Falwell’s Shameful Attack on Christian Free Speech Proves He Worships Trump More Than God

One of the byproducts of getting too political is incessant paranoia. I know because I’ve run some campaigns. Jerry Falwell, Jr. has slid into the paranoid, and abandoned any pretense of where his priorities lie–he worships Donald Trump more than God.

As a Christian, I know how politics poisons the soul. And now we see exactly how worldly Falwell has become as the poison takes effect. Christian evangelist and author Jonathan Martin came to the Liberty University campus, and was promptly ejected by armed officers, served with a citation and warned that should he return, he will be arrested.

This is the stuff of UC Berkeley and antifa. It should not be the stuff of Liberty University and Donald Trump. See, Martin is not a fan of the president.

It was this behavior, culminating in a report that Falwell was teaming up with Steve Bannon to oust “fake Republicans,” that prompted Martin to travel to Lynchburg, Virginia, on Monday. His goal was to meet with students and alumni to organize a prayer gathering in protest of the school and its leader’s political activity.

Martin was not on campus to organize a rally for the KKK, or to invite Richard Spencer to hold a tiki-torch parade. He was not there to bring in antifa goons to throw rocks and feces at police. He was not there to bus in a few thousand of Linda Sarsour’s vagina-hat brigade. He was there to pray with students. He was invited by a music group, JOHNNYSWIM,  performing on campus. He didn’t trespass.

Yes, he was going to pray that Liberty and its leader, Jerry Falwell, Jr., would abandon their disastrous political course and assume the proper role of a school dedicated to training Christians for the mission field–that field being whatever endeavor they take up. Liberty has trained journalists, lawyers, pastors and others–many of whom do not share Falwell’s devotion to Trump, or his penchant for getting political in the extreme.

But Falwell wouldn’t have anyone praying on his campus against his god (that is, Trump). So, in the name of Jesus, he had Martin expelled, though Martin was invited by a band performing on campus.

Falwell’s weak response defended Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. He argued that allowing Martin to pray would lead to hosting the KKK or Nazis or “Antifah” (sic). What utter rubbish.

It’s a private campus. Liberty can allow Martin to pray–to God–in a way that’s politically unsavory to Falwell’s politics (but acceptable to Jesus!) without compromising his ability to keep truly ungodly groups out later. His implication is, therefore, that praying against Donald Trump is tantamount to praying against God Himself.

A more presumptuous, anti-free-speech, ungodly position could not have been better spoken by King Herod Agippa I (see Acts 12:23), just before an angel struck him down and he was “eaten by worms.” Because he did not give glory to God.

Neither does Falwell give glory to God. He gives glory to Trump. He’s not alone here.

I am completely certain that not one of Pastor Robert Jeffress’ words in that tweet bring glory to God. Yet this man stands in the pulpit, week after week, supposedly exhorting his congregation to follow God, while injecting every second of his life with poisonous politics.

Both Jeffress and Falwell have become paranoid and have abandoned God for their personal orange idol, who neither created the world not saved it from sin.

And now, Falwell has turned against free speech and led Liberty University into shame by preventing a Christian from leading a prayer on his campus because he doesn’t like the man’s politics.

They both need to repent.

Is Rev. Robert Jeffress Going to Heaven?

One of the truths of Christianity that shined so brightly as the Reformation unfolded is that Christians can backslide. If they do not work on their faith, they can slide away from the faith. “Once saved, always saved,” to be sure, but saying that cheapens it. Grace is not cheap. It cost Jesus his life. And if we do not work in our sanctification, maybe we never were justified at all. And if we were, but we slide backwards, what will the almighty God do to pull us to him.

We should keep an eye on Robert Jeffress to find out one way or the other.

Jeffress has been worshiping at the altar of Trump lately. He’s put aside the holy and Godly for a seat not at the Lord’s table, but at Trump’s. And as he gets rewarded mightily with access, one need not take too deep a reading of Psalm 73 to worry for him and which side of salvation he is on. The latest example is an exchange with Ben Sasse.

Jeffress had Sean Hannity at his church Sunday morning. Jeffress was going to deliver a special message, “America at a Crossroads.” He seems to be peddling a heretical brand of Christianity that suggests we can have Heaven on earth when, in reality, we are strangers passing through.

Ben Sasse wisely replied quoting Jesus, who said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Sasse then noted that perhaps the Sabbath could be free of politics. On the Sabbath, Jeffress decided to punch back. He couldn’t wait till Monday. And how did he attack?

He attacked Ben Sasse for not doing anything to pass the House’s 20 week abortion ban and, naturally, “spending your time criticizing POTUS.”

That’s a heck of an attack for a pastor to make. The prophets of old spent their time admonishing the kings to seek first the kingdom and Jesus himself defied the leaders of his day to advance God’s kingdom.

But Jeffress, on the Sabbath, wants to admonish a Senator for putting God’s kingdom first instead of Donald Trump’s.

By the way, Ben Sasse is one of the sponsors of the twenty week abortion ban. Robert Jeffress is not.

Given Jeffress’ behavior this past year, you and I should both add him to our prayer lists. He seems more committed to Trump’s America, than Jesus’s eternity.

Robert Jeffress Needs to Repent or Resign

In July, Robert Jeffress said he supported Trump in the primaries because “I just didn’t think that Ted Cruz was electable.” He said of Donald Trump, “I believed that he was the only one who was electable and could beat Hillary Clinton.” Texas, Ted Cruz and Robert Jeffress’s home state, is now a toss up state. Does Robert Jeffress have such poor judgment that he thinks Cruz would be doing worse in Texas than Clinton? But that’s not really what I’m getting at.

In the same interview in which Jeffress said this, he said he’d vote for Trump over Jesus.

“But as far as his worldview, Trump’s worldview,” he continued, “you know, I was debating an evangelical professor on NPR and this professor said, ‘Pastor, don’t you want a candidate who embodies the teaching of Jesus and would govern this country according to the principles found in the Sermon on the Mount?’ I said, ‘Heck no.’ I would run from that candidate as far as possible, because the Sermon on the Mount was not given as a governing principle for this nation.

“Nowhere is government told to forgive those who wrong it, nowhere is government told to turn the other cheek. Government is to be a strongman to protect its citizens against evildoers. When I’m looking for somebody who’s going to deal with ISIS and exterminate ISIS, I don’t care about that candidate’s tone or vocabulary, I want the meanest, toughest, son of a you-know-what I can find, and I believe that’s biblical.”

He would reject Jesus, who threw money changers out of the Temple and who is coming back with a sword in hand to mete out justice, for a man who thinks it is okay to grab women by their genitals.

Robert Jeffress has been leading people astray this entire year. He rallied Christians to Trump in the primaries claiming that only Trump could beat Hillary. He went on NPR and said laughably stupid thinks like he would vote for Trump over Jesus in the election. He defended Planned Parenthood because Donald Trump defended Planned Parenthood.

Who will call for Robert Jeffress to repent? His conduct has been shameful this entire election season and he holds himself out as a man of God. His example this election season harms the witness of the whole church in the United States. Women who have been the victims of sexual abuse who need Jesus will be repealed from Him with a man like Robert Jeffress out there professing to be a pastor.

Robert Jeffress has repeatedly, this election season, put Donald Trump ahead of Christ Jesus. He has harmed his witness, the witness of the church in America, and his own ability to stand in a pulpit and minister to the hurt and aggrieved.

That he has no shame about this makes it all the worse. That he would refuse to even acknowledge the lines he has crossed makes it sad and pathetic.

Robert Jeffress should repent or resign his pulpit and focus on politics instead of Jesus. He’s clearly chosen the former over the latter already. And how many people will be lost because of it unless he turns from his present course?

You Hurt Your Witness Now and You Should Be Ashamed

Donald Trump has yet again been revealed as a moral cretin and many of his Christian supporters have revealed themselves to be fine with it. Eric Metaxas dismissed Trump’s statement as Trump being Trump before admitting he had not actually seen the video. David Brody was just as dismissive. Ralph Reed couldn’t care less about it.

Do these people not care about leading others to Christ? Are they so wrapped up in the day to day partisanship of Repubilcan vs. Democrat that they have abandoned Christ vs. the World.

Shame on them.

The chief end of man is to glorify God. Trump’s statements do not glorify God and taking the position that we’re all sinners so it is no big deal does not glorify God either. Trump is an unrepentant sinner who revels in his sins and many a prominent Christian with a platform and spotlight on them are defending Trump reveling in sin instead of calling on him to repent.

Eric Metaxas, a man who wrote about Bonhoffer, has descended into partisan defender of the indefensible. Ralph Reed would remind you Satan was an angel before his retirement if you wrote him a big enough check.

At some point your faith must come first. You are commanded by the Lord your God to go into the world and make disciples. You do not do that by defending the indefensible in the name of “well he is not Clinton.”

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You should have known a man who revels in his sins would have stuff like this in his background. Though we are all sinners and all like sheep have gone astray, we have not all bragged on television camera about trying to sleep with a married woman and then saying repeatedly that we’ve got nothing for which we must ask God for forgiveness.

Backing Trump is not worth risking your witness. Defending the indefensible is not worth your integrity. And Trump in the White House is not worth your soul.

You should be ashamed.

Do Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell, Jr. Think Planned Parenthood Does Wonderful Things?

Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, and Jerry Falwell, Jr. are two of the most prominent evangelicals in America to lay hands on Donald Trump and endorse his candidacy for the Presidency.

Falwell, Jr. has gone so far as to claim Trump is a great Christian. According to Trump, Jeffress has said the same and Jeffress has not denied it.

Last night in South Carolina, Donald Trump defended Planned Parenthood, an organization that has covered up child sex trafficking. Trump wants to keep federal funding for Planned Parenthood because it does “wonderful things.”

Do Jeffress and Falwell, Jr. think Planned Parenthood does wonderful things? Both men have said Donald Trump would be an ideal and great President. To be sure, Planned Parenthood kept its funding under George W. Bush, but Bush never advocated for that funding and never, ever called it a wonderful thing.

Jeffress and Falwell, Jr. have endorsed a man who actively wants to keep funding an organization that covers up sex trafficking, harvests the organs of infants, and performs abortions. Their candidate for President calls that organization a wonderful thing.

I think Jeffress’s congregants and students under Falwell, Jr. deserve to know if the men agree with the man they call a Christian who’d make a great President.

Do Pastors for Trump Condone Trump’s Latest?

Robert Jeffress, the mega-church Baptist pastor in Dallas, endorsed Donald Trump a few weeks ago. Jerry Falwell, Jr., who has taken to saying he is a lawyer, not a pastor, also endorsed Trump as a man of God. Other pastors have come out for Trump too.

In New Hampshire, Trump went on a public, expletive laden tirade that included “tell them to go f**k themselves” as well as “they’re ripping the sh*t out of the sea,” referring to China.

Do these pastors want their Presidential candidate out there doing that? Does that not convey to kids that it must be okay to say these things? After all, the pastors are endorsing this guy as a good Christian, godly man fit for the Presidency.

Many of us, myself included, have said bad words and other awful things, but we are not running for President of the United States. Trump is. And he is doing so with pastoral support vouching for his faith and godliness while he stands on a public stage telling people to go f*ck themselves.

Do these pastors condone that behavior in a Presidential candidate?