The Craft Beer ‘CANundrum’

Now that football season has officially arrived, fans everywhere will spend their Sunday afternoon’s watching the game with family and friends. But have you ever noticed that your buddy with the biggest tv doesn’t always have the best taste in beer? Have you ever found yourself wondering up and down the aisle because you have no idea what to type of beer to buy for all of your guests?

Thankfully, Oskar Blues Brewery has come up with a brilliant solution— the CANundrum. This brewery’s first-ever, mixed 12-pack of multi-award winning craft beers is sure to please a crowd of fans with varying tastes. These include:

Czech Pilsner: Mama’s Little Yella Pils
5.3% ABV
35 IBU
Simple, clean and crisp pilsner. Light to medium bodied with great flavor balance. Incredibly drinkable, yet satisfying.

American Pale Ale: Dale’s Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
65 IBU
Assertive but not overpowering. Medium bodied, prickly, slightly resinous with lively carbonation. Easy to drink with a clean finish.

Scotch Ale (aka Wee Heavy): Old Chub
8% ABV
25 IBU
A dark amber and stunningly smooth, smoky ale. Full-bodied, with a hint of sweetness, but absolutely no bitterness. Perfect beer for those who enjoy stouts and porters.

You can find these mixed 12-packs in most liquor stores, or in the beer aisle at your local grocer. The convenient, easy to carry packaging makes the Oskar Blues CANundrum perfect for tailgating parties as well. Enjoy!

Cheers, Football Fans!

Cheers America! Football season has finally arrived. And yet, if your team sucks as bad as mine, it’s time to find a good beer and a reclining chair. But, what is a ‘good’ beer?
To fans of crappy teams everywhere: You’re welcome!

American Blonde Ale: Big Wave Golden Ale, Kona Brewing Company
4.40% ALC
20 IBU
Perfect craft beer for those settling with bud-light. Crisp, light, refreshing but not overly sweet or hoppy.

India/American Pale Ale: [*Overall Winner*] Anti-Hero, Revolution Brewery
6.5% ALC
70 IBU
My favorite hoppy blend. Not too sweet, bitter or dry, with medium body. Easy and enjoyable to drink.

GringoLandia Super-Pils, 5 Rabbit Cerveceria
7.20% ALC
65 IBU
Great upgrade for those who typically drink Budweiser, Miller, etc. Thick yet moderate pilsner.

Imperial Stout:
Americano Stout, Stone Brewery
8.7% ALC
65 IBU
Superior alternative to Guinness. Strong coffee, dark malts flavor. Dry with moderate bitterness.

Yeah, I’d say that’s enough “winning” for Week 1… Stay thirsty, folks:)