BYU

Students at Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark School of Law are facing the possibility of their school losing accreditation by the American Bar Association (ABA) thanks to a current battle between the school and a group of dissident students identified as FreeBYU.org.

These students have alleged that BYU has violated the ABA’s nondiscrimination policies by expelling students who choose to leave the Mormon religion (which subsidizes the university) or live in same-sex relationships.

They are claiming that by dismissing students who choose to leave the Mormon church, the BYU law school is violating the church’s long-held beliefs about religious liberty.

Once again the velvet hammer of “discrimination” is being used to squash religious liberty. Erick Erickson and I discuss this at length in the new book You Will Be Made to Care.

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But what about the facts?

BYU does admit students of other religions; they simply pay a higher tuition rate.  The Mormon students who enroll sign an honor code which, among other things, prohibits leaving the church and participating in same-sex relationships.

The students freely choose to enroll.  They freely choose to sign the honor code. No one forces them to do so. No one keeps them from doing so. Or at least they shouldn’t if it is consistent with their consciences.

These facts are an inconvenience to those who would attack institutions that are actually exercising their religious liberties.

ABA standards state that a law school cannot deny admission or retention of students on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

But the ABA’s own rules state that faith-based law schools may adopt rules consistent with religious “affiliation or purpose.”

FreeBYU.org isn’t willing to let those facts stand; instead, they are now calling for a change to the honor code, according to Brad Levin, a 2011 BYU Law graduate and director of the group.

But BYU is standing strong. Mary Hoagland, assistant dean for external relations at the law school says:

The law school received a request for information from the ABA a couple of months ago and provided the ABA the information requested. We have been accredited by the ABA since 1974 and are confident that we continue to meet ABA standards.

Not surprisingly, other law schools face similar challenges.

Trinity Western University, an evangelical Christian school in Canada, is being challenged by a Canadian Provincial Bar Association over the university’s honor code restricting sexual activity to heterosexual married couples. Trinity Western won a challenge in the British Columbia Supreme Court, but the ruling was appealed by the province’s bar association, which voted against accrediting the law school.

Accreditation and approval are tools being used by the Left to force a secular religion on the rest of us — to make us care under the guise of discrimination fears.

Barack Obama Lies to the Pope’s Face

I’m writing a book on this right now and it is very clear that Barack Obama flat out lied in the Pope’s face today.

Listen to a part of what Barack Obama said to Pope Francis about religious liberty.

In fact, the President and his administration have been deeply, deeply hostile to Christians in the United States.

Remember, just a few years ago, the Obama Administration took a position to the left of the American Civil Liberties Union arguing that there was no ministerial exception in the First Amendment. The case involved a Lutheran denomination that sought to define the role of its ministers. The President’s team argued that there is a freedom of worship, which was actually not nearly as expansive as a freedom of religion. The Supreme Court in a 9 to 0 decision disagreed.

In the Hobby Lobby case, the President’s team argued that Christians cannot set up businesses, outside of religious, charitable non-profits, and see their faith conducted through their business. They wanted to force Hobby Lobby to pay for drugs that can induce abortions.

In the United States Supreme Court, the President’s own Solicitor General argued that churches may see their tax exempt status revoked if they do not perform gay marriages.

Time and time again, the President and the political left have targeted Christians who are trying to live their faith out in public through their businesses and lives. There’s been an increased harassement in this country of religious schools and programs, Catholic adoption agencies and hospitals, and individual Christians on college campuses.

In not a single one of these cases has President Obama stood with the Christians.

He lied to Pope Francis’s face.

In Georgia, Boys Might Soon Be Able to Use the Girls’ Bathroom

Boys are going to be able to use the girls’ bathroom in Georgia.

Churches in Georgia will be denied building permits unless they build unisex bathrooms for the transgendered.

I’m not exaggerating.  The Texas legislature has had to swing into action to roll all that back in Texas.  In Texas!!

How did it happen in Texas?  Well, Texas has a religious freedom law that has an “anti-discrimination” provision.  Once it passed, leftwing advocates went to San Antonio, Plano, Houston, and other places and had the definition of discrimination changed.

Former Rep. Ed Lindsey, Speaker David Ralston, and House Judiciary Chair Wendall Willard support Texas’s version of RFRA.  You will see church pastors subpoenaed, church buildings harassed, and Christians persecuted.  It’s all part of the leftwing plan.

But I know how to fight it.

Governor Deal supports the law, but has sat on the sidelines.  He  needs to demand Speaker Ralston put S.B. 129 to a vote without amendment.

Here is how you can help.  Below are the forty most conservative members of the state house according to their current rankings in my score card.

Call them and tell them to refuse to vote for Governor Deal’s Opportunity School District legislation until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment.

The Governor’s plan is a great one.  But it needs to be postponed until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment and, if S.B. 129 is amended or killed, we must be willing to kill the school reform plan.

Governor Deal has the clout and floor leaders to get S.B. 129 passed without amendment.  It’s time for him to get involved.  He’s a good man.  He has pledged to sign S.B. 129.  The time to fight is now.

Call Governor Deal at 404-656-1776.

Tell the Governor it is time to get involved to support S.B. 129 without amendment.

Then call these Representatives.  Tell them to refuse to vote on the school plan until S.B. 129 passes the House without amendment.

























































































































Thomas Jefferson for President!

My friend Russell Moore has penned an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal today. I implore you to make it your must read of the day.

Here is a sample:

If religious liberty doesn’t apply to small or unpopular minorities, then it isn’t liberty at all but becomes another government handout to a special-interest group. We want a candidate who will argue consistently for soul freedom for everyone, even those we would argue with about everything else.

This isn’t only a Republican issue. Democrats and Republicans stood together for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act—signed by President Clinton. Perhaps it is time for Hillary Clinton to stand up for Jefferson’s vision of freedom of conscience against the sexual-revolution industrial complex in her party, which too often dismisses basic protections of free exercise as a “war on women” or a “right to discriminate.”

You really must read the whole thing.

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